5 common chakra healing mistakes to avoid

Chakra healing is a powerful practice that can transform your life from the inside out. Let’s explore five common mistakes that many individuals make when it comes to chakra healing. Here’s How you can begin to enhance your Chakra Healing journey.

I’m a big advocate for Consistency. Why? It not only helps me spiritually grow but it gets me results!

One area I’ve been consistent beyond spiritual practice has been my journey with the chakra Healing system. I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to properly understand energy work through Chakra Healing. 

However, just like any new ager out there, there are a lot of mistakes I’ve learned over the years. After 13-14 years on this healing path, I’ve personally refined my chakra strategy so I always get incredible results. 

I wanted to share some common mistakes that many people are making when it comes to energy work and the chakras that they might not be realizing. 

#5 is def my soap box I will admit LOL 

But In general – these are mistakes I’ve personally gone through and eventually realized there are stronger tools out there to help you heal easier. Likewise, in some cases even faster!

2 hour + somatic breathwork? 
Not remotely Necessary when you’re dealing with the chakras. 

Here’s my tips and tricks on Chakra Healing to help you avoid these common Mistakes I see continuously in the spiritual community. 

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1 – You’re Using Surface-Level Tools to Solve an Internal Problem

Ever caught yourself getting lost in a sea of crystals, essential oils, and sage, hoping they’ll magically fix your energy imbalances? While these tools are fantastic for boosting your vibes, they’re like the sparkly cherry on top. One common mistake in chakra healing is relying solely on surface-level tools like crystals and oils without going deeper into the root cause of energetic imbalances.

While these tools can help aid in the process, (I call these amplifiers because they amplify the energy of that chakra) true healing occurs when we address the core issues within each chakra.

      2 – Thinking That you ONLY need Yoga Asanas and Color Therapy

      If you’ve been hanging your hopes on wearing specific colors, Eating certain foods or striking yoga poses to heal your chakras, hey, you’re not alone! Another misconception is the overemphasis on yoga asanas and color therapy as the primary methods for chakra healing.

      While these practices can complement healing, they should not overshadow the importance of addressing Your Beliefs behind your Mindset, Your Internal Programming, Emotional Health and internal energetic frequency for lasting transformation. It’s about balance, yo 😉

      3 – Confusing Chakra Healing and Reiki as the same thing. Spoiler Alert: It’s not

       Reiki Healing and Chakra healing are completely different methods. It’s like comparing apples and oranges – both juicy and delicious, but with their unique flavors. While Reiki casts a broad energetic net for overall alignment, chakra healing zooms in like a laser beam on your individual energy centers.

      For Example, Reiki focuses more on healing the energetic field with symbols, chakra healing delves deep into individual energetic centers, providing a more targeted approach to addressing specific issues within the energy system. Chakra Healing also works specifically with your unique programming and Patterns that are looping in your nervous system.

      4 – Listening to Sound Frequencies and Meditations to Heal – Yet Avoiding the inner work

      Here’s the thing, sound frequencies and meditations can enhance your chakra healing journey, but they should not be the sole focus. It’s important to enhance these practices with adding internal work on Your Energetic Patterns. For Example, working on your Internal State of Consciousness surrounding your emotions, mindset, and habits to facilitate sustainable healing results.

      5 – Only Focusing on Releasing and Clearing Work – Nothing Else.

      Let’s chat about the shadow-side of healing – a vital but often overemphasized piece of the puzzle. While diving into your shadows is important, The real healing is when you empower your chakras. A key aspect of effective chakra healing is empowering the chakras through repatterning.

      This is the deep work we do inside The Ultimate Chakra Academy Simply releasing negative energies or even Shadow patterns is not enough; true healing occurs when we replace old patterns with new, empowering beliefs and behaviors.

      Why are people not able to properly heal?

      When we only do releasing work, we’re not actually shifting and changing the pattern. And what happens instead is it reverts. The entire pattern starts to revert and come back! Have you ever had that happen? This causes the entire script to change. (and maybe you lost money from that, all the same, right?)

      Avoiding the Real Internal Work to Truly Heal

      The hugest thing I want to emphasize here is you notice, all these mistakes aren’t actually working on your emotions or your patterns. They’re kind of, bypassing those emotions. Naturally, they’re energy tools, they help, but they’re not working with the emotion. If the tool does not work with the negative pattern or the emotion itself, Then it’s just like an amplifier. Instead, When we work with a Chakra, we’re opening up the Energy pattern that makes up your beliefs, emotions, actions, and even working on the habits that keep the pattern going.

      We’re not looking at the actual programming itself. We’re not looking at the actual pattern or the framework of the pattern. We’re instead bypassing that and using different tools to try to access it. Chakra healing makes up a pattern. If you want to raise your vibe, heal, or manifest?

      Change the Energy Pattern, Change the Results.

      In conclusion,

      By avoiding these common mistakes and approaching chakra healing with an Empowering mindset, you can unlock the transformative power of this unique practice.

      Remember, true healing begins from within, and each step you take towards nurturing your chakras brings you closer to manifesting your best life. ✌️

      the awakened state

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      chakra healing mistakes to avoid


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