Sometimes All that is needed is for you to stop, pause and drop back into Soul Truth,

There is a part of us that is always wanting to go fast, speed past and allow the world to teach us how to be,

A part of us that thrives on the reactivity, the constant pull of this needs my attention, now this, and this and this but there’s another part of us.

A part that never goes away and is always there when we need it, if we’re willing to listen –

A place within us that always has the solution we seek,

A place that without fail always guides us to the path of least resistance,

A place deep within us that KNOWS, exactly what to do, what to say, where to go and Where our actual focus needs to be

So why have we stopped listening to our soul’s voice?

Why is it so easy to be carried away, constantly demanding the voice of reason, logic, and saying to ourselves ‘life is hard’ and this is ‘the only way’

So limiting to feel this IS the only way, when we are constantly in another conversation of – actually, life is always expanding, evolving, changing, and my mindset can also do the same.

How often we can ALLOW ourselves to BE – simply in the dance of life and notice that hmm – LIFE actually expands, changes shape and molds in relationship to ME –

Not the external view, the external influence, even the world around me

But we go – Oh but that’s selfish, too diva, too bizarre to even say…or feel – And yet,

the soul whispers but how can you NOT see that?!

When Life bends to you, Life expands in proportion to YOU

When you open up to Intentionally claiming what you desire, Life expands and bends in proportion to YOUR DESIRES.

However we have normalized the opposite –

We say, actually lack is more real. Here is all the evidence of that. do you see it? How about come over here and here and here

to a point where as we allow the external world , the external noise, the external reactive response to take over our lives

We become seduced away from our Soul’s Core Higher Truth –

We become Seduced away from relying on our own Intuition, our souls internal compass,

We become seduced away from Quantum Intelligence, always flowing within us,

and instead – we succumb to the NOISE, pointing us in every which direction, saying go there, now go here,

and before we know it, we are now hitting our pillow going – Where did it all GO, what even happened today?

Life is a drastic whirlwind – until WE flip the table and unleash our own reigns back on life itself.

Saying, Commanding, Choosing, deciding

Releasing the begging, pleading, wishing on stars vibe for FULL DECLARATION –

No This is how it will be and this is the ACCEPTANCE of what is,

Because I am the one guiding this ship,

And as the quote says “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul

And in so being in the full extend, the full breath of who i am,

Life, Time, Space – bends back in relationship to me –

the moment I decide

So pray – why are you letting the world decide –

When you were ALWAYS the one in the drivers seat the entire time,

stop pretending you’re a passenger in your own life

Drop back In and ALLOW,

Grab the reigns back,

Its your time to decide its always yours, it already exists

it’s always been available – so stop telling yourself it doen’t exist yet for you

and go get it.

Actually, scratch that,

Go ALIGN to it, and allow the Magnetism

To Step into – The energy doing itself for YOU –

As Life expands and calibrates in proportion to you

Claiming and deciding

What already EXISTS for you.

So really its time to start asking yourself,

What are you truly available for?


The universe is inside of you

and you hold the power to design your life

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