When is Enough, Enough yet?

The true journey is never about healing at all, perhaps it is the ultimate illusion of self.

It is so easy to romanticize The Healing of the Shadow, we write books on it, develop spiritual highs on it, wish it away in meditation, and tell ourselves “just one day…I will finally heal completely”

Just another day, I will finally be there…

The ultimate illusion – Time.

The ultimate destroyer – Time.

The truth?

You are already there.

You just keep pushing away from being here, due to how you feel about being here that you are pushing away from Being Present where true expansion Happens.

But push on – Another thing to heal… Anothe book to read….It’s all growth right?

But you silently ask yourself repeatedly – WHEN WILL IT BE ENOUGH?

Haven’t I done enough yet,

How much more TIME do I need to heal this, release this, cleanse myself, detox myself, purge, purge, purge – Until…

The Collapse is inevitable.

You’re not making peace with your past, no, no ,no, you’re learning how to be present so the past naturally dissolves into the YOU who was already there, already present beyond the bullshit you settled for

WHAT IF – you don’t need to heal like you think you need to heal but what you actually are doing, is learning how to emotionally empower yourself, put back the pieces to reclaim your WHOLENESS. Your enoughness.

Or wake up one day realizing – Oh I am already her. Oh I am already him.

I get it – I used to be afraid of my power.

I used to be afraid of this ‘gift’ of seeing the world, struggling on over-active empathy,

not knowing how to probably see, trust myself, question myself, question my own wisdom,

I used to be afraid of the lack, the void, the nothingness – and then i realized my job was never to be afraid of the lack –

It was to Build and create from the Lack –

It was to open my eyes to Remembering what always was –

it was to AWAKEN back the remembrance of higher truth.

The struggle is a choice

The drama is a choice

The anger is a choice –

Will you let it destroy your or is it time to move through it?

When will enough, be enough?

The excuses grow stronger right?

Well maybe instead of not feeling enough NOW – I am too much…

The mind goes well yeah but first I just need to heal…

First I just need to Do….

First I just need, need, need to prove my enoughness of my worth, of my existence.

But WHEN will enough be enough for you to collapse the ultimate illusion –


Isn’t it time to sink in deeper and deeper into who you always are within the present moment?

Isn’t it time to stop Striving, chasing and pulling yourself through hoops of – Just get to the damn point already


But what if you buying into the ultimate illusion IS what justifies the struggle – IS what magnifies the misalignment –

And the moment you recognize the lack for what it is – BOOM

You see it for what it is:

I can Surrender,

the Lack for abundance.

I can Release the old,

and embody the new.

I can carve a new pathway from the old

and I can sever – the old me for a new way of BEing.

I can look my shadow in the eye and WALK THROUGH

I can dance with fear and remember my wholeness

I can stop feeling lost in the trap of TIME and begin to see:

It was never a journey of healing – it was always a journey of coming back home to myself,

and unlocking my quantum nature of who I am.

Sometimes I wonder if the journey is really about healing at all, It’s easy to romanticize it all. Justify it all.

Conquer our state of worthiness and Enoughness.

All the while,
Forgetting our Sacred truth – that we are already enough, whole, complete.
Perhaps it’s not really about the releasing, healing and clearing so much as what is on the other side of that?
What is beyond the healing, the releasing, the clearing,
What is underneath the surface of that?

The void?
The Evolution of self?
The Embodiment of truth?
The Alignment of you?
The Expansion of You?

The Person connected to their wholeness, their enoughness, their expansion of self-evolution.
What are they like?
How do they dress?
How Do they show up?
How do they take action?
What’s their favorite dessert?

Who is breathing beneath the surface of every thought, word, doubt, insecurity and fear –
when you stop forgetting and start remembering?

When have you healed enough,
when have you released enough,
shedding layer after layer after layer after layer after…

The Creation Begins

So The Question is NEVER – What do I need to Heal, overcome, and fix what is wrong with me?

It is always – What am I ready to Create?

What am I ready to call in, embody, and feel now?

What am I unapologetically ready to Expand and evolve into?

Who do I need to unbecome so I can Step in Fully to giving myself full permission to BE all of who I truly am?

Remember the Universe is inside of you,

and you hold the power to design your life 😉

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