I wanted to share with you 3 Lessons that have shocked me over the years when it comes to my Soul Purpose so you can benefit from them too!

I feel like this concept of finding our dharma and learning how to figure out our life purpose is probably one of the biggest questions that come up post-awakening besides “when does awakening end?” or “how do you really reach enlightenment?”

But our concept of true Purpose is closer than we think.

If you’re having trouble with the question:

“What is my life purpose?”

“I’m confused on what even that really means…”

” Is life purpose just ego talk?”

or maybe you’re even feeling a bit of simply….

I’m just feeling lost on my path, soul searching and when I discover my soul purpose everything will feel RIGHT – I’m suddenly be abundant, I’ll have everything I want – etc. etc.

Does any of that sound familiar?

It’s common to have these thoughts post-awakening and YET –


When you’re constantly looking around not filling fulfilled or torn on what direction to go because you know you’re meant for big things – yet

The ascension symptoms coming up keep making you feel like everything is far away and ‘you’re not there yet’

here’s the shocking truth.


Do you ever catch yourself going “But when i get there I will….” When I …. Then I….

When i finally reach enlightenment…

when i finally get the money…

When i Finally reach ASCENSION…

When I finally Heal I will….

This is an egoic pursuit. Functioning from a ‘means to an end goal chase’ that is NEVER ENDING.

One that makes you constantly thirsty for MORE. MORE MORE. And it’s normal – it’s called growth 😉

Just like my kids play pretend grocery store with fake credit cards and phones because ‘they’re not there yet’ as an adult. This longing we have to be somewhere we’re not is a normal part of our brain’s way to process GROWTH.

Even when you think you got your soul purpose figured out, there will inevitably be another layer even after enlightenment.

There will always be another LAYER..

Just when i think i got it – There’s another layer, because life is like an onion (just like the shrek anology lol)

🙏Instead the Shocking Lesson:

Accept you will never get “there”, It’s about allowing the unfolding of the path on the journey. It’s always about co-creating in the now and being present on the journey.

🔥2. Your Life Purpose is always rooted in your Authenticity and you have to dig to find out who that person is beyond conditioning.

Want to discover your Life Purpose? It’s rooted in YOU BEING YOU.

Your Authentic Self is within you, but chances are due to conditioning, suppression of our intuition, or true gifts – we have lost touch with this part of ourselves.

I’m sure most of you go ” But i do know my authentic self?!”

Most people actually don’t, it’s buried under layers of past conditioning of your identity where people told you ‘WHO TO BE, WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO BUILD YOUR CAREER”

One of the most eye-opening conversations to have with yourself is to ask yourself,

➡️“Which beliefs are actually MINE?”

Because a lot of what you believe just comes from your parents or caregivers, a lot of what you believe comes from your past thoughts, beliefs, habits, actions and behaviors.

That’s why this month in the membership, we’re kicking it off with:

Soul Purpose work through the chakras, we’re doing an EXCAVATION – Digging into the Truth of who you are.

🙏#2 The Shocking TRUTH AND LESSON:

Your authentic self is within you, but you need to be digging within to find out who that person really is beyond your past conditioning.

That’s WHERE YOUR PURPOSE LIVES AND BREATHES. It’s inside your Soul Blueprint within you.

🔥#3. Your Mindset is Everything and it will reveal your Purpose to You

One of the reasons i switched from just “Energy healer/Teacher” to Mindset Coach is I began to Realize – I’ve been teaching Mindset the whole time…and watering it down with words in the new age community.

Your Mindset is a Vibration you’re emitting.

Every word, thought, action, habit has a vibration behind it.

➡️Have you ever asked yourself, where do my thoughts come from?

I used to never have the answer for this – then I studied how the mind works.

Your thoughts come from your beliefs – and your beliefs create the Paradigm of your Identity.

So If you REALLY want to change your negative thoughts,

You need to start learning how to change the Beliefs that are powering those thoughts, to begin with.

➡️Your mindset holds the vibration.

⬇️Your Beliefs dominate the thoughts.

⬇️Your Actions are influenced by the Feelings that produce those thoughts.

🔥And your Paradigm is established on a rocky inauthentic vibration that is made NOT EVEN FROM YOU!

🙏Shocking Lesson on Purpose:

Your Inauthentic Vibrations are stopping you from Seeing your Soul Purpose.

What you believe, think and even habits you have are not even YOURS – Your Purpose lives inside the person who is BEYOND CONDITIONING.

How you find it – Lives in understanding your Mindset.

So What do you think? Shocking right? Let me know how this lands for you by dropping a comment!

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