We mentioned frequencies briefly in the crystal article but what many fail to mention is how to understand frequencies. We hear all this talk about different dimensional frequencies and raising our vibrations but we never talk about how do frequencies actually work. After awakening do we truly understand what a frequency is?

I asked myself the same question in 2012 when I started developing what I like to call the “emotional sponge”. The emotional sponge is something that happens to us when our consciousness starts evolving and our frequencies grow stronger. This is more common for clairsentience beings and empaths but it can happen to just about anyone who advances past the karmic level during awakening. Most people will feel this as anxiety, a rush of thoughts with no direction where they come from, feeling others emotions so intensely you start acting them out on accident, feeling manic-depressive, emotional purging, claustrophobia,  or even telepathy. This is all to do with frequency.

Frequency is a powerful thing, what happens when we awaken is we essentially open the floodgates to hearing all these frequencies. The veil lifts up and there are suddenly no barriers in between us and them. This can start to feel very suffocating so your consciousness will panic and go into hermit mode, teaching you to look more inward. However the more you ignore and “shield” these frequencies the stronger they inevitably become making it hard to go to the grocery store or even go to work.

So if your reading this and agreeing with me, you are probably suffering from the same fate I did…I’m here to tell you it gets better but it’s going to take some internal consciousness homework to fix this. If there was a manual for Awakening this would be in the first chapter. You HAVE to understand how your own frequency works!

Reading into Energetic Fields

This is something we innately already know that lives deep in our memory bank. However in order to understand how to control it, first we need to understand how frequency works in material reality.

4941025All existence is the manifestation of frequency and sound dominated by consciousness in one form or another. An electromagnetic field of resonance and dissonance made of a torus or toroid shape. Our entire universe is made of these electromagnetic fields or better known as black hole energy. According to Nassim Haramein we live in a black hole universe so that means everything including you and me has the energetic structure of a black hole(torus pictured below). Modern society doesn’t understand the concept of an aura because they cannot physically see it, but our reality is made entirely of energy. The projection of our consciousness into manifested matter of material substance. So everything within the general vicinity around you is a projection of your consciousness and people are mirror projections of each other composed of various other electromagnetic fields. However many are still stuck recycling within their own black hole energy instead of learning to control their own will by remaining present through inner stillness of surrender. When we surrender to the resistance we can fully let go, if we can’t let go we are fighting our own black hole energy aka the ego.

torusThe strongest aspect of the electromagnetic field within each and every single one of us is the Heart center. “The human Heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. Important, because we’ve always been taught that the brain is where all of the action is. While the brain does have an electrical & a magnetic field, they are both relatively weak compared to the Heart. The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically & up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. Important, because the physical world – as we know it – is made of those 2 fields: electrical & magnetic fields of Energy. Physics now tells us that if we can change either the magnetic field or the electrical field of the atom, we literally change that atom and its elements within our body and this world. The human Heart is designed to do BOTH. ~David Math, TruSparta


10556291_10152658042712491_7486061822350404290_nPhysics reveals that a change in our electromagnetic field produces an atomic level transformation. When we change our energy or thoughts we end up changing our state of matter and everyone around us through the ripple effect. We literally change an atom and it’s elements within our own cellular body and the world around us. Our heart is allowed to do this from an emotional state. Peter Braden has talked about this concept many times particularly in his book Resilience From The Heart. The Heart math Institute  also confirms that our heart emits an electromagnetic field that changes in accordance to our emotional state of mind. [ref]https://www.heartmath.org/research/[/ref] This field is known as the Torus as stated above. Our positive emotions can create a physiological response within the body benefiting our well being. However negative emotions create entropy within our nervous system, if enough negative emotion is expressed it eventually turns into an energetic blockage or imbalance in the energy body. Now the heart has a system of neurons that connect short (conscious) and long-term memory(subconscious) where it signals to our brain these responses that begin affecting our emotional experience.

Their research has shown that the heart center sends strong signals to the brain connecting the rest of the body and even enables healing or restoring properties via higher vibration. Once we’re able to understand this it signifies these heart signals giving individuals the ability to self-regulate their emotions and affect the central nervous system. Heart awakening and kundalini awakening go hand in hand! When we do this we are bringing more coherence toward the body’s central nervous system and how we respond to energetic thought patterns dominated by frequency.

The Merkabah

The merkabah is a field of energy emanating from a single core point and expanding out in a toroid motion. In ancient Egypt it was referred to as the aspects of the human being: Mer (light), ka (spirit), bah(body). This is the true definition that is the origin of what many New Age circles refer to as the light body. The terrible thing is most concepts in the new age paradigm state as if you need to “activate” or “achieve” a light body by ascension to get your merkabah to work. This is inaccurate, it’s always been here, it is you!

