Kundalini Awakening brings up all sorts of challenges, new obstacles, bizarre problems, outstanding beauty and profound realizations on the nature of existence. However what many people don’t focus or write about is:

What happens after an Awakening and what are the common pitfalls we find ourselves in with the Post-Awakening journey?

A Spiritual Awakening is not one specific moment of Self-Realization but a series of inner flowing shifts of consciousness changing over time. Enlightenment is often a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot without proper understanding. Enlightenment doesn’t happen overnight, it’s an ebb and flow process, to reach nirvana you also can go back into the depths of hell because there is a balance here. It’s crucial to understand that being in an enlightened state is a homeostasis, it must ebb and flow. The Negative and positive intertwine into a balance. It is a process, a journey not a destination.

If you start on this path and suddenly think “I can’t wait for X day in the future where I will be {insert numerous scenarios}”You’re projecting an IDEA of how you view awakening, instead of embracing the actuality of appreciating the journey.

COSMIC-EYE-websiteThe best way to explain Self-Realization is the realization that you choose to become a conscious observer of thought instead of having reactive thoughts. Reactive thoughts are the compulsive, unconscious thoughts we produce on auto-pilot such as your morning ritual to go get a cup of coffee every morning, that’s a reactive thought. Naturally reactive thoughts will happen because you cannot fully rid yourself of ego but what happens is more a convergence or transcendence of how we PERCEIVE the Ego Thoughts.

In laymans terms Enlightenment is about the realization where you choose to no longer identify with thoughts automatically as they arise. Although it’s crucial to understand identification will still happen because it’s part of our primal fight/flight response as individuals.

The difference is you will start observing this awareness even more which will transition you to catch the identity of the thought faster so it won’t hook into your emotions as easily. We understand this through conscious observation which is a skill. It takes tremendous time to learn to identify thoughts. Thoughts are flying at us every second of existence, so to start pinpointing them takes time,  patience, and understanding.

Once you have an Awakening, You are living with being in the New conditioning and truths that arise within you, rather than switching to the dualistic illusions of separation. After a certain period of time the more aware you become of these patterns and bad habits of fear that we unconsciously project onto ourselves, it creates a catalyst for growth. A wake up call to no longer process these irrational illusions as truth instead you begin recreating the truth for your personal experiences.

You redefine what you process as reality and very likely begin pruning your personal identity around these new revelations  This is the beginning of the post-awakening journey, however what we come to find is that we still find many pitfalls once we enter this entirely new world.

With that being said, let’s dive in.

Common Pitfalls Post Awakening Kundalini Awakening brings up all sorts of challenges, new obstacles, bizarre problems, outstanding beauty and profound realizations on the nature of existence. However what many people don’t focus or write about is: What happens after an Awakening and what are the common pitfalls we find ourselves in with the Post-Awakening journey? Click Here to Read More

Many people are new to my articles so I’m not sure if they know my background but I’ve had a Q&A blog for roughly Six years now which is interesting because after discussing with many people who are all going through the same thing, you begin to witness patterns. For instance, almost everyone new on the journey is drawn to astral projection and these dissociative habits of wanting to leave the earth. It’s fascinating! Similarly probably the most common question I receive is:

“I am worried about getting back on the path, how do I re-awaken?” 


All is spiritual. Three words that can change everything. Embrace this fact and your world will start shifting. Awakening is not a lightswitch that you turn off and on, Awakening is a way of life! It is the epitome of the human experience. You are still awakening when you take out the garbage and even when you argue with your best friend. It doesn’t just disappear, you cannot go back once you go through. I think Abraham states it perfectly you are either in a state of forgetting or remembering but you never are suddenly off the path because you are the one walking it.

Somedays you may be forgetting or in a blindspot but those days give us the blissful peace of remembering all over again who we truly are inside. Cherish them

Advice: Think of yourself like a train, you may need to stop sometimes but you are always on the track, you might just need a brief detour. You are not suddenly switched off from awakening, you aren’t off the spiritual path. We are always on the spiritual path.

Maybe today you are forgetting, that is okay, be gentle to yourself, uncovering lifetimes of experience isn’t always going to be easy but I will promise you it’s going to be worth it.


