What to expect for a reiki class

What Is Reiki?

Have you ever found yourself curious about what Reiki actually is, better yet what happens during a session or class?

You may have heard the term “Laying-on of Hands Healing” but you’re not sure what it is all about?
This is a walk-through on the common concerns and questions people experience about Reiki and what it is like to attend a Reiki Class.


How Do I Begin studying?

Reiki is about feelings & intuition. A very Right Brain practice so little logic. So many of us are not in touch with our feelings. We instead are conditioned to be ‘Doers’. An individual could get really turned on to Reiki or meditation and think they are going to “Do” this well and they are often disappointed because you don’t ‘DO’ Reiki or meditation. You Allow.

Reiki is energy that comes through you from the Universe and we all have this ability to varying degrees. Your Reiki study would be better served learning how to listen better to your body, heart & feelings. The Universe will teach you Reiki if you listen. Some may feel benefitted from reading books and blogs and I don’t discourage that…I just prefer to allow Reiki to flow to me and through me. Then I allow the guidance I receive to be the study I need. No one single person is the same in a Reiki Session. There is unlimited study to be had if one were just to Listen to the Stars.

What is the Energy Body?

Our bodies have multiple layers of energy not visible to the human eye but a measureable electromagnetic field that surrounds us. Each layer represents different aspects of our own unique vibration. Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and perhaps more. Much clogging and blocking can happen over time in these fields and if left to fester can lead to disease, depression, anxiety, & chronic pain.

Having a trained Reiki Professional clear your energy body could lead to an increase in happiness, energy, and an over all sense of well being, peace, vitality, and safety. In my travels and journeys speaking to others about Reiki who have never heard of it, I often point out that disease begins on the spiritual level long before it exists on the physical level. Even those people who do not feel comfortable receiving or even discussing Reiki admit this is true about how disease manifests. Reiki gives us the opportunity to clear energy before it becomes a problem that needs to be fixed with modern & holistic medicine and surgery.

What Techniques Will I be Learning?

energy bodyIn my Reiki Classes I teach about this energy body and understanding how chakras are associated with it. I help you to use Reiki to clear each chakra and charge it up with positive loving energy. We learn about how to bring this peaceful, healing, and loving energy into our homes, hearts, and minds. We learn techniques for use on others but we begin learning Reiki by learning to heal ourselves. The ultimate goal is to bring our vibrations up so that we begin to be the Co-Creator of our own lives which will lead us to a life of our Dreams.

How Does Reiki energy work, where does it come from?

This energy Is Always and Always Is. It doesn’t come from anywhere because it is Everywhere. This is the energy defined as you see fit: God, Goddess, Universe, The Divine, Our Creator, Prana, Life force Energy, Nature. It is an intelligent energy and it goes where it needs to be. A Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the Universe to work through them so they may serve. It works as Love and Love heals All, for that we are Deeply Grateful.

How Do You Heal with Reiki Energy?

I am often working in the electro magnetic field that surrounds the physical body so I am working just above you but I have been known to touch because the energy coming out of my hands is, at times, said to feel good and boost positivity. Now let me be clear about something important. I do not heal others using Reiki. The Universe does this. I allow the energy to exit my body through my hands and enter your body where it is needed.

The Universe creates the Energy that provides the opportunity for healing for my client but it is up to my client to decide if they will accept it and be healed. As with Jesus and his experiences with healing lepers etc. it’s crucial a person receiving spiritual healing believes it will work. Belief is one of our greatest gifts when creating & dreaming.


What are The Benefits of Experiencing Reiki?

They say the majority of human dis-ease is caused by stress. Reiki reduces stress. If a person could find a way to reduce their stress regularly then they have the potential to prevent some major health issues for their future. It also increases positivity and an overall better outlook on life and relationships. It can reduce blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, reduce emotional trauma, and a myriad of other benefits unique to each individual person.


How does an Attunement feel, should I be prepared?

