Welcome to Daily Habits, Daily Flow with the Chakras The Ultimate Masterclass on the Chakras 


Are you over trying to understand the textbook definition of the chakras
not really knowing if you’re doing it right?

Are you stuck in a standstill trying to figure out which shadow work
you need to heal to get to the next level?

Are you done with the ascension symptoms dominating your life while feeling confused
on what the heck is going on energetically?

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t understand your energy body
or How to really approach it?

Or Maybe you’re the person who’s been trying All the things, reading all the books, and yet
still nothing is quite moving the needle in your physical life.

Are you ready to understand how easy it can be to create
a sustainable practice without all the extras?

I get it, I’ve done the recite affirmations 100 times a day, Bless your crystals, and all of that…

But things didn’t start shifting drastically for me until I began to work with my Internal Energetics,
My Mindset, Habit Creation & understanding the Mind-body connection.

I feel like when we understand energy, we start to get how manifesting & Healing really works,
But when we start to understand how the mind-body connection works.

Now we REALLY get it &  everything begins to make a fuck ton of sense towards:

Why we’re manifesting and receiving the way we are.

Why we stopped ourselves from Healing a particular wound or resistant pattern.

Why Resistance stops us in our tracks and keeps us stuck & limited.

We start to understand what is really going on beneath the surface. 

The truth is there are plenty of Modalities you can use to heal OR
you could just go right back to the Source:

So you may be asking, What the heck are chakras &
why is connecting them to our habits so important?

The Easiest System to understand Energy is the Chakra System.
They are practical tools to apply to our lives.
This is because as you’re growing up,
this is where the energy is stored throughout your endocrine system.

This is connected to your Nervous system.

The energy is stored in the body.

Each center correlates to your growth patterns & even resistant triggers.

Your emotional triggers are stored in the energetic centers of the body.

The truth you need to see and once you get this, it really can change your life.

Energy is the root cause of everything within our lives. 

Wherever we are struggling at in our lives, be it our relationships, our money,
our spiritual beliefs, our self-esteem, our addictions…
is due to this one concept we either aren’t aware of or don’t think about it because we can’t see it.

Down at the microscopic level.Which means everything has a frequency & better yet,

We can learn to change it.

Once you start to understand the chakra system like the back of your hand,

you have a psychological guide map that you can use to improve all areas of your life.

You may have learned or heard of the chakras before

The way I approach the Chakra system is slightly different in this way,

I don’t teach how to heal from the physical level but How to combine the emotional,
mental, energetic and physical level through using
the mind-body connection.

In this way, we’re learning how to create Internal Shifts to begin creating External Change
in our physical world.

I have studied the chakras for over 10 years and they have drastically changed my life through
using the methods I teach from understanding How the Mind-body Connection works
to help us Heal & Manifest in our lives.

Most people are familiar with the Chakras as a Healing Mechanism towards personal wellness & clearing karma
However, Did you know we have two channels within the chakras?

One is the healing current, most people are familiar with this.

The second is the manifestation or Empowerment current,
this helps us co-create in our lives!

As we heal the Chakras we can:


?Root: Get out of survival mode and Activate Abundance
Spiritual Gift: Manifesting through Abundance

?Sacral: Receive with Ease & Allow more Pleasure in your Life
Spiritual Gift: Emotional Empowerment

?Solar: Empower your Will & Reclaim your Personal Power
Spiritual Gift: Co-creating with Confidence

?Heart: Give and Receive Love & Step into Loving Relationships
Spiritual Gift: Fulfillment & Purpose

?Throat: Remove Doubt and Align with your Highest Expression of You
Spiritual Gift: Channeling & Aligning with your Authentic Higher Self

?Third eye: Cultivate your Intuition and Start removing your limitations that hold you back
Spiritual Gift: Seeing Beyond Your Limits

?Crown: Build your Trust and Faith in a Higher Power to support & rekindle your ability
to Co-create through alignment with magnetism.
Spiritual Gift: Learning to Co-create with Universal Support.

But What do Habits have to do with it?