Once you discover the secrets of reality, you begin to see you are everything but yet you are nothing. You are the void and everything may not even exist. YOU may not even exist. It takes a lot out of a person to come to terms with the clarity and profoundness of this statement. You are everything but you are the void.

What happens when we get stuck here, we suddenly believe nothing is worth it and especially “I am not worthy of anything”. It’s a very dissociated trap where we feel separated from reality and especially the ideas that society places on us. We feel an illusion of separation between us and the world around us. This can be the root of loneliness and depression on the path however this happens because the universe is urging us to look within ourselves.

This is a beautiful space to begin healing the spirit because the Ego is losing it’s bearings over your consciousness. This creates a turning point where the Ego is ready to let go but you are still resisting the idea of unity and want to hold on to your old identity.

Advice: The Solar Plexus and the Root will be doing some tremendous work when you find yourself stuck here, the best thing you can do is find CONNECTION by listening to others and finding like-minds who are going through what you are, learn to be comfortable in solitude…

Embrace the fact that you may feel you are nothing but you are worthy of everything because the God supply lives within you. The universe is urging you to surrender and go within to connect with your higher self.


Often in the New Age community I see many Spiritual figures and idols show this perfect image of how we PROJECT and view spirituality. As if these “holier-than-thou” people have never had a negative emotion in their life which is a very ludicrous way to look at spirituality. Life is a series of ebb and flow, there is going to be negative emotion as much as there is going to be positive emotion. However we also need to learn “ahimsa”, non-violence towards ourselves, verbally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Ahimsa means it is okay if you have negative emotions but you need to accept it and be gentle to yourself in the process.

No spiritual person is perfect yet many of these people often portray themselves that way as if we are not human capable of emotions. I am a firm believer in authenticity. So while many of us are enlightened or self-realized, we also need to remember we are human. Sorry to break it to you, but you are both positive negative light dark, ego, soul, I’m willing to bet SOMEONE at some point in time has pissed you off, broke your heart, or you made it your prerogative to fix them/save the world. We all have RAW EMOTIONS.

We should never put anyone on a pedestal including ourselves!

Life Happens to all of us, Don’t suddenly say that you’re not on the spiritual path or you’re not being true to yourself in that moment which makes you a bad person. I think this type of thinking is underlining self-sabotage and the sad part it is soooo common in the new age community. “he’s too full of ego” I see more than I like…

Advice: Find your authentic self. Awaken your Heart Center. Accept that negative emotions happen, however it doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up about it. Life is going to throw challenges and obstacles your way, that is naturally a part of the flow but when we resent these emotions, when we feel guilt, ashamed, angry or sadness from them, we aren’t accepting the challenges as part of us. Your Emotional Meltdown is secretly a Breakthrough. Observe, Accept, Let Go.


I am going to tell you the best kept secret, are you ready? Realize every time you are talking about someone you are talking about an aspect of yourself. Boom. We are very ego-based creatures so when you are constantly invoking drama, purging your emotional complaints onto others, you are really just talking about yourself. If you think about the person who hates liars, they secretly are one. This is one of the best ways towards soul transformation but it’s also the biggest pitfall of them all because we unconsciously can do it all the time on accident! We forget to connect the dots through our own arguments. What we are projecting is what we are witnessing symbolically within ourselves.

Even as a very spiritual person this is going to happen, someone is bound to trigger you.  Also with mercury retrograde coming be on the lookout for it. I definitely believe forgetting the mirror is where a lot of us create many unnecessary karmic cycles by forgetting that we are all reflections of the other.

Advice: Watch your language patterns when this happens especially if you find yourself falling into an argument, maybe you just need to see that you were once that person too. It could be a redflag from your past that is hitting a trigger, along with subconscious fear or insecurities that are resurfacing for clearing. Observe these patterns and they will help snap you out of these cycles of our past identity. Remember when this happens this is not present you, this is just the past, let it go.


