Your Spiritual Alignment Awakens the Path. This week we’ve been talking heavily about Spiritual Alignment and specifically in Part 2 of my brand-new Ascend free Training event, we went DEEP into my 5-part Alignment Framework. I wanted to share some of the conversations we had because it will really shed a ton of light for you on what it means to embrace Spiritual Alignment!

It’s Time to Own Your Intuitive Gifts

In Ascend: Into your Intuitive Power we’ve been talking a lot about the concept of It’s Time to start Owning your Intuitive & Multi-dimensional Gifts.

We talked on day one that it’s all about owning your intuitive power. In part two, we started going into the depths of How to start Applying that with a solid framework. What I’ve learned over the years, and this is what I’ve started to teach my clients, is I have established a five-part framework for understanding how you can personally own your intuitive gifts by accessing your natural alignment.

I’ve really pinned it down to there are five core pieces to really master your sense of Spiritual alignment.

I think it’s so powerful to touch on that alignment is catered to you. It’s not catered specifically as a specific strategy, and it’s not even catered specifically to doing a certain thing because there’s this problem in the spiritual community where we have this concept of, and it’s very old fashioned.

It’s where we think that we have to do certain things to get a certain outcome. And this is not how alignment works at all. (I’ll explain deeper in the video)

The Five Core Pieces of Spiritual Alignment

So the five pieces of the core framework are

  1. Energetic Mind-body healing,
  2. Manifestation
  3. Energy management
  4. Soul communication
  5. Systems for success.

So each part of this core framework is built around you learning how to tap into your personalized spiritual alignment.

Tune into the Episode for the Full Training:

Here’s a Summary on the Core Framework, which is featured inside my brand new Membership, The Soul-Aligned Life Academy:

Alignment 1. Energetic Mind-Body Healing

The First Type of Realignment is one of the most critical and that’s learning how to Re-align your nervous system. When you look at realignment in your nervous system, it’s usually about getting out of fear and the survival mind. It’s about regulating your nervous system. So what most people talk about when they say I feel ungrounded, I feel like really unsafe and uneasy. This is all about, actually you just need to regulate your nervous system. You just need to feel safe in your body again.

So when you enter a space of realignment with your body, with realignment, with the energetic mind, body healing, the mind body connection, you’re realigning the mind-body connection. This is all about feeling safe in the body and realigning your energy field.

Alignment 2. Manifestation or (Being an Energetic-Match)

Now, in the next Alignment process, we have manifestation! You might be familiar with this one, Ever heard the term “Being an energetic match”? So being an energetic match is about embracing your alignment. So when you think about manifestation, if you’re new to the law of attraction, manifestation is all about you becoming an energetic match or being a vibrational match, to receive what you want.

For example, this realignment is about what you’re choosing to attract into your life. So we have realignment in the body with the Mind-Body Connection. Next, We have realignment in what we’re choosing to embody with our vibration.

This form of realignment is all about realigning what you desire to attract.

Spiritual Alignment is about being an Energetic Match
So if you were to think about the law of attraction, it’s also about your mind connecting to your body.

It works like this,

Your body connects to your feelings. Your feelings connect to your actions. Your actions connect to your results. This creates realignment with manifestation.

So the second pillar of this framework is about realizing that manifestation teaches you how to create realignment by being an energetic match.

So if you were to just imagine for a minute, something you desire. If you were to say to yourself, “how can I feel the feelings of already having that, already knowing it’s mine already, embodying the person who knows that is mine? “

Now from being in this energetic state of pure alignment where you know, as you know, as you know, as you know with pure certainty that it’s already done, it’s already yours, you’re choosing that energy, that mindset is linking to the feeling.

That feeling is linked to the body. The body is pulled to take the action you need to take. That action propels you into aligned action from your intuition, That magnetic aligned action then creates your results.

Alignment 3. Energy Management Skills

The Third form of alignment is all about consciously learning energy management skills.

