This week’s video I am sharing with you 5 manifesting secrets that can drastically accelerate and help your manifesting immediately!

These are 5 manifesting mistakes I recommend you Drop a.s.a.p.


Manifesting is actually a lot more simple than we make it out to be…the problem?

Our Ego, our human mind likes to make it harder and more complicated than necessary, partly this is due to wanting to keep us safe.

However Manifesting is a natural part of us that for the most part, people in society are suppressing due to only trying to manifest from the ego and not our quantum Soul expressed nature.

I repeat – this is a part of our natural state, therefore whenever we try to manifest continuously from the ego alone – it is no WONDER we frantically obsess, freak out, and get frustrated that manifesting just isn’t working for us.

It’s because we are not tapped in fully to the natural magnetic ways we manifest.

I have been on this journey of understanding manifestation since gosh like 2013.

it’s been a while and one of the things that hugely became this almost, like mission or just scientific understanding is I really wanted to know:

how can I manifest in an easy simple way

and the more I began to understand manifestation
it became this moment of realizing that we do over complicate it by falling into these really simple mistakes
that make manifesting so much harder. 

In this week’s video what i really want to talk about today are the five ways that we need to stop
immediately complicating our manifestations. 

so these are five mistakes that you are making
that are you need to stop immediately to
simplify manifestation.

In this week’s video, I break down the five mistakes that are holding you back from making manifestation easier in your life and how to start fixing it immediately.
(complete with harry potter type font – so you can write these babies down on a sticky )


Manifesting Tip #1: Fixating Too Heavily on the Hows

Focusing, fixating, and obsessing about the hows will drastically push you out of alignment!

why because you’re saying to yourself, unconsciously “I do not have it” so every time you are stating to the universe “How do I do this? how does this happen? how do I get this? How do I have this?”

What do I need to do? What do I need to have? What am i going to do??!” when we do that excessively what we’re telling the universe is actually I don”t have it. Dun dun dun…

So, Therefore, I need to know all of the ways, I need to know the steps, I need to know the plan, and I need to know the process so then I can get my thing. We do this naturally as our ego really likes to know the plan. Our ego likes to know the strategy and it likes to know what is the safest calculated response of my past experiences so I can personally create this manifestation so it is not harmful to me as its out of harm’s way.

we try to do that however when we focus heavily on the how we are pushing ourselves out of alignment so despite our brain really really really wanting to have that plan, strategy and step-by-step process we have to completely throw it away and instead believe that it is already done.

Manifesting Tip #2: A Habit of Focusing on the Lack Mindset

We allow ourselves to fall into a bad habit of completely fixating on the lack and the lack mindset which is ultimately
contractive energy.

We fall into this trap of setting intentions, setting an affirmation, or setting a certain goal, and then what do we do immediately after?

“Well I don’t have it yet, where is it?! I don’t have it, I don’t have it so I’m going to focus on all of the
ways I do not have it

I’m going to focus on all of the ways that it’s not appearing in my reality and I’m going to
focus on all of the ways that everyone else has it but I don’t and then so, therefore, I am going to
unconsciously push it further and further and further away from me because on some subconscious level I’m saying
“they have it, I don’t have it. It’s obviously not here yet I don’t have it, I don’t have it, I don’t have it, I don’t have it, I don’t have it” so what are you telling the universe?

You’re saying energetically, clearly, I am not there yet I do not have it.

So from this understanding, how are you going to become an energetic match if you are saying
you do not have it repeatedly unconsciously?

So your tip with number two is to really look at where are you in contractive energy? Where are you unconsciously in a state of lack? Where are you lacking something? What area of your life is perpetuating that lack cycle?

Start to look at that and look at how can you change it back into an abundance cycle.

Where can you change the dial of tuning into well instead of lack what if I focused on what it would be like to already have it? What if i focused on it’s not here yet but I know it’s on my way. What if I focused on it as if I’m placing an order just like amazon and instead of obsessing about the tracking number and going “Man it’s not here now man it is just not showing up today and instead you realize

“oh i placed the order it’s okay it’s coming anyway it doesn’t matter because it’s already done it’s already
mine and i already ordered it so it’s not like it’s gonna get lost in the mail it’s gonna come when it wants to come
when it’s the most path of least resistance to arrive.”

Manifesting Tip #3: Staying in the Wishing mode

So this is a really really common one that I see a lot in manifestation communities where we put too much focus and energy into those “dear universe letters” into that moment of where you’re trying to wish on a star, or even those moments where you’re trying to push all of this energy into a higher deity or higher universal plane of existence and are saying “Please may be granted permission to have this.”