When we awaken there becomes a point of revelation where you not only see yourself as a co-creator but you see yourself as THEE creator. Many indigo children, crystal children and various others find themselves fallen into the “I am the divine savior of humanity” or the God complex when in truth we are all the divine saviors of ourselves. It is important to not only move beyond the egocentrism of this thought but also see that we are all in this together.

We are all connected within the web of consciousness and when you believe you are the “chosen one” you are still acting from a very separate Egotistical viewpoint of humanity. This is why there are many falsehoods in the New Age community, they label many of us as “Chosen by birth” or “chosen to save the world” when in reality we are all saving each other by the words, thoughts, deeds and actions that you create daily within your life.

But once i am awaken, I have to save humanity…. No you need to work on saving yourself first then you can start helping heal people. If you don’t heal yourself first, how can you help heal other people? So when we believe we are “chosen” to save the world we have to realize we are ALL helping save the world because there is a divine order at work and a balance to respect. Technically we are all Neo or Jesus for that matter…We are truly the second coming written within the prophecies because we are the evolution of consciousness per seeding the ripple effect.

Advice: In truth we are helping heal ourselves which is helping heal the earth as all is connected. There is no need to be the “chosen one” because we are all chosen, we are alive aren’t we? You see, even the spies need love. We are all helping eachother through these changes and this means that no one is more important than the next no matter whoever you are. It is imperative to not lose yourself within these various conspiracies that trap you into believing we need to save the world. It’s okay out there, relax, get some sun 🙂


For one you cannot physically get “rid” of the ego, so please stop telling individuals they are just “too full of ego” or telling yourself “I need to ignore my ego”. If you did get rid of your ego technically you wouldn’t be able to function or process cognitively at all. You would be a Vegetable.

When we are  afraid or decide to ignore our ego, we are suppressing our emotions, not getting rid of them. This is VERY convoluted logic.  That’s the thing that most people get so hung up on is they feel like they aren’t a “lightworker” if they’re suddenly feeling emotions of anger, hate, and negative energy. It isn’t always sunshine and daisies because we are transcending the ego into the soul. We CANNOT get rid of ego, we must realize and accept we are both.

Surrender into ourselves, surrender into our fears and face ourselves, this is what the subconscious is doing by coming to the surface. It’s bringing everything to the forefront for clearing and we have to travel the darkness to get to the light. Remember the Balance. We need to understand both the light and dark within ourselves, the positive and the negative attributes are our best teachers.

Advice: Question your Ego. It’s impossible to completely rid yourself of ego, we wouldn’t be able to function without an ego, it’s a natural part of us. We can learn to integrate the ego, use it as a teacher and realize we are merely transcending our ego. You can go through a process of Ego death where you understand how the ego is there to serve as a guide or a teacher on your journey however you cannot fully get rid of it.

I find the more you see ego as a part of you instead of shunning it the better you are. When you feel ego instead of fearing or ignoring it, ask yourself why you feel this way? Learn to question your Ego and the thoughts that arise from you, this is where you will start finding the real answers to seeing beyond the ego.


Why do we rarely talk about this? The illusion of Superiority that exists in New Age Propaganda and various communities. The big one I see:

 “The dark ones vs. The lightworkers”

Psttt It’s old conditioning of duality, you just created an us vs them scenario but you may also be falling back into Pitfall: Forgetting the Mirror in the process. We’re all interconnected. So what happens you begin creating manifested scenarios where you feel someone is in control of your reality and stunting your ascension process. In reality you are projecting your internal fear and insecurities into these scenarios instead of realizing they are basically just you fearing an aspect of yourself.

There is truly so much fear within the Community, we may be starting to Awaken to the truth by seeing these lies of society but we are also still caught within the old webs of fear by listening to other articles, speakers, channelings or books having to deal with the direct control of our Reality. They go by many names the Illuminati, the Elitists, the reptilians, the Vatican, The dark ones and there is all sorts of scenarios that i have heard that go with it anything ranging from they are controlling the water system by feeding us fluoride, poisoning our foods, alien abduction or stunting our children due to vaccines and beyond. This is Fear Tactics.

Advice: Realize the symbols you create through your experiences are the ego’s way of letting go of old fear and insecurities. We get stuck here when we don’t believe we are the creator of our experiences, we instead feel we are a prisoner here and people were keeping our awakening hidden from us. This is just you babe.