I noticed that a lot of people have this beautiful understanding of spiritual awakening, but they don’t know how to understand their intuition, their energy body, and their hypersensitivity. As a result, They don’t know how to operate from this space. Why are they having an energetic overload? Why do they have hyper empathy, where they are sensitive to environments, and this overloaded feeling in their nervous system where they’re too open energetically and they’re too receptive?

What I began to notice is that a big piece of this is learning energy management skills so you can begin Owning your Spiritual Power. It’s about learning how to manage your energy & understand how your energy works. For example, this can look like, how you can systematically know how to come back into your body and be self-sourced. It’s about establishing those energetic boundaries and getting over empathetic overload by learning how to tap into your personal power.

With Energy management, I learned how to manage my vibrations and my mindset.

Shortly after, I realized that I could take my power back and stop letting in that feeling of energetic overload. I started to learn how to channel that properly.

I began to develop energetic boundaries and I knew regardless of what is going on externally, I know I can self-source, anchor into my vibrations and nobody else’s vibrations( spirits, ‘energy vampires’ or anything) affect me.

That to me was a huge shift in my own spiritual healing journey.

I think it’s so powerful to touch on that because if you are energy energetically sensitive, this can happen to you and it can feel really disorienting because you don’t know how to deal with it. And what I really learned is I started creating my own set of energy management tools on how to personally deactivate that.

Alignment 4. Soul Communication

Fourth, we have Developing your Soul Communication so you can properly LISTEN to your Alignment. Oooh this one is a huge one to talk about.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but like I said in part one, if you have a huge problem with talking to spirit, then that’s going to stop you from really tapping in and connecting to your inner self.

Maybe you had a religious upbringing where you were told, it’s evil, it’s wrong, or maybe it feels like you’re talking to the other side and it feels very out there, strange or crazy!

It’s going to naturally create too much disconnection between who you are as a person and your spiritual self. So it creates what i call the separation gap.

Soul communication helps you with your alignment because you’re tapping into the higher mind, and quantum field.

When you tap into quantum, you’re literally in the field of infinite possibilities. So you’re receptive to awareness, guidance, healing, manifesting & magnetism.

When you are in a space where you are communicating with your soul, you’re not just tapped into the spirit world, you’re tapped into your alignment and natural intuition.

Your literal answers, guidance, your solutions inside of you that you’re looking for outside of you will be found when you connect to higher self.

The challenge and true discipline is you have to learn how to allow IN that receptive guidance. And that’s the tricky part because so many people shut off guidance.

It’s not your fault, it’s just there’s so much societal conditioning where we’re too externally influenced. And that external influence kind of shuts off the internal guidance system that can show you the solutions, why exactly you need to heal, that can show you exactly what you’re doing wrong and that you need to just tweak it.

The answers literally are inside of you but you have to stop and listen to them

And I think what’s so powerful to realize is when it comes to soul communication, You have to realize that the answers are inside of you. It’s not like a catchy, you know, new-age term. The answers literally are inside of you, but chances are you’re just not listening and you can’t hear them.

I’ve said this over and over again because it’s such a critical point to realize that when you start developing that relationship to higher self, going into the depths of your soul and really looking at your internal guidance system, you will be led correctly.

You will know the right moves to make, you will know the right solutions, and you’ll know how to manifest faster, and even heal faster.

Because you’re tapped in now. You’re not walking around, Wandering around with your eyes closed because when you shut off your guidance system, it’s like you’re kind of just kind of like floating around second-guessing yourself. However, you don’t realize that you already hold the map inside of you.

Now, if you were to just take a step back here and realize that part of tapping into soul, communicating with your soul is really about trusting yourself and not being externally influenced.

In Summary, what I quickly learned is the more that I develop my intuition, the more that I focus on soul communication, energy management, work on that mind-body work, and connecting into my soul. My Soul Knows the way forward.