The Hebrew culture defines the Merkabah as an energy vehicle for moving through existence/creation or time space reality. The Merkaba is how we travel through various dimensional frequencies. Atala Toy states this perfectly: “Each merkabah contains, at its source, a spark of the ultimate source, each merkabah is actually the one ultimate source seeking to manifest itself”. The best way to imagine this is by realizing all of life is made of a geometric form. We are composed of both light and dark energy, positive and negative ions, a torus or versica Piscis.

Art by Samuel Farrand

A merkabah is a frequency grid that is a container for consciousness. Along with various frequencies, there exists subfields and sub frequencies. The earth is essentially one gargantuan Merkabah made of a frequency grid containing the collective consciousness. The internet or Facebook in particular is nothing more than a symbol for this very concept. Now inside this grid are various subfields of other merkabahs/ species of being and sub-frequencies of thought, sound,  and vibration. This is the core of reality. It exists between various frequencies of sound. It is as if reality is composed like a bubble or sphere inside infinite fractals of experience. So frequency is a massive part of our learning experience when our consciousness begins evolving. If you think about it how can you properly build a house if you don’t understand the geometry and structure of the blueprints first?

The universe is urging us to look inward and listen, wake up from the illusion of separation to see we are much more than material form, we are infinite energy projected from consciousness. In order to understand ourselves better we need to not only remember but also understand how everything works.

The power of frequency is dominated  by wave functions. The way a wave function responds to movement is how it is treated. If we acknowledge how a wave works it helps us understand how it is very easy to pick up  these frequencies. When we can sense subtle vibrations and energy we also pick up on these waves from individual people. What we need to see collectively is how each wave function can affect people in particular ways. Its important to acknowledge that the way it works depends on what we project onto others is also an internal issue of healing. However sometimes this works in reverse when you pick up on others emotions we can accidentally channel their internal issues back at them. My friend liked to call this Crow eye, where you can see the light and darkness inside individuals. What we sometimes feel or see can be shocking but it opens the door to sacred healing.

Frequency tuning helps us learn to utilize this energy into a container where we can find a balance inside our own energy body. This is crucial I find as we grow stronger so we no longer feel like an emotional sponge but a conductor of energy currents being run through various circuits where we become able to maneuver a particular current from one stream of consciousness to the next. When we open our awareness by listening to these currents as a receptive channel it opens the flood gates of perception. Our internal and external world begin intersecting so what you thought was only accessible on the material plane(3rd dimensional consciousness) begins an awakening of multidimensional currents of being or energy.

In simple terms the Inner and putter world begin interacting and you are consciously aware of it. So what you are perceiving with other beings starts changing and becoming a visible symbolic representation of what is evolving internally into a manifested form of your reality. When you become consciously aware this is all of life, frequencies themselves open up like a blooming lotus and take on a different form. We need to see this because it will help the transition process of awakening become much smoother. It also will make it much easier to channel energy currents.

How to Tune Your own Frequency


I was reading this book I happened to get at a local bookshop when I was out of town called “We Are Not Alone” by Atala Toy and it was around the time when I started having this problem of controlling my energy. She called it a simple exercise of “invoking peace” where you envision your own merkabah (above god, below goddess creating a star tetrahedron) as a beam of light inside your own personal space covered in a frequency of peace. I liked the idea of this because it definitely works but I found it only worked for a few hours bc there is still so much commotion going on. So instead I began playing around in my own merkabah frequency by observing in accordance with meditation. That is when I realized the practice takes so much energy from you but what if you instead surrendered to it what would happen. This is how I figured it out.

You need to become a receptive channel by the doing the VERY simple act of listening!  I know many of us meditate but do you really dig deep and just listen? I mean really listen, step outside of yourself and you can begin hearing more than just thoughts and emotions you can hear others and learn to tune into specific currents of energy just by changing your focus. That is really the trick and it’s so funny because I struggled with this for soooo long I couldn’t believe it was there right under our noses this entire time. You have anxiety, constant spinning, over thinking,  headaches, and tons more ascension symptoms, do you ever wonder why these are happening? You need to tune your own frequency!

You are the captain of this ship and you’ve been holding the radio dial in your hand this entire time but most of you aren’t using it. There is this point which many call the third eye which regulates our pituitary gland and the pineal gland. However this is also known as our focal point. In person if we don’t look someone into the eyes right at their focal point we begin feeling their negative ions being emitted which means we are only listening to ourselves. If we open ourselves by being a receptive channel and truly listen we hear other frequencies. Now I don’t mean just talking, I mean thoughts, emotions, energy blockages, or even past lives. At a distance when thinking or feeling of someone if you are not being receptive and listening from a higher vibrational place of compassion ( inside the heart space) you are literally just getting stuck in your own black hole thinking. This is what happens when people are angry, upset, depressed, anxious, fearful, etc. They are essentially getting stuck in their own black hole(torus field). Now in order to stop spinning you need to learn to concentrate, have strength, and find your FOCUS by tuning into these frequencies individually otherwise it’s like you always land on the static channel instead. What happens when you get the static channel? There’s INTERFERENCE!