The best way to go beyond this mentality, realize you are the creator of your experiences. So what beliefs you are fueling into your experiences is what you are projecting from within you. No one is in control except you and the universe which lives inside of you infinitely. Remove fear tactics from your life, you’re the creator what do you wish to create?


When we don’t understand the unknowns of the spirit world we can unleash our imagination like wildfire into believing we need protection from “Evil” entities, Demons, & Soul Possession. Rolling back into Pitfall: Forgetting the Mirror. Those Demons/entities you feel are an internal aspect of you. I will be honest with you, I don’t believe in ghosts, demons, entities, or any type of possession. I think the vast majority of that mentality is created around a subconscious need to release our fears through a filter that we can understand.

You don’t automatically assume that the fear of the entity is actually you because the Ego believes everything is separate from you when it’s not.  Therefore your mind processes through an old horror movie you may have watched as a kid that scared you and that’s how you personally view that fear today. We actually do this a lot because society has a very bizarre problem with being afraid of the unknown. It’s quite ironic though because what we are fearing is actually an internal fear of an aspect of ourselves. Those ghosts you fear are you. That evil entity is a fear you still have yet to acknowledge and process. You do not need protection, you are internally protected because the divine lives within you.

It’s also good to keep in mind when you constantly ask for protection you are feeding the negative energy even more subconsciously, because you are attracting it via your thoughts. So when you become obsessed with protection spells and shielding you are inviting that negative energy towards you because subconsciously you are focusing on the desire of it.

Point blank you are only as limited as you choose to believe, I think there is a lot of unconscious fear in new age circles that is surrounded by dualism and separation.

When we *fear* negative entities/evil/whathave you, you are basically forgetting that everything is a symbolic reflection of YOUR inner reality. What you fear is an aspect of you that you believe is separate from you which is really just an unconscious fear or insecurity you are manifesting into your given reality.

Advice:  What you are expressing is what you are receiving.If you believe you need protection from evil forces/negativity also realize, this negativity lives within you.

If you believe you are free, unlimited and fearless, you don’t spend time focusing on fear=based survivialism anymore. This is more of a dualist perception of reality, us vs. them when we need to accept we’re really an interconnected unity of reflections.


I spent time on this article because I think these are great points to express, there are probably many more{If you have new ones, please share in the comments}.

If one tripped you, really think about it and ask yourself why do you feel stuck here?

I was inspired from the Author Adyashanti who wrote the book The End of Your World. He says: “it’s common to experience a new influx of energy as the egoic structure dissolves and to have memory lapses as our consciousness releases the mind.” This is why we can experience the Ascension Symptoms strongly and intensely.

The awakening Journey is just that a journey. We have these common pitfalls as a series of our personal growth.

If you find yourself in one of these Pitfalls, it’s okay! Relax, Sit back, Enjoy the Ride.

Once we have these earth shattering revelations of remembrance of who we are internally, our outer world naturally starts shifting to align with these profound realizations.

However this isn’t going to happen instantaneously, your mind and reality need to catch up with each other. Your relationships may change but egoic relationships will still linger and slowly fade away gradually. This creates a point of understanding where timelines start co-existing together and merging your inner world and outer reality. It’s best to see your inner alchemy is creating the transformation of alchemizing your external world,

This is the bridge we need to cross.

Do you find yourself in one of these pitfalls, if so where are you getting stuck or how have you overcome them?



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  1. That is a beautiful article… Comes right on time for me… I had a first awakening while 23years old, which resulted in the opening of my 3rd eyes… I am now 36 years old and I had another awakening last october. This time I would say it resulted in the opening of the chakra 7 and higher chakras.. It happened at the worst time and place I could think of, and basically went public in a place nobody could understand what was happening… Beautiful but shattering experience… I was taken down by my hierarchy who requested a psychiatric expertise. I might have quit at that time but chosed to stay and accept the consequences. So I ultimately lost nearly everything and went from pure light to pure darkness… Psy found me sane and stable though. It is now April. Still suffering the material consequences but about to resume work and worldly activities… I recognise myself in nearly every single of these pitfalls ah ah…Maybe I’ll tell my story here sometimes, as I like your work very much and it has become a source of inspiration.

