My relationship with intuition has grown exponentially over these last few years. I wanted to share a little bit about what I’ve learned about bringing awareness to what takes you out of your intuition so you can stop it in its tracks. 

Your Intuition Connects You to Your Spiritual Alignment

One of the most powerful things I quickly learned by operating from Alignment is your Intuition helps you connect to your natural spiritual alignment. So if you’re having a hard time with connecting to your intuition, hearing your higher self or even simply understanding your intuition. It’s going to be much harder to hear your own natural Alignment!

Your Spiritual alignment helps you create more ease, flow, abundance, and receiving in your day-to-day life, not to mention it also helps you become more Present-minded. For example, When you’re more present-minded you’re more in tune with your well-being, your sense of happiness, peace of mind and even your Conscious Awareness. When we begin to understand the innate power of our Intuition we not only begin to make better decisions but we have more confidence, certainty and less reactive emotions. This is because you’re tapped in fully to your natural Alignment!

You can really see the domino effect at work here.

If you’re feeling that stop-and-start energy of over-thinking and self-doubt, it can sometimes be blocking your flow and inevitably causing you to feel like you’re stopping your intuitive magic from flowing.

So What are the common things that could be blocking your intuition?

Let’s talk about what are the 3 critical things that could be blocking your flow, stopping your flow, or even sabotaging that flow.  

I’ll give you a hint about the first one, 

We tend to overthink and second-guess ourselves when we’re stuck in unconscious fear due to the survival mind. 

AND BOY – with the state of the world these days, society is constantly trying to put us in that survival mind between inflation, economic crisis, banks collapsing and all this crap – 

Beautiful souls, it’s more important than EVER – to hold your discernment towards your personal intuition. It’s Required for your self-care and Alignment in spiritual awakening. 

Find out the 3 most common intuition blocks by tuning into this week’s episode: 

How does this topic land for you, do you have a hard time with intuition or is it an easy flowy time?

Which block resonates the most with you? Let me know in the comments 

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