Okay so what happens when you get interference? You can’t hear properly! So in order to tune the dials correctly you need to concentrate by surrendering to the present moment. This is why meditation is so therapeutic and healing you are essentially tuning in to your personal frequency.

Do you feel how tense you are? Do you really step back and feel it from within?

This is more than just meditation this is about FOCUS and focusing from the heart center. The heart is the strongest frequency resonance in your entire body. So if we start focusing from the heart center through connection of others we begin to stop the wheels from spinning in circles….still lost?

ee7d0068dd53ff99015fd46903f53844Imagine yourself as a radio now in order to listen to the same station you need to be in tune with the channel otherwise you get static interference. Our bodies work the same way. If we are always looking or feeling this resistance of cognitive dissonance aka interference we are not tuned into the right channel. There are many forms of interference:  cell phones, computers, tablets, TVs, or even just not listening these are all distractive barriers from properly tuning to individual frequencies. If our vibrations are not at a higher vibration of compassion by connection through receptive listening all we are hearing is interference. And interference is not just ” ego talk” it’s the resistance we fight to let go of from within such as fear, anxiety,  depression,  envy, jealousy,  anger, God complex, etc. This is why so many struggle with this after awakening. You are essentially a loose cannon! A broken elevator going up and down repeatedly but you can’t decide what floor to get off so instead you travel to the past thinking (depression, resentment,), then you travel to the future(fear, anxiety), then back to the past thinking(regret, turmoil)….until you realize all you are doing is recycling.

We  are recycling because these were our karmic issues of the past or leftover knots or as I like to call them memory imprints in our subconscious that we tend to get triggered by. These triggers appear as reminders that we no longer need to recycle our issues. This is over. This is the past.

But why does this happen when I’m around other people?

It’s precisely the very VERY same thing that is happening to you but in reverse. You begin reading their energy(torus/black hole) if you are not properly listening by being a receptive channel you begin listening to their own torus field and sometimes this is also your own energy field as the reflective mirror. So how do you differentiate between the two? By the simple act of listening and learning to tune into one frequency at a time. I feel this is an important one to stress because this ripple is massively strong many individuals are going to be able to tap into the hive mind, our collective consciousness where telepathic communication IS possible. This is going to be a very hard switch for some as many are just loose cannons and this retrograde will highlight this through connection by compassion.

Don’t get stuck in your own black hole, come up for air and learn to tune your own frequency!

It will get easier, hang in there


Featured Image: Horsehead frequency by Quantum echo


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3 Responses

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading a lot of your blog posts and they are very helpful! Thank you for writing your experiences down and sharing them with us.
    I have a question relating to this article. I haven’t found yet a solution on tuning out the ‘radiostation’ of someone I know very well and love deeply. Sometimes it is nice to have this connection energetically and telepathically, when I can feel his love aso. But there are times I can just not feel myself or my own emotions anymore and start to act on his. This is a huge struggle for 4 years. I found some techniques but nothing really works in the long run.

    I’d like to master my own energy (again). Do you know how to get out of what I experience, into mastering my own frequency again? This tapping into myself, I can. It’s anyway still as if he has to release me, instead of me choosing to be on my own. I feel like a puppet lots of times because of this. So tips are mostly welcome!

    1. Hi Surya!

      First thank you for all the love, ♥ I actually recently wrote something similar in the article The Illusion of Control. When we feel like the other person has to release us, it’s actually an illusion of separation. You are always in control of your energy body. A few tips for you are getting really clear on releasing this attachment. Doing some cord cutting visualizations would help, you can also try a simple mantra, everytime he comes back into your awareness, you can repeat “I release you,I release you, I release you”. if this is hard to do, i recommend working on asking the universe/yourguides/angels for help and letting yourself know this is a GOOD thing and you are worthy of this.

      It’s important to see that no one can have control over us, that is an illusion of control, if we are only adding expectations onto others, we’re energetically holding onto them. This is really good to learn as a sensitive because it helps you release your energetic attachments. I hope that helps you!

      love ♥

      1. Thank you for replying me so quickly!

        I’ve just been reading the post you mentioned, thank you for leading me to that one. Yes, that’s all falling into place, I got lots of arrows pointing out that way; even posted a poem about that insight last week. Although, when I let go, I still have the connection going, maybe it’s then less harsh and more free and loving, that might be so; I have to investigate that one. 🙂

        So I guess this is really the lesson I have to learn in this. Stopping to try to control and letting it unfold. The illusion of separation is still a difficult one for me; I “know” I’m not alone, but getting into really feeling this as a constant is a different thing.
        Cutting cords, I’ll try it again, maybe I oversee something, but might be I’m fearing to lose all connection, so still holding on on it in certain parts.

        (posting the poem beneath) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bcc444ebf70c4f9a9847ac85c938072d2ee3f362fc3cb83c2000d8e5b6415acd.jpg

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