    1. Thank you Peter that is very kind! It sounds like you’ve had a rough journey, it’s okay. Realize suffering is a natural part of growth that we need to acknowledge and let go of to transcend. This will all pass in time.
      I would love to hear your Awakening story and make it into an article, contact me when you are ready 🙂

  2. Wow! GREAT article. Like Peter said, I find myself in each and every one of those pitfalls. My “Awakening” took place when my Father had a heart attack and things have been constantly changing ever since then. I’ve been reading a lot of your articles and blogs about Awakenings and, gotta say, these have come to me at the right time!
    Thank you for your help and efforts!!

  3. when I read, for some reason it makes me feel like i really don’t know anything. it confuses me more. and i actually want to go back to preawakening. it was negative and predictable. now everything is unpredictable and negative. I tried creating my reality but there are people who are in control of giving me my paycheck, my landlord needs money, i really don’t feel like im free, it doesn’t sound like what you describe. maybe im not even awakened, and just crazy like my doctor and family think.

    1. A lot of new information that is unfamilar can lead us to believe that what we feel is crazy but it’s moreso you’re unraveling who you truly are. Everything is a choice, we create. The beauty of that is you can always make new choices in each moment. Set some intentions instead of feeling controlled, start taking control back! baby steps are better than no steps.

      1. oh I was really putting my intentions out and praying to the creative source, asking for guidance, help, even a sign i was on the right path, but what came of that is that I’ve lost everything. including my job. im sure my car is next, and soon won’t be able to pay rent. it is sad that i believed that this was real. because if it was i think one person would have helped or encouraged me the last 6 mos to a year. I’m broken and don’t see it getting any better. i feel so sad for my son. he had to watch everything happen. he’s only 11. and well i guess that’s life here on earth

        1. I have definitely been there before and I’m here to tell you it can and WILL get better. My first suggestion is to start changing this script and story you are telling yourself. Get out of the problem by focusing on the solution. problem focus equals more problems, it sounds like you are in a place of lack and that’s okay, let’s be aware of that together and decide to choose again. say this affirmation out loud “I am willing to see this differently, Thank you universe for helping me see money differently” Here’s a few more I suggest “I intend to manifest paying my rent easily, there is always more than enough money to cover my expenses and needs”. Iisten for divine inspired action, make sure you’re listening to intuition and take action from that place. Feel free to check out the resource library which has tools for Intention and manifesting, Also the awakened bliss creator challenge is great for raising your vibes it’s located on the homepage. Sending you blessing light Sandy, You will be okay, know you are supported and loved ♥

          1. Thank you Ash, I know some people apparently are “attracting” what they want. but i feel like i am looking in the wrong place. the more i explored spiritual awakenings and thought it might be what i was experiencing, i’ve done what all of the people who are smart and kind as yourself have suggested, but i seem to keep attracting failure, and predators into my life. I’m not sure this line of thinking works for all. i think it’s just another philosophy, I think after so long of being positive, but getting doors slammed in my face, andespecedially from those who i asked for help, or people i thought loved me, they don’t like my new age talk, and they’ve removed themselves from me. so really it’s had the opposite effect, idk, maybe something will show up to let me know that it’s real if not, i guess i’ll just tell my family i agree with them that im crazy maybe they will return into my life and i won’t be all alone, you don’t need to respond, im sure this is not the type of energy you want around here, so i even understand if you take me off of your group, i understand you clearly have spent probably hundreds of hours on this as it is a very thorough website with all of your findings and research.

          2. I have had 2 nephews commit suicide in the past year as I was experiencing mine. other than that I lost my job but have a better one now and my family lives miles away so I was lucky there. It wasn’t just an enlightenment is was a full WTF did that just happen. The answer was always yes it did. I went along with it and accepted it and even got guided via the internet through the history of Pagan Religion and the Salem witch hunt and the Valkyries ( Female Pagan Warriors of Norse Lore). I’m thinking one of the Valkyries is this guide. thus the character on my Twitter account @wakeupwarior

            I am sorry Sandy that your is not smooth.

