The Devotion of Dreams

Poe Once said, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”

One truth you must always know – you are the dreamer within the dream.

Hope. Dreams. Encouragement. Belief, these are the real recipe that makes us feel empowered and truly free.

Who are we without hope? Without dreams? Without desires burning in our heart?

Who are we without Trust, without faith, without belief?

Our Beliefs are who we are at our core.

We are nothing, an absolute void without our beliefs.

Who are we without hope?

Hopeless, directionless, purposeless, powerless, neutrality.

Disbelieving, apathetic. Nihilistic at worst.

Hope keeps us going, encouragement keeps us brave and courageous daring even,

Dreams guide us to imagine the impossible as possible and Belief,

Belief teaches us to trust in the unknown as a leap of faith.

Who we are without those things is lost, directioness, purposeless, full of criticism, judgment, opinions of grandeur, full of doubt, insecurity and often reaching for an impossible dream, with an energy made of devotionless desire.

And in each moment of disbelieving, our faith shrinks and we lose ourselves within the dream we had once created. We allow ourselves to see the illusion of circumstance feeling powerless over our choices and we instead live with a slight sliver of hope,

in a broken world of lost dreams and even for some nightmares.

That is why we must have hop. We must allow ourselves to dream. For a life without dreams, is a life without hope and a life without hope is a world of suffering.

The World doesn’t need more segregation, division, criticism built on eatting disorders, highlight reels of squeezed in vacations, and lost souls looking for an once of resolution.

The world needs Dreams.

The world needs Encouragement.

The world needs Love and Belief.

The world needs Hope.

The world needs so much more than positive affirmations and talks of how to fix ourselves to fit in a mold of a dying world built from lost dreams.

The world needs Faith not in religion, but in themselves.

The world needs belief in the impossible.

The encouragement of possibility and the devotion of Dreaming up a world where

the extraordinary becomes a realm of inevitability.

and we begin to see with absolute wonder in our eyes,

that we’ve been and we are

the dreamer within the dream.

And its for us to decide,

What do we choose to believe today?

That’s the true message of empowerment.

📷Illustration by moi from Chakra Oracle Deck Project



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