There is a sacred unfolding happening around us, these energy shifts the past few weeks have been revealing to me that your light is needed. When we allow ourselves to be cracked open, layer by layer we're revealing our soul essence. In today's article I talk about what lightwork actually is and why the world needs you cracked open so you can share your truth with the world. Enjoy the read, Let me know your soul takeaways in the comments!

This energy guys has been a whirlwind of discovery, anxiety and tons of life lessons. If you’re feeling it too, you’re sooo not alone. August is a full blown chaotic month and it’s only the 14th!

I usually save Mondays for Mindset work, however I’ve been feeling called to start writing about something else which I believe at this moment is way more important. This information has been flooding into me for the past few weeks and there has been tons of integration along with it. So what I feel called to do is just put Mindset Monday on the backburner and come back to it later in the year.

Alright so all this powerful energy has been surfacing within the past few weeks. I’m talking very ancient energy has been surfacing, there are tons of ascension symptoms coming up for many of us. Plus in numerous groups I’m hearing the same things, in the same patterns and it’s a bit surreal to be honest.

We’re transmuting A TON of past baggage right now. I believe we’re literally watching evolution take place and the more this becomes apparent, our light is needed right now more than ever.

If you’ve been following my journey I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the spiritual entrepreneur and basically the other side of this Network we’ve been growing between service and lightwork.

It’s been feeling like a bit like an energy experiment or doing field work on the spiritual path.

What’s beautiful Is lightwork is not just some frou frou new age title or statement. This is an empowered truthful, divine movement that is sweeping the world like lightning and it’s growing massively big.

I keep seeing so many new names coming up and even more people are being drawn to this concept of the Lightworker and some of these people don’t even fully get it yet. However their subconscious and inner knowing is hearing the call and they are starting to show up everywhere.

Maybe you have been hearing the call yourself.

Yesterday I was at the book store, one of my favorite places to be and I stumbled on Rebecca Campbell’s book, Light is the New Black. I instantly fell in love with the energy of this book to the point where I just started reading it in the store for a few hours and eventually went up to the counter to purchase it. I had some cash on me so I paid half in cash, and sure enough she announced the  total ended up being 11.11 🙂

But it wasn’t the book itself that spoke to me, it was the *energy* behind the story because I knew it so well like she was reading it directly to me.

It was the story of the Light Age that is currently happening and what it means to fully crack ourselves open.

This is the story we are living and we’re watching the movie play out everyday. Because we finally woke up.

We are living inside the dream as the conscious observer and more and more of us are starting to be cracked open.


The reason we are being cracked open is because our soul is like an onion. layer by layer we have these conditioned beliefs and subjective experiences that shaped our old identity. However those past stories are starting to no longer resonate, they feel exhausting. These 3rd dimensional stories as some call them are becoming so repetitious that we’re “done” with them. We’re yearning and craving new experiences.

Our souls are trying to reach out to us and we keep hearing this call but we’re not sure what to do anymore.

The reason we feel this way is because we intuitively already know it’s over.

What I mean by being cracked open is that our reality is like an egg, this surface area is chipping away and we’re starting to crack it open completely. All these illusions that we created with the old identity through the ego are starting to reveal themselves and each layer is slowly being revealed to the observer.

All truth will be revealed once awakened.

We’re starting to feel this emergence because our soul is trying to break through the surface reality our ‘ego’ or identity used to associate as reality.

Our higher self is trying to break through these  barriers we created that caused us to limit ourselves and our human potential. These are the barriers that held you together through your ego identity.

But right now we’re entering a time where the Soul is winning, theHigher self is pushing through these limitations and the ego is starting to dissipate.

If you don’t believe me on this, just look around you and see how many people are transforming and encountering these profound shifts in awareness. Many of us are either experiencing what we call the Dark Night of the Soul or they are slowly unfolding from that moment that shook their soul awake.


Inside this state of purging, cleansing and healing, the darkness is pushing us to the threshold of the death of the old paradigm. The more we acknowledge this, it becomes much easier to see what is really going on.

We are literally  starting to reframe our realities from the inside out, energetically. It’s like building a house, if your foundation sucks because you’re building it on sand, how can you feel supported and grounded in your truth? Your foundation must be build with rocks, firm conviction and universal support.

This starts with cracking ourselves open, watching the unfolding and seeing all these aspects of darkness are the past stories that created our victim identity. It can feel a bit like time travelling through our memories.

We begin to revisit these wounds and profoundly turn them into our wisdom.

The Darkness allows us to crack wide open and that’s when the light starts to fill in the gaps. The soul start emerging more and more and instead of going backwards, you’re constantly spiraling upward without even realizing it.

The birthing process is emerging from within ourselves and changing our energetic foundation.

When we feel we’re struggling, distressed or letting the darkness take over, we’re actually in the birthing process. That resistance, the contrast is teaching you to birth a new universe for yourself.

There is a sacred unfolding happening around us, these energy shifts the past few weeks have been revealing to me that your light is needed. When we allow ourselves to be cracked open, layer by layer we're revealing our soul essence. In today's article I talk about what lightwork actually is and why the world needs you cracked open so you can share your truth with the world. Enjoy the read, Let me know your soul takeaways in the comments!


This is when we usually start becoming triggered by things that resonate with our soul instead of our ego, we begin to gravitate towards new age topics, spirituality, removing our religious values, tapping into divination or reiki or anything that starts triggering the subconscious to remember. We begin to face the threshold and see that there is so much more to living then just your 9-5 and partying on the weekends.

Our soul starts yearning for something more and the more we dig deeper, the stronger our light inevitably becomes.

After we’re cracked open our light demands our attention. We feel it every day, we seek spiritual practices, tools, techniques and research to understand what is going on and what is happening.

