10 Helpful Practices for Indigo & starseeds

Waking up to this new hidden world can be challenging especially as an Indigo or starchild, the way to understand ourselves has to start by entering New Territory. This is why when we are on the cusp of awakening it can feel like our world is starting to turn upside down because well it technically is…As a society we function with both hemispheres of our brain but a good majority of the world is imbalanced between their left and right hemisphere.

A lot of our cognitive processing is dominated by our Left-brain which is why most of society isn’t always in touch with their intuition.
In the Indigo or  Awakened Brain, you are beginning to operate more from your Right-hemisphere of your mind this is why waking up can at first be so challenging, you are literally learning a new way of being!

Our world is often filled with dualism, in the awakening world we are transforming that dualism of the Masculine and Feminine into a sacred balance of unity.

Kundalini is the awakening of Ida{Feminine} and Pingala{Masculine} energetic forces coming together in a marriage up the spine awakening sushumna. The sleeping serpent. Therefore to understand the balance, you have to start combining the best of both worlds.

Left Hemisphere{Masculine Current} = Material World
Right Hemisphere{Feminine Current} = Spiritual/Ethereal World

The Masculine Current
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1. Your Dreams

Dreams can technically go both ways the masculine or the feminine however we are talking about all of your dreams combined. Both sleeping & awake dreams are important to acknowledge because they are the groundwork for understanding yourself.

Your Sleeping dreams are about your subconscious aspects of your emotional self{feminine} and your Awake Dreams are your golden Link to your Passions! Our Passions fuels positive vibrations and Well-being. Most importantly our purpose lives in our divine passions.

Understanding your Dreams and the symbolism behind them can create a deeper understanding of your fears, insecurities and ways to triumph in life. Dream work is essential to the well-being of our spirit. Follow your bliss! Follow where you dreams take you

2. Protective Shielding

You are a sensitive Being, be gentle with yourself in this process. Protecting your Energy is a skill that is good to acquire for advancement because it is teaching about the ability to overcome obstacles of Fear. Shielding isn’t always energetically, it can be about who you surround yourself with, negative people are an energy drainer, cluttered environments are a scattered mind or even shadow work.

It can also mean understanding negative circumstances are a blessing in disguise, elevating your emotions in these circumstances can protect your perspective from spiraling downward.  Naturally by shielding your body or surroundings is about learning to understand your work and home environment in a new way. Blessing your home with golden light, purifying your space along with energetic shielding by visualization are all good ways to help the mind flourish!

There is truly nothing to fear, You are divinely protected, Feel it, Live it, Be it.

3. Language Patterns

Our language Patterns are SOOO important especially once we enter this new world, you are either unconsciously manifesting outcomes through your negative emotions or your positive emotions. Remember the universe works on principle. If you are constantly saying “I can’t”, “yeah right” “that isn’t going to happen” “I keep Trying” “want” “Don’t” “every” “never” “always” the big one “hate” you are fueling those unconscious emotions into your surroundings. Complaining is a big one to watch for! Watch those Language Patterns they are fueling your experiences, right this second.

4. Manifesting

Now you understand that you are protected by the divine, this gives you the objective that all is possible! You are tremendously gifted and you should not shy away from these gifts of wonder you possess. You are the Creator of your Reality by the projection of your thoughts. Set your Intentions for Greatness and Greatness will follow you. As your body increases in vibrations, you WILL develop the ability to manifest due to your highly positive vibrational rates you are emitting.

Don’t look back, All is possible because the God Supply lives within you.

5. The Belief of Divine Support

Right Now, realize your Dreams are being supported. The Universe has got your back and is taking care of you!

Take a Nice deep Breath…ahh doesn’t that feel better?

Once you come to terms with this realization and BELIEVE it, truly, madly deeply. You will begin to see the energy move Miracles into being. You will become financially free to support your life purpose and begin creating your dreams into reality.

The Feminine Current
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1. Discovering The Cosmic Rhythm

All of life is Energy and goes back to a Cosmic Divine Order where energy flows in cycles and waves throughout our reality. Time itself is not linear but fluid and much can be accomplished in the Present Moment that can ripple throughout time and space. When you stop resisting, you surrender to this natural flow where you can perceive Source and create anything within this reality

2. Empathy & Compassion

Empathy and Compassion in the awakening journey is essential! There is so much judgement in the early stages where many people get stuck in an Us vs. Them mentality. There is going to be someone who doesn’t agree with you and that’s okay. Rise up in Empathy and Compassion, honor their individual experience and see that they have a different perspective on life.  Release and let go through understanding all paths meet in the middle of compassion.

Self -Compassion is also important because we tend to be misunderstood, quirky and different.  Self-Compassion for not fitting in with modern society, our mistakes, our happiness. Especially compassion for the blossoming of our dreams until the heart center is Awakened and wide-open.

3. Sacred Space

As sensitive folk, we need that space, you NEED alone time. Don’t feel selfish in needing “me time”, nurturing yourself is vastly importantly towards empowering your spirit. When we create a place that is organically your’s to unplug, center, ground, breathe, & meditate. A place where it’s beautiful & safe.  As an energy reader you are going to start picking up on others energy easily wherever you go. This quiet time is crucial to help separate your energy body from the feelings and psychic debris of others. Find your Space to Recharge your Batteries. You will instantly benefit from it.

4. Intuitive Guidance & Synchronicity

You always check the clock and it’s 11:11, your mind just knows your mom suddenly messaged you before checking, your car keys got lost, intuitively you check the hamper, there they are…Your Intuitive Guidance goes hand in hand with understanding yourself. If you are not listening to your intuition and the symbolic signs that appear in your reality, you are bound to feel directionless or unable where to go next.

When in doubt, go Inward. Going within by tuning into our Inner Awareness really helps us come back to center with our core self. When we tune into our inner awareness, we can easily communicate to our true higher self and our internal guidance system.

Also when we begin observing synchronicity patterns, such as numbers, signs, deja vu, or certain things that make you do a double take questioning you may be in a dream or feel crazy are all red flags showing you that something is happening here. Energy is moving. Our Intuitive Guidance and observing the signs are all great ways to fine tune your vibrations and align with your personal desires.

It’s like a cosmic wink from the Universe!

5. Remembering

We need to understand this is not an act of learning, it is a path of remembering. The epitome of the Human Experience is Spiritual Awakening. Your divine purpose is Ascending  and coming home to yourself.

This is all about learning to believe in yourself again, find  your confidence, your true empowerment.

Trust in the process, Trust in your feelings, Trust in your universe

And most importantly bringing beauty to the world with your divine gifts that we all possess within ourselves.

Featured Image: “Limbic Resonance” By Amanda Sage
This Article was inspired and cowritten with Carol Rushton from The Crystal Ranch


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