And the more you understand that it becomes so much easier to learn that how you listen to your alignment is from connecting into your higher self, your soul, & your intuition.

what I help people do is I help guide them to realign their energy, learn to own their gifts, and start to create their own sense of realignment back into their life. I teach realignment with your nervous system in the chakra system. I teach realignment with energy management and basically owning your intuitive power and your spiritual power.

Alignment 5. Systems for Success Mindset

The fifth part of the framework is Systems for success! So Systems for Success is all about your mindset What does that look like? Well, systems for Success are about realizing your mindset, habits, your consistency & your momentum are key to understanding how to stay in alignment.

So that’s like the other secret is realizing that alignment is not just a single meditation practice. It’s not just a single conversation that you sporadically had with your higher self. It’s a continous conversation, it’s a bootcamp. Most importantly, It’s a moment where you see that you are developing a relationship with Your Highest Self and Personal Alignment.

You know, if you think about your concept of alignment as how you would see any relationship( like with your significant other) you’re not just gonna see them once a week.

You’re seeing them daily & you’re interacting with them daily. You are going on dates with them, you’re hanging out with them and there’s a lot of connection. Well, this is what you’re doing when you tap into Systems for Success.

Your Systems for Success is about realizing that consistency, repetition, momentum, and the compound effect creates a solid relationship with your spiritual alignment and your higher self.

So a lot of people, you know, when they say, you know, do a meditation practice for X number of days, this does help. But it’s about finding your practice. So when you think about in terms of what is your alignment practice, I want you to think about how do you connect to higher self? What is your favorite way to connect to higher Self?

For me, it’s journaling. I love channeling. Channeling is one of my specialties, as you can see, and I love channel writing. That’s like my favorite way to connect to soul. I also love speaking, meditation and movement medicine as extra great spiritual practices.

Don’t Box in Your Spiritual Practice

Don’t box in your spiritual practice. Here’s the thing, when you have those systems for success, you are more likely to show up every day. When you find your Alignment practice, it will feel easy, fun, & it’s your natural strength. It’s the natural way you connect and tune into your body. It will feel FUN and easy to show up to your spiritual practice when you stop forcing it and start finding your natural flow.

Summary of the Alignment Framework From the Academy

Let’s Summarize the Framework and how each system of Alignment has a purpose!

1. Energetic Mind-Body Healing helps you create Re-Alignment in your Nervous system this promotes natural well-being, good health and free-flowing energy in your Chakra System.

2. Manifestation guides you to create Re-Alignment with what you wish to consciously co-create and attract in your Reality. This Form of Spiritual Alignment guides you to focus more on Your Mindset, Vibrations and Becoming an Energetic Match.

3. Energy Management Teaches you how to Create Re-Alignment with the pure Knowingness of how your Energy and Consciousness operate. This Spiritual Alignment is focused on Establishing Energetic Boundaries, Understanding Your Rhythms, Flow state, Masculine and Feminine Energy, how your Energy Levels work and most importantly how your Conscious Awareness is developed.

4. Soul Communication teaches you how to LISTEN to your Natural Spiritual Alignment and Reconnect with your Higher Consciousness. Soul communication develops your relationship of Higher Self, and strengthens your sense of intuition and your psychic gifts such as clairsentience or clairaudience.

5. Systems of Success teaches you how to STAY in Your Spiritual Alignment and Develop it into your Identity so it becomes the new normal standard in your life. When we Develop systems for success we are not only developing our relationship with Higher Self we are also establishing spiritual alignment into our Identity, the core essence of who we are.

This is why it’s important to see that Alignment isn’t just a simple formula, it’s truly about learning how you can actively learn how to create a Soul-Aligned Life built from the Conscious Desires of your heart and awaken your Soul Purpose.

What do you think? What is your favorite way to Connect in with Higher Self? What’s your Alignment Practice? Let me know how this topic lands for you by dropping a comment.

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