As I’ve studied & practiced the chakras over the years, what I find is we usually tend to live in one of our chakras the most. This is our most dominant one and usually the one that needs the most focus, love and attention. It influences our Habits and daily routines in our life.

Because How we do one thing, is How we are doing everything.

This is why I created This Program because Our Chakras are Connected to our Habits.

Healing is Created In the Mind-Body Connection through our Habits.

And you have the power to change it all when you begin to connect all three. 


1. Our Habits are Naturally linked to our Chakras

We don’t often realize this but the basis of Changing our habits is fundamentally rooted in our Chakras. When we begin to heal a particular chakra, we begin working with changing the habits emotionally, mentally & physically. Naturally, we begin to change how we’re receiving in that specific area of our life automatically. 

2. Habits are Made by Repetition

It takes 28 Days roughly to begin a new habit. If you’re not actively engaging that habit, you will revert to the previous behavior automatically. That is why these practices are simple & easy to apply consistently by combing the use of the mind-body connection. This is also why most people get stuck!  😉

3. Working with the Mind-Body Connection.

When we begin to work with the MIND-BODY connection. We’re not just healing on a mental level but an emotional & physical level too. This Changes the ROOT of the memory. This means we’re working on different levels to heal & empower the chakra that needs support!


This for those of you who are feeling:

I frequently do the work but I keep seeing the same pattern show up again and again…

I don’t know what to do or focus on, when I feel emotionally triggered

I’m tired of blessing my crystals with abundance energy while I am still feeling so stuck in lack.

Are you obsessing about those damn hows and getting stopped on what to do next?

you find yourself being more reactive emotionally and seeking approval in your relationships?

Most importantly are you having a hard time believing in yourself and putting yourself last?



This Program is designed to teach you sustainable Mind-body Practices & Rituals to enhance
your Chakra Practice. So you can personally work with Creating
Daily Habits & Daily Flow with your Chakra system!

It will show you how you can easily create Habit & Ritual with your Chakras without
fluffy tools required.
We instead focus heavily on Incorporating Mindset Rituals,
Manifestation Techniques & tools that get you in touch
with your Emotional Healing & Energetics.

However that’s not all,
we begin to focus on the Action steps & Physical motion you can begin to take to cement
these concepts & Empower those Chakras to influence your life.

The challenge will also teach you some powerful techniques to Shift your Mindset
& reprogram your mind
so you can stop the Resistance in its tracks and begin healing emotionally.

This is a Masterclass Training that is roughly 6 hours of Lessons, 26 Habits & Rituals to incorporate back into your life, where you will learn:







So I know you may also be thinking:

We Have to Realize: The Inner Creates the Outer. When we begin to influence the internal Energetics, we naturally will shift automatically Why? Because Now we are changing the Root of the Emotional Memory  & Healing that aspect of our life. When we do this consistently, We can shift whatever area of our life that needs the most healing & support. Now We Have a framework to Shift!

When we begin to Heal & Change How we’re Receiving in that Chakra, Imagine:

  • You can Begin working with an Abundance Mindset & know How to shift out of Lack
  • You can Start  to Allow more Receiving & Pleasure to Enter your Life without feeling guilt or sacrifice as your Sacral is Balanced.
  • You Change how you’re manifesting as you now have a stable energetic foundation built on Support & Safety as your Root is Anchored.
  • You have a framework that you can come back to again and again whenever Resistance patterns show up.
  • Begin to Have More love, Acceptance, fulfillment, joy and flow bringing more Peace of mind into your life as your Heart Chakra is Healed.
  • You start to Show up more easily with motivation, focus & direction as your Solar Plexus is Empowered.
  • Experience a stronger Connection with Spirit, your guides & higher self as your Third Eye is Expanded.
  •  Cultivate your own Personal Self-Belief & Worth so you manifest easier what you desire as your Crown Chakra is Awakened
  • Know How to Remove Doubt  and Align with Your Most Authentic higher self as your Throat Chakra is Activated.