Attunements are also very different for everyone. When I attuned to Reiki I had a DMT infused spiritual experience that lasted about a week in which I felt I was in the hands of my Creator clearing and cleaning away the negative and incorrect conditioning I had experienced in my past as well a poignant experience of touching Heaven and feeling tremendous Love and Connection with All That Is. When this experience was complete I would have done anything to get back to that place in Heaven that I felt…from that day forward I was motivated and determined to quit smoking cigarettes, eat healthy, and become as high vibrational as I could get so I would always feel that Love and Connection as much as I humanly possibly could. For me it was a life altering experience and EXACTLY what my soul was searching for and I benefit greatly from this new lifestyle in alignment with Nature. I believe it would be the same for you. You are the creator of your attunement experience. What is it you would like to change, heal, or improve upon? These are thoughts you could be having in preparation for your attunement but also your guides and angels have been working with you ever since you decided to attune. Listen and see what they have to say.


Can you Explain what a Guided Meditation is?

Guided Meditations are when a teacher or individual leads a group of people in a meditation. In the Reiki Classes during your Attunement I give a guided meditation that allows the student to interact with their guides and angels and receive gifts from them. It’s a great ceremonial experience to have. In my first attunement my guardian angel made himself known to me for the very first time…but I had always known him too lol 🙂 He gave me a white Merkabah that was spinning so fast it looked like a white orb. From my perspective this was the vehicle that would lead me to enlightenment…and it did 🙂

Am I required to bring anything?

I only ask that my clients bring their journal, pen, pendulum and any crystals they would like to Reiki Attune with. Other then that I provide the booklet, lunch, snacks, and water/tea you will need. If you require anything else then feel free to bring it to class 🙂


What happens after a Reiki Class?

After a Reiki Class and receiving your attunement you will go through a cleansing process of the 7 major chakras, one chakra a day, for 21 days starting with the Root Chakra the day you attuned. You may notice an increase in tears or anger. You may run into old relationships as a way of clearing old energy. You may meet a huge number of new people. You may notice a time of depression but this will pass! This is you clearing the energy of your old paradigm.

The process, depending on your level of resistance to change, can take as little as a few months to a year. After that you will begin to notice an increase in the power of your manifestations and you may notice you are more grateful and loving then before. You may notice you can no longer be in toxic and negative environments and relationships. It’s ok to create new boundaries with your loved ones and friends when this occurs. If they are willing to change then they will grow positively with you but if they are unwilling to respect your new boundaries then they may drift away but don’t worry!

The Universe will replace the relationships you loose with better ones more in alignment with the new you.


Personal Experiences from the Power of Reiki


icon-certificate I have witnessed some amazing healings in my time using Reiki. One woman found me complaining of a cancerous tumor in her breast. As I worked with her I kept receiving the same feeling…”this woman does not have cancer” yet she was adamant that she did! She was about to get a mastectomy but I told her to double check before surgery and I am grateful to say that just hours before her surgery her doctor notified her that they were wrong about her having cancer.

icon-certificate Another individual I knew was dealing with the passing of her father. Her mother was in deep denial and did not wish to face that her husband was dying so she had the consistent tendency to deny he was as sick as he was. In our Reiki session I received guidance to let my client know that it was important to be with her father right now that he did not have long. My client was able to reach him and be with him the final 10 mins of his life to say good bye.

icon-certificate One of my favorite clients was cosmically led to me through social media all the way from North Carolina. She was highly toxic due to medication she was using to treat a chronic pain condition as well as type 1 diabetes. She was using methadone to combat her pain and she was also a heavy smoker. Today, through the process of learning Reiki and giving it to the areas of her body in need, she is off all major medications for pain, quit heavily smoking, quit eating chemical and process food & is now living a life with a full quality she can feel happy about. She now mines crystals and gives Reiki in her spare time rather then suffering alone in her house on disability.

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