holiday self-care for the empath

The missing ingredient in your holiday shopping list this year is Self-Care, especially for the Intuitive empath. I know the holidays can be both amazing and a mentally stressful time of year. There’s more on your plate, more obligations, and aside from needing more bubble baths, I’m sure what you really want someone to say is this: 


and it’s all appreciated. 

Here are Six Tips for Holiday Self- Care

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holiday self-care

1. Embrace the Inner and Outer Balance

The balance is about Exercising BOTH parts of your mind.

Are you Externally Overstressed from Everyday Living and feeling all over the place with the holidays?

Too much External Reality for your Spiritual soul:
If you’re suddenly overstressed or anxious from everyday living, you’re neglecting your center by not focusing on what’s internal

You are overstimulated – so turn down the lights

Energy Management Tip: Go Within. Dig Deeper. Listen. find inner stillness, Slow down your pace of actions , Go back to your center, yoga, creativity, exercise the right brain, Slooooooooow Down your life & LISTENING deeply. Practice more mindfulness.

Are you so out there in outer space you’re now overwhelmed and anxious by spiritual practices?

Internal Mind – Overwhelmed by Spiritual practices
If you’re suddenly overwhelmed from Spiritual practices or intuitive abilities,

you’re not focusing on external reality enough!

Do something mundane or simple to bring you back to baseline, like clean your room, organize something, play a game, go outside, one on one conversation, binge watch tv, see a movie, play a video game, do the sims, go for a walk, spend time with family, do something fun for yourself,

look at cat pictures, lol

Self-Care Energy Management Tip:

Holiday external stress —> Go Inward, slow down, maybe organize your thoughts with a planner 😉 . unplug and relax more.

Spiritual Burnout –> Get your butt up dance, exercise, and do mundane sh*t like watch a holiday movie, look at cat pictures and get your head PRESENT.

2. Find a Cozy Place to Recharge

I don’t know if I’m just getting older but my favorite time of the day is when i get to go to my recharging space and play with my ambient lights. lol

I have a Galaxy 360 projector with ambient lights, I usually have music or video games or coloring!

And I just allow myself to let go for a bit to recharge.

Sometimes I visualize or meditate –

Find the right pillows, colors, lighting and stimulation for your mind to help you recharge.

Our minds are like batteries, sometimes our energy needs to recharge not just during sleep!

Self-Care Tip: What is your recharging space? Is it cozy and relaxing?

3. When in Doubt – Practice Mindfulness by Unplugging

Let’s face it, we are in the Digital Era of VR, Social Media, Constant Binging Notifications and navigating the mental affects of inflation. Unplugging during the holiday chaos can be ESSENTIAL for Empaths, HSP, and anyone who is getting over-stimulated by too much everything

One unconventional practice of mindfulness is simply, less screen-time or being more mentally disciplined with your screen time like with a focus timer app or App Blocker.

Do you have to check FB or IG as soon as you’re awake? what if you waited until noon?

Did you know our Minds are actually biologically designed to be MORE productive in the first waking hours of the day due to our brain waves moving out of “sleep mode”.

How we use that time tells our brain ‘this is what is important’ – by mid afternoon, we are designed to be more laid back, social and our brain waves change again. This is why doing social networking in the afternoon is actually a stronger strategy for the mind and to do your most intense habits in the early hours of the day when your mind is at peak performance and high alert.

Self-Care Tip: When feeling overwhelmed and unfocused, Drop the Devices and Focus on more Present-Awareness with Unplugging.

As an Empath not only will you benefit from less stimulation but you will also come back home to yourself.

4. Do Energetic Check-ins
❄️Ask Yourself: Is this my Energy or Theirs?

During the Holidays it’s easy to start to neglect your own Center.

You’re like a fishing pole, you’re hooking onto these emotions which aren’t necessarily even yours!

Question & Detach yourself from them. Come back to your own energy, repeatedly. Focus on something only you would know. experience, or something that makes you happy.

When this happens we unconsciously live inside people’s energies, even by thinking of them for too long, You begin neglecting your own center.

You always need to come back to base camp: your personal energy.

Your Self-care Tip: Is this really me or them? Realize that the judging, complaining and belittling is only a person talking about themselves. Make your energy checkpoint especially when you feel irritable, drained, uncomfortable or frazzled. Bring yourself back with a thought or memory that only you would know. Recite an affirmation if it helps.

5. Look at Your Language and Self-Talk

Empower your Words with Gratitude


Pay Attention to your Universals: “Always”, “Never” “should” “All the time” “can’t” “Every” These words are your weapon to destruction or your key to success.

What you affirm is what you attract.

❄️What do you want to be affirming during the holidays?

Have an Attitude of Gratitude even during the smallest of things like fresh coffee or food in your fridge. Gratitude strengthens our energy and mindset during the holidays.

Your Energy Managing self-care Tip: Words are not merely “words”. They wield power. They orchestrate your life. Use them Wisely. Learn to let go of words, impulse statuses and thoughts that don’t serve your highest good.

6. Do YOUR favorite Holiday Treats

Holidays always bring obligations, often making it a time of generous “giving”. For Empaths, they can’t help but give, it’s in our nature. However, this sometimes leads to unhealthy self-neglect, mental exhaustion, and often a constant need to say ‘yes’ to every event and party.

In response to this: REBEL and Make time to do YOUR FAVORITE Holiday Traditions and treats.

Write a list of your favorite Treats and traditions.

Say “No” instead of “Yes, sure…”

and Girl Stop Apologizing for wanting peace and quiet, cozy days with blankets instead of festive parties

and as always,

make time for yourself this season and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

It’s in our empathetic heart, we’d rather spend money on angel trees and forget about ourselves during the holidays – and this is where i’m calling a big B.S.

Make time for BOTH.

Don’t forget to give yourself a Holiday too.

Perhaps that is the Gift that keeps on giving. When your cup is over-floweth then you have more love and treats to give anyway.

Besides Self-care is not Selfish sometimes it’s required for a joyous holiday, good peace in HOME and good will toward men.

you see what I did there 😉

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I’m so grateful for our growing community, what started out as a small tumblr blog with only 11 people has now transformed into a blossoming community across multiple networks.

And I couldn’t be more grateful that you exist.

Thank you for reading and

Happy Holiday Season!

the awakened state

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Six Holiday Self -care tips



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