However what we’re doing is we’re like I really really hope I get it, i really hope santa’s good to me this year. ”

That’s what we’re really doing, so we have to really strip back this layer and look at okay:

If I’m still wishing for it if I’m still hoping for it if I’m still trying to chase it and if I’m begging for it, I am drastically not in alignment with it. We need to look at this and go but if I do this I’m telling the universe “it’s not mine, I’m telling the universe I’m still trying to work really hard to get it. “

I’m still saying that unconsciously I’m in lack. Therefore when we create these dear universe letters at its core it’s a beautiful concept. However what instead I see is begging, wishing, hoping, pleading, and in this energy of desperation.

When we are being in that energy of desperation, it is super contractive and it will hold you back because it is saying,
” I am not the person who already has it, I am not an energetic match, in fact, I am an energetic mismatch ” Basically what this does is say I am in a holding vibration from that because I’m hoping, pleading, begging, that I really wish it’s mine and so what that does is it immediately REPELS your desires.

So that is one of the worst things you can do for your manifestation. If you are doing those dear universe letters like be in a space of gratitude and acceptance as you do that but don’t fall into the trap of wishing and being in this contractive energy of where you’re kind of like waiting for santa to arrive with the goodies.

We don’t want to be approaching manifestation from this lens, when we do this we drastically push ourselves out of our personal power. We take away our power and that is something we do not want to do because manifestation is all about intentional conscious creation.

It’s about taking your power back.

Manifesting Tip #4: Frantic Action VS Aligned Action

Okay, what I want you to do is I want you to think about frantic action.

When was the last time when you took action but you were in a space where you were anxious, you felt pressured, you were frantic to make a decision and your energy was kind of all over the place.

A lot of the time we do this with manifesting because what is going on is we really want the thing and so we immediately think about all of the hows and then we go into that obsessiveness of the lack and then we’re desperate and then naturally what happens we fall into a frantic cycle. That frantic cycle creates a pushing, kind of pressured energy where we feel like we have to excessively push the manifestation out, and what happens behind the scenes energetically is you’re basically saying “I am clinging so strongly to my outcome that I will literally push it myself as far as I can go until I am exhausted until I’m depleted and I will allow myself to go beyond what I am capable of and completely push the manifestation myself.

So what we’re doing energetically here is fundamentally a part of us doesn’t fully believe we can have it that is the simple answer to frantic action. I think it’s gabby bernstein says this is like being the pusher. Basically, when you’re being the pusher unconsciously there’s a part of you that doesn’t fundamentally believe you can have it so fact check yourself here, energetically check-in: do you fundamentally believe you can have your manifestation?
or are you unconsciously sabotaging it, are you unconsciously in a space where you don’t believe it’s full yours?

Look at it

Manifesting Tip #5: Focusing more on How to Do Instead of How to Be

This is the hugest mistake we often make when it comes to manifesting, we focus too heavily on the doing versus the being. What we are doing is we are coming at our manifestation from that frantic pushy energy and it’s pushing it further away.

This doesn’t mean that action isn’t powerful. This is more like I am frantically pushing the action forward. I’m focusing more on what i need to do to achieve something. I’m focusing on well i have to do the journaling, the visualization practices, bless my crystals, and then i have to do my create my dear universe letters and every other ritual, that’s out there. I have to do all of the things to get what I want so I have now created a rule if i do not do these things then obviously i’m screwed and i just messed up my manifestation.

When we come at this lens of what do i need to do, what do i need to do, what do I need to do, we’re not allowing ourselves to tap in fully to how do I be the person where the doing is effortless?

How do i be the person who’s already there so the doing becomes more effortless, natural, and magnetic?

The hugest thing to get here is when we only focus on the doing excessively and we focus at it from this lens of well know when I do all the fancy rituals, then I am fully in alignment to get what I want so I am naturally calibrating to what I want.

This is like a massive deception in manifestation.

So we have to look at it like this when we focus on this concept of feeling that we have to do certain things to perpetuate a certain vibrational signature to receive what we want we are still in unconscious lack because we are not allowing ourselves to tap in fully to the fact that it is already ours. It is already done. It is already available and instead what we’re saying is I have to do the journaling and I have to do the visualization so I am high vibe enough to be in a higher vibrational state of consciousness so then I become more positive emotionally and once I’m positive emotionally and I’m radiating high vibes and in this state of full alignment and full integrity. Now when I’m in that state of full alignment & full integrity then I get to have what I want.

it’s a deception that is holding you in an unconscious pattern of lack because you’re saying I can only achieve something when i am a good girl who has certain higher vibrational qualities and does certain steps versus being the person, being the embodiment of being the person who already has it now, naturally!

So i want you to think about that and let these 5 secrets simmer in your mind.

Those are the five concepts that you want to start drastically releasing because once you start to do that you free up so much more energy towards understanding that you do not need to be in lack consciousness to achieve your desires and instead you focus more on being the person who is literally already there.

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love ya!



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