            The one thing I figured out while I was going insane was that everything happens for a reason. Go down the Road that presents the least obstacles. That is your path

          3. I can’t believe you sent this right now because I used to think that I was given signs etc although now I am in a very terrible situation with my life. On the verge of homelessness and having suicidal thoughts. Trying to figure out where my son can go hopefully my mom’s or my aunt in Texas. I’m not going to right now but if I end up on the streets then I will after my son is in safe hands. But it is coincidental that you sent this because I was thinking about the subject and feel utterly alone

          4. Going down Either Path will bring more hardship for you and your son therefore You have to know it is the wrong one. Again I am Lucky as to the fact that I have never had any issues with depression.

            I hope I can use my fortune to help make yours better. I know it is old and cliche but simply think good thoughts and stay strong

            Blessed Be

          5. Sandy,
            My heart is with you. I have been dealing with some similar chaos in my life. I’ve been working of my self and spirituality for a few years and suddenly I’m in the midst of the darkest difficult time of my life. Dealing with divorce, sexuality, issues with close relationships, children with special needs and behavioral issues, financial issues, tax audit out of the blue, computer blue screening, car breaking down, cops coming to my place worried about suicidal thoughts, CPS and more. And it has been exacerbated my anxiety and OCD and having an insomnia, and having unexpected severe anxiety attacks, which is all causing a vicious cycle. And do not have any family or close friends nearby since most of them are 3000 miles away. The thing that gets me through is that I know this is not me and who I am meant to be. Feeling ungrounded and uprooted, I’m finding some peace through meditating, working on my heart center through meditation and reading, practicing gratitude, praying, going to church, eating cool (like cucumbers) 😉 and root-based foods, and finding resources that are free or low-cost for any grounding and rooting such as yoga classes, dancing, grounding outside for 30 minutes a day in grass and by trees and connecting to Mother Earth, finding my playful child self again, as well as letting go and working on re-writing my script who I am and to be (a difficult process but probably the most important thing I can do right now). And knowing the universe has my back and things are as they are meant to be.
            And I was just reading grounding techniques and came across these wise words … Our Mother Earth offers us this foundation and nurturing. We tend to seek this illusion of control and security instead of just being and allowing life to flow from the present moment. To just ‘be’ is to have faith and trust that you will always be ok, that you don’t need to plan ahead to be safe and supported, you only need to surrender to the guidance of the present moment. This is the role of our Great Mother Earth, surrender yourself and let her do her thing!

            And when experiencing those dark moments, I am hanging on through the storm praying to get through to the light at the end of the tunnel. So I hope you can find some things to help give you hope and solace and deep grounding at this time because you are a beautiful person with a great heart and you are here in this world for a wonderful reason. With love, Michele

          6. Sandy I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time right now. Have you checked out some of the free resources on our site? Either one of the challenges would help give you some tools to help gain some awareness and perspective about how we always have the opportunity to change our focus and direction in life. In times of when I feel low or upset, I turn to gratitude. I go back to questioning why is this resistance coming up for me right now. Sometimes going back to the basics is exactly what we need to start changing our story. I also recommend reaching out to others and connecting with people, even our fb group. The more you think you’re alone, you can close off receiving the help you truly need to get through this rough time. Hope that helps you.


          7. Thank you Ash. I really made some bad decisions i have always been responsible and my mind really started to crumble, and now suffering the consequences. I truly hope that I can dig my way out. I really appreciate the advice and will try. I’m up against a storm and I am losing strength physically and mentally, I need to perservere somehow.

  4. Just so you know where I am coming from. I have been alone most of my life even though I have good family. I have learned to be happy alone bc it just seemed like it was meant to be. I don’t have too many emotional ties and I like it that way maybe so I can find myself in this life.
    The initial Awakening only lasted a couple of weeks when way to many weird things started happening. They still do just not as often and I def see obstacles when I am going down the wrong path.
    Thank you Ash you are Brilliant and very much help for me in understanding myself. I posted a couple these links on Twitter @wakeupwarior and people seem to like them.

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