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Are you wanting a More Positive Relationship with your Money Mindset? Then Look no further than this episode On my top 3 tips on manifesting money.

Today is the final episode of the How to Manifest Series! This series has been a powerhouse journey on all the different ways we can get started with manifesting in different areas of our lives. 

I find when people first hear of the law of attraction, a lot of it is either:

1. They really don’t fully believe that it’s true and question that it’s real and/or that it works for them. 

2. They believe they can only manifest in a tiny little set way that limits what they actually can do with the power of manifestation. (like a parking space vs getting mega intentional across the board of your life i.e manifesting your perfect day, manifesting an online business, home, relationship, career, etc. ) 

Manifestation comes in all shapes and sizes especially when we realize that the Law of Attraction is literally a universal law – the same as Law of Vacuum, Law of Correspondence, Law of Vibration, Law of GRAVITY – It is always occurring whether we’re conscious to it or not.

It’s working 24/7  (should i start covering some of the laws next?!) 

Which is Why I wanted to save the best for last and talk about how to Start Manifesting a KICK ASS Money Mindset.  

My journey with Money mindset has been quite a rollercoaster over the years and I’ve learned so much along the way since discovering manifesting. 

I used to walk around and say ‘I hate money”  or “money just causes suffering or money creates power against people” and all sorts of crazy pretentious shit. 

After discovering the law of attraction, I quickly learned, THAT is a terrible thing to do!

You NEVER want to badmouth money 😉

(do you do that? its okay i won’t tell…) 

manifest an epic money mindset


I mean you can, but why would you after you hear what I’m about to explain to you.

This is a really bad thing to do consistently!

 Let’s face it, I know Money can be a touchy subject for some,

in the spiritual community, it can bring up a lot of Mindset dogmatic triggers, “it’s evil, greedy, wrong, bad for spirituality, etc” this is soooooo old school – let’s be monks on the mountain mentality –

a little taboo in the spiritual realm! But like it or not, most of us live in the real world and money is a resource we use consistently. Would you rather that be working for you or against you?

That’s why I think it’s important to address it, so we can normalize wealth and cash flow. 

What, you don’t want to normalize a positive relationship with money?

Its a very real part of life that actively supports you.

You have exchanges with cash all the time. You interact with money all the time.

Money helps give you food, clothes, & shelter. It empowers your root chakra when you have a good relationship with it. A good wealth mindset nurtures abundance across the board of your entire life beyond just dollars and cents.

Having a Real Abundance mindset built on a good wealth mindset can be soo positive and supportive in your life when you change your perspective of it. 

its sooo important to understand the energetics of money and Why you can use it as a positive tool to support yourself. 

I’ve mentioned this a ton in Awaken your Power to Manifest my new book on amazon but I always love to share this quote: 

“I believe money is a neutral abundant resource in my life,  money is as infinite, abundant, and available as air. “

I truly do because at the end of the day – 

Money is simply energy! That’s all it is. It is a Tool and Resource we actively use in our day to day living. However, it’s also simply energy.

it is energy that we packed on a TON of meaning, Beliefs, Stigmas, and Interactions in our daily habits. If you’re not looking at your money mindset, I suggest you take some time to do so, it can blow your mind. 

This is why in our final How to Manifest series. I’m going to teach you my top 3 steps on Creating a kickass Money relationship so you can start to have an empowering money mindset with practice. 

Let’s face it, money can get a bad rap for all the conditioning that society has placed on it. 

That’s why I wanted to keep this SIMPLE. 

This week’s video I want to drastically simplify it for you with THREE easy steps you can do immediately to create a kick-ass Money Mindset. 

If I was starting from scratch with my money mindset, this is exactly what I would do from the beginning.


In this video I share:

+ the #1 thing holding you back from allowing the money to flow in

+ What you can do immediately to shift this! (it is easier than it looks)

+ 3 Action steps to go do immediately to increase money results

Let me know your thoughts how this video served you!

This is the final video for the How to manifest series:

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So let me know what you think? Did this change your perception around manifesting money with the law of attraction? let’s hear it below!

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