How would it feel to live from a place where you now have daily Habits, Daily Energy Tools & Mind-body Rituals to Emotionally Empower yourself & your Personal Spiritual practice —
While you begin to Heal & Manifest from a sustainable energy of your personal Chakra Alignment to radically shift your life from the Inside out?



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This Masterclass Explores Healing in the mind-body connection, Creating Habits & Daily Rituals with each of your chakras. Broken Down into 8 Lessons.


Part 1. How Chakra Healing is Created through the Mind-Body Connection

Part 2. Root Chakra Habits – Establish your Energetic Foundation  

Part 3. Sacral Chakra Habits – Creating Emotional Liberation 

Part 4. Solar Plexus Habits – Taking Aligned Action to Move Forward

Part 5. Heart Habits – Open up to Love

Part 6. Throat Habits – Step into your Authentic Truth

Part 7. Third Eye Habits – Expand Your Perception

Part 8. Crown Habits – Embody Higher Self

BONUS: Masterclass Workbook Prompts & Guided Step – 65 pages

Pack with Tons of Prompts, Guides & Easy Steps to help you implement the training.
Over 96+ Journal Prompts to Reconnect Back to your Chakra System

BONUS: Quick Fix Guide for Easy Access Habit Creation

BONUS: 3 bonus Habit Trackers Designed by Ashley
(Chakras, Constellations, Moon Design)

BONUS: Opening Chakra Meditation(included in Part 1)





This course combines habit creation, utilizing mind-body rituals, and systems to heal your chakras from the inside out. Done are the days of simply reaching for your crystals! These practices are rooted in mindset work, manifestation techniques, and habit creation. You receive it all in your Membership Portale. You access your membership portal with a special log in, where you have easy access to your Video Lessons, Soul Work Prompts & Action steps immediately upon purchase. 

You also receive a Guide &  Prompt Workbook to help guide you through the program that is 65 pages. Packed with Tons of Prompts, Guides & Easy Steps to help you implement the training. Over 96+ Journal Prompts to Reconnect Back to your Chakra System. Extra bonuses to support your Chakra journey. Included with the training are the main workbook, Quick Fix Guide to help you, & Habit Trackers designed specifically to help you implement the material from the masterclass.


i am all about, let’s take your spiritual practice outside the box, 

Let’s take this up a notch and take your Chakra Healing Practice to the next level. 

Lets rip up the textbook version of the chakras that call in the use of crystals, herbs,
oils, and asanas to get yourself in touch with a practical spirituality approach to your chakras 

This course combines habit creation & utilizing mindbody rituals and systems
to heal your chakras from the inside out. 

Done are the days of simply reaching for your crystals,
these practices are rooted in mindset work, manifestation techniques,
and habit creation by teaching you to get in touch with your energetic frequency

It’s time to create some magnetism, baby! 

By reconnecting your chakras to your habits and manifestations


You Receive:

8 Lessons within the 6-hour Masterclass Self-study program
officially Workbook with Prompts & Guides to help
Bonus: Meditation, Habit trackers & quick fix guide





Hi! My name is Ashley Aliff, I’m the creator behind Theawakenedstate.net. I am an Empowerment Coach & Manifestation Teacher specializing in  Mindset work, Emotional empowerment, subconscious reprogramming, manifestation and naturally kundalini awakening.

After mentoring & studying on these topics for over 9 years, I understand the practical & energetic side to the Spiritual World. I have Healed & manifested incredible things through understanding my Chakra System. I know that when you begin to change your Internal Environment Amazing things can begin to happen in your reality.

Through understanding the chakras, I have healed many issues in my life ranging from removing lack mindset, healing mother wounds, attracting beautiful unconditional love in my life, financial security, amazing health, Strengthening my Intuition, Self-belief & improving my Consistency towards goals. Just to name a few, Healing my Heart Chakra set me on the course to Spiritual Awakening, while healing my emotional relationship with myself & how I viewed love as a whole. Over the years, I have transitioned these studies into learning more about healing with the mind-body connection, Understanding subconscious programming & learning how we manifest from a sustainable energy of Habit Creation.