This is when you begin to realize you’re authentically Awakening your Light

I believe this is where we start to question more and begin to ask:  How can I be of service? What can I do to serve?

However true service is BEING. BE – ing in your light and realizing that starts an even deeper search – How Do I start Living in my Light?


You heard the calling, you started healing, many are either waiting for global ascension or they’re feeling stuck in limbo. I felt I was the one who was stuck in limbo but then after exploring in my mind,  It all became so crystal clear.

The heart and mind merging into one means transcending our fear-based stories and merging them into Heart- based decisions as the co-creator of our destiny. Put simply once we learn Awareness, we’re already starting to live in our heart, we’re already starting to live in our light. It’s our natural essence.

Our Higher Self is basically teaching us to clear the path and start self-correcting our energy body.

As the mind forms the bridge into the heart we are not just awakening our stories, we’re expanding our light with the world. This is true course correcting.


It seems so simple right? But the ego will fight for that control, making things convoluted with titles, galactic federations, and all sorts of labels dismissing this into the Time Gap of Past and Future Blackhole  Cyclical Thinking.

The beauty lives in the simplicity. Your Ripple of Light is stretching Millions. We need your Light out there because everywhere you go, you’re expanding that light.

The best thing you can do as a Lightworker is to Expand your Light and DO what lights you up. Whatever is bringing you love and honoring that love internally, that is living in your light. If there’s anything you get out of this article, let it be this.

Your purpose is to expand your light, whatever that means to you.


“When we allow our light to shine we give others permission to do the same” – Gabrielle Bernstein

I was given this vision that’s been haunting me and I’d like to share it with you.

I was falling into this black pitless void when I heard a voice said “Don’t worry, we will always catch you and keep you safe”.

My body fell onto a constellation of stars.

It was a web of light, a network of Light and if you are reading this right now. You’re a part of that network, whether you believe it right now or not, you are a part of that network. The universe is catching you and it’s safe for you to shine your light and most of all it’s your birthright to LIVE IN YOUR LIGHT.

The universe just wants us to be happy.

It’s our true authentic selves that are honored to shine bright and ripple out our light with whoever we touch.

We are stardust, we are nothing but stars meant to shine.

As stars it is our natural birthright to shine – which activates the field of pure potentiality – of infinite possibilities.

The more we shine – the stronger we magnetize the field of oneness and infinite probability

Joy is our natural state of being.

When we’re in Joy, life move through us with ease and grace. It’s so important to realize that when we resist we’re just feeling our past stories surfacing for clearing, in reality only love is real.

IT is hard for the ego to believe that it doesn’t exist that pain needs to have purpose. That we live in time and that the past and the future matter, but all that truly matters is this beautiful infinite moment right here in the present.

It is hard to believe that our pain doesn’t have any purpose other than past experience of memory but that is simply it.

There is no death only endless life and all of our experiences are a reflection of our light or our shadow which is a resistance to the light.

When we decide to make the choice to crack ourselves open and live in the Blessing Light, the energy chooses to self-correct and everything falls into place naturally.


“Although you appear in earthly form, your essence is pure consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of divine light” – Rumi

The problem so many of us are facing is that we’re choosing to only focus on everything we don’t want anymore. We’re focusing on all the past stories.

We’re focusing on the lower vibrational stories, the dark side of our polarity, the one built from our past pain. How many times do we have to justify our negative energy or justify sitting in our pain? How many times do we need to create validation for that pain and give it a purpose?

The more we start changing the dialogue we’re communicating with the universe

The more our Light will always shine through the darkness, creating stars among us.

We are the Stars, the masters of our own fate, we’re the captains of our own soul,

We are the Stars, forgetting our luminous magnificence to shine.

And you were always meant to shine your light with the world.

In fact, You’re doing it right now.


Sat Nam.

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If you look at what your energy is telling you, this might be the missing ingredient you need to face.

When we learn to manage our energy body, it creates an amazing framework for letting go of old barriers, teaching ourselves to understand frequency and also to start learning how to manifest our desires with grace. I invite you to check out The Energy Management Toolkit and see for yourselves what I’m talking about.



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  1. I have an answer finally from this dream that has been driving me crazy. I have always dreamed 8n color and reaccuring and I can also bring it up the next night and put myself in the same place I was in right before I woke up. But 8n this one, I’m at pleas 9 months pregnant and I’m laying down on something and I’m on labor and I can actually feel the pain and see my stomach move as the baby is kicking and people are just looking at me and no one is saying a word. And it jumps to the next scene and I’m calm and bewildered as I am not pregnant anymore but I know I just had a baby. But no baby was born at all and I, in my dream, sit up and say to myself,go must have been dreaming and I wake up and say out loud as if there is an invincible person in the room to tell me what the hell was tjat wal about. And it plays the same scene night after night. At first I thought it was a bad omen of my sons , who is having a baby in july, .his newborn baby being born dead. But I realized that I don’t feel sad or fear. And since I have been walking around saying I’m going to die soon and I’m actually happy about it, as I didn’t see a funeral or anything like that about my future death, so I finally got it.
    I am dying and it’s the answer I’ve just asking for so long now and it’s a good death.
    This Life I was brought here for and the contract I swo4e I didn’t sign as I know I chose to go through this life and I know I must have wanted to be a pain junkie, cause what the hell was I thinking anyway.
    So, this chapter is almost to the last page and amen sister cause I fullfilld my contract and I am not renewing my lease. And I know somehow and for certain that I am on my last life and I instead of trying to figure out where I’m headed or where am I going to but since I have learned all the lessons that was required of me, I hope iat least get to pick my what iIwant to read in my next chapter.
    It’s an amazing and seriously wacked out chapter and I don’t recommend it to anyone. But if anyone understands what I just said, love this stage cazca your almost home

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