An Indigo Awakened on the Path of Reiki

One of the people I keep in my psychic circle is my good friend Carol. We’ve been teaming up and starting to collaborate on our sites together.  So for this Article I interviewed her for The Crystal Ranch: Reiki Healing and Spiritual Guidance about her own Journey and how she came into the Reiki Path. Here is her own story.

When we begin to hear other’s experiences, it can help us relate and cope with our own soul’s journey. This is a great way to help empower you on your own path towards Reiki and the Healing Arts.

Hi, My name is Carol Rushton. I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher & Sa Sekhem Sahu Reiki Master. I am certified to heal others using Reiki energy. I came about this opportunity to learn about reiki through my own story of trying to understand why I could see no benefits to a lifetime of western medicine on my mind and body. I wanted to understand why I never got better and how to heal those things I wished to heal at the core of the problem instead of covering up the symptoms with medication. I wanted to learn how to eliminate worry and fear from my mind so I could live a joyful, healthy, and productive life. I began to search for a way to heal my heart. I prayed to God and received beautifully orchestrated guidance to the healing art of Reiki.

What Started you on your Journey of healing and Spirituality?

My journey of healing began around the time I turned 30 years old. Around this time the book The Secret came out and taught me the basics of manifesting. The information in this book gave me the power to start asking for real changes in my life. I felt supported to ask for what would make me happy which lead me on a journey to ask myself that very question…what WOULD make me happy?

As I began to break down this question I began to see how I was riddled with fear, pain, and plain old negative thinking and this manifested into my life as a bad marriage (at the time) a misunderstood addiction issue, and zero sense of Self Love. Not only did I use the ideas of The Secret to bring me financial security and a better home but because of this realization I began to ask that all my fear, pain, and the beliefs of my society about who I was as a person could be wiped away so I could live my life anyway I saw fit based on my own intuition and desires.

This was the real beginning of my journey because this is when I started to ask the question “What is ADHD and why has my society insisted this is me and that I be medicated for it?”.

As a 7 year old child I was diagnosed and medicated with a very dangerous highly addictive Schedule 2 controlled narcotic for a newly defined ‘mental disorder’ called ADHD. My little brain and body reacted to this narcotic no differently then if it came off the street from a drug dealer but the world we lived in at the time saw it as a harmless prescription so I suffered countless side effects & became addicted without any acknowledgement. Needless to say after 9 years of using this drug against my will I had significant emotional, mental, and deeply spiritual issues.

I did not fit in and I know now I never will but what helped me, later in life, when I began to unravel this self-hating conditioning provided to me by western medicine, religions, school, gov’t, & corporate advertising, I realized there was another side of the coin to who I was and that these were gifts and that they were Spiritual…and in this state of mind I was able to tap back into my authentic self and begin to express it. What started my healing and Spiritual path was a yearning to be at peace with myself and to be the person I always dreamed of being…What it took to get started was to systematically begin the unconditioning of mediocrity.

The discovery of the concept Indigo Children was a big life altering experience to me…when I found the word I had been looking for I felt FOUND & so deeply understood. I felt I had been looking for these words all of my life…who I WANTED to be. I knew I found my answer in this Indigo word…I had found my hyper-focus, which is another ADHD term but what it REALLY is is my Soul’s Purpose. Eventually I discovered Meditation, Chakras and then Reiki & Crystals. Now it’s like I’m Home.

How did you find out about Reiki?

Once I had discovered the Indigo word I searched Facebook and found groups online discussing it. I immediately clicked with a group of like minded young men & women. We called ourselves Star Children and we taught each other how to be intuitive together in a private chat group for almost all of 2012. We practiced on each other until we became highly skilled at listening to our feelings. At one point many of the Star Children were getting into Reiki so when I met my Reiki Master, Linda from Plainfield IL, with regards to receiving services for a Past Life Regression, she suggested to me that I would be a natural at Reiki. I decided to Attune…and discovered she was right and have never looked back.

What benefits have happened to you personally since being attuned?

Wow! EVERYTHING! Since I started Reiki I gave up a nasty cigarette habit, I started to Self Love…I began to seek out ways of being as healthy as I could because I could no longer ignore my body’s voice. I improved my diet, exercised, and learned so much about holistic health. I also released baggage of the past allowing me to exist more and more in the Present Moment. I found myself giving up sugar slowly but steadily but also I found so much more from Reiki. I found my purpose.

I found the means by which I can reach other people so I can share with them what I have learned about the world we live in but most importantly I can give the Love to so many who experience this lacking. I found my livelihood too. No matter my age or where I am in life I can earn a living thanks to Reiki & Crystals. From my perspective the benefits have been a WHOLE NEW LIFE  of my own creation based upon my intuition, guidance, and Love for Living life 🙂

You Speak of Indigos often, Tell us about the Indigo Children?

The best way I can explain Indigo Children is this. This is a world of Duality. Most Everything is positive & negative…including people. ADHD was a diagnosis used to define a new behavior discovered in our school system in the 80’s where children would not pay attention, stay in their seat, had different learning styles, and were extremely over sensitive. Pretty much the entire description of ADHD is Negative. There is zero acknowledgment of anything positive about these kids. I challenge you to do the research too.