I can teach you to shift energy, step into emotional empowerment, unlock your desires, nourish soul, activate your gifts and learn to heal your wounding that is keeping you stuck in resistance.

In my experience, once we begin to Shift the internal Energetics, we naturally expand our capacity to receive in life, raising our standards and boundaries across all areas. This is what it means to begin living a Soul-aligned Life.

If you’ve ever been someone who feels powerless over your energy, you feel overwhelmed due to your hypersensitivity, I completely understand! I was there too, but I also know we carry immense power to transform our lives from the inside out. It starts with you and your energy.

I am here to show you what is possible.

It’s time to Create Powerful Habits & Rituals to Enhance your Chakra Practice from the inside out!

What If I’m a newbie or beginner to all of this, can I still take this information and apply it to my life, Or will it just overwhelm me?

Then you are in the right place!  At the beginning of the class, we go over the basic Chakra foundation so you have a framework to work from immediately whether you’re new to the chakras or not. We gotcha covered.

One of my specialties is breaking down ‘woo woo’ concepts and making them easy to understand. I teach in a very grounded way, I understand the practical and spiritual approach deeply. I teach each lesson through practical tools, my approach is very hands-on. These are tools that you can start applying to your daily life immediately!

What if I don’t have time to start the course now? 

You have exclusive access to my membership site, where you will sign up & receive each Lesson daily right after you sign up.  You receive the entire  program immediately after purchase. It is a self-study so this means it is self-paced, so you can start when you ready and listen to your intuition throughout the process if you need to go slower.  You can always ask me Personal Qs concerning your healing process by contacting me directly. More than happy to help out if you get confused on a concept.

Plus you own lifetime access so you’re always welcome to go through the masterclass as many times as you need for a refresher!

How Will this be different than any other chakra book or program I’ve read, what should I expect

Besides what I mentioned above My Intention for you is to walk away with an abundance of Rituals & daily habits to help you heal your chakras through using the mind-body connection. This means we focus on removing the fluffy bits & get right into the meat of Chakra healing. I teach you a framework for how to use the chakras, while also keeping it direct on what most moves the needle forward. This program is different than textbook definitions of the chakras in that we focus heavily on Mindset, Emotions & Action steps! No Yoga mat, crystals, essential oils or sound therapy is required for this program. We dive into the Energetics & Practical Application right away.

What if I’ve already done Empower the chakras your signature program? 

I honestly consider this a sequel to my signature 1st program. It compliments Empower the Chakras and yet its incredible unique as we go deep into Creating Daily Habits & rituals with the chakras. Empower the Chakras focuses a lot on the nuts & bolts of the chakras covering the depth of each chakra, symptoms, clearing techniques, & How to emotionally heal through empowerment. Daily habits is more of a framework for creating chakra practices in your day to day routine. So I think they compliment each other yet are both different in many ways! There is a ton of new information that isn’t included in the 1st program on chakra habits & daily mind-body practices.

Can you guarantee results? 

The Chakras work when you work it. If you’re ready for change, you’re willing to show up to do the work each day, you will begin to see shifts naturally as you move more into a state of Alignment & Flow.
Like all things, it’s about asking yourself are you ready to invest in your self, show up for yourself, put in the Daily Action steps and create change? If  YES – you will definitely get results.

In my personal experience, when you begin changing your energy & mindset, you inevitably begin changing your life. Why? You are Energy! When we shift the inner – the outer naturally will shift. If you’re ready for that & willing to do the soul work, then let’s get started!

Are Refunds Available? 

Since this is immediate instant access downloadable content & Lesson Material, there will be no refunds for this class.

More questions? Email  cosmiclove@theawakenedstate.net


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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I support Spiritual empaths (or Lightworkers) Struggling to Manage their Symptoms of Spiritual awakening. I teach them how to Emotionally heal & Change the way they Think & act, so that they  can confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with

 The Awakened State is a place of Emotional Empowerment, Divine Support & Guidance to help you on your spiritual journey.


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