Truth is our school system is over 100 years old, our government is interested in a dumbed down population of non-voters and the greed of our pharmaceutical companies is unchecked and intentionally peddling to create addicts for life. It’s absolute Hog Wash that anyone, especially a child, is only these behaviors if they have this diagnosis. They are more…so much more. It’s not possible in a world of duality for these children to only have Negative traits. If these children grew up in a different environment then the diagnosis would not exist. It’s only a multi-billion dollar drug industry created to support a decayed and outdated school curriculum and nothing more.

What’s so special about the Indigo Children is it explains the other side of the coin to the above negative traits…These children can’t be lied to so they also can’t be conditioned by public school authority designed to create conditioned adults for the antiquated Industrial Age work force. They won’t stay in their seats because often times their unique learning style requires movement and a more ‘doing’ style rather then a ‘listening’ style as is currently the working model. That over sensitivity is empathy or emphatic skills bcuz so often these children are healers.

For this reason kids like this are psychically sensitive not only to their classmates/ teachers, emotions/thoughts but also their parents along with the family home as well. This could easily explain unwanted or misunderstood behaviors & tantrums. I believe if we could learn to accommodate these kids in a holistic learning environment like a Montessori style. Then we would begin to see our test scores, globally, begin to excel with the rest of the developed world who have significantly LESS drugged and diagnosed children.

Currently Psychiatry’s DSM V is the only recognized definition of these special kids available to our society. If we want to change that, then we have to change at the grassroots and start telling the world who we are, why we are here, and that we love them and are only here to help. Tell them we are here to help Evolve Humanity…and we ask you to help us <3 I think the world is ready to hear it now.

What are your favorite books on spirituality?

My favorite books vary. For the intellectual looking to unravel our true history I recommend David Wilcock’s ‘Financial Tyranny’ which I believe is available for free on his website. When I wanted to unravel the truth about ADHD I followed the money and found a similar truth to his writings about our history these last few hundred years and it has significantly helped me navigate the untrustworthy media we have today. Once that’s out of the way it’s time to fill that heart with Love. I recommend Doreen Virtue for a beginner into learning about your spiritual gifts. Angel Therapy, The Care & Feeding of Indigo Children, Crystal Children & especially the LightWorkers Way.

Once you have more love in your life and more positive thinking it’s time for Teal Swan to help you work on that pesky Dark Side you have.  She has numerous free youtube videos as well as some really terrific books on how to heal the heartache, recover from trauma, and learn to love yourself even if you have never known Love in this life. Lastly I recommend Eckhart Tolle. His work is just a little too deep for me to fully comprehend, creating a challenge to improve and develop my gifts over time. Ultimately I don’t read as much about Spirituality because I receive authentic guidance from within and am seeking my Unique Idea to share with humanity but these books were very important in my developmental phase.

What crystal speaks to you the most & why?

Let’s be clear….all the Crystals speak to me 🙂 River rocks, gravel…doesn’t matter. I feel love for and am drawn to all forms of mineral & crystal. I have been fascinated by them as a child and even learned about diamonds & precious gem stones through employment I had in my 20’s. As for the ones that I feel most drawn to they are: Amethyst, Rose Qtz, Tigers Eye, Selenite, and Citrine. I feel these are the 5 crystals that keep me going at this time. Why do they speak to me most? I think they are the crystals that best match my current vibration and life path and can best assist me in achieving my goals. In the future this may change but for now those are my personal favorites.

What is your favorite experience thus far on the healing path?

My favorite experience on the healing path was finding my Twin Flame Dan Rushton at the very beginning of my Spiritual Awakening around age 30 (2007). I understood the Secret enough to understand that I had the relationship I wanted even though I disliked the relationship I was in. I began to write about the great love of my life and what our lives would be like, what he would look like, that we would be Spiritually Compatible, that he would accept me just as I am and I would do the same. I had a feeling of what this person felt like to me buried deep in my heart.

I held the emotion of this love I had dreamed of in my heart and prayed to God/dess. I Asked for this man that made me feel this feeling and I asked that God/dess choose him for me. I ended my manifestation by asking for my soul mate by my favorite Male name. 3 days later I was at work and had an overwhelming experience that I could Love a very handsome man at work and next thing I realized he was everything I had put on my list including the Name I ended my manifestation with: Daniel. Our relationship has been my favorite part bcuz our compatibility is phenomenal. Opposites in many ways we are able to pick up the slack of the other beautifully but also we are able to explore our sub conscious minds through our relationship with each other helping us to also grow spiritually through our everyday lives.

This man was the first person in my life that accepted me as I was and didn’t try to change me. He helped me recover my health and sense of authenticity and without him I do not believe the Crystal Ranch would exist today. Without him giving me that safe place to explore who I really am I think I would have died and so Dan Rushton is my favorite part of my healing path. He is the Healer to Me 🙂

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