Awakening The Heart: Sacred Tools to Heal the Heart

A beautiful shift in consciousness is when we are able to let go of our emotional hurts and awaken the heart center. In a society built around numerous distractions, materialistic gifts of love and the objective of expectations, our idea of love is transformed towards a very material and attachmental logic. This is why so many people get stuck in the idea of love vs loving the actual person.

On many Awakening journeys we tend to get stuck between the battle of the mind vs the heart instead of learning they connect together as one. Awakening the Heart Center is a very conscious decision towards the soul’s experience because we are willing to overcome our past identity of ourselves by understanding, compassion and especially the power of forgiveness.  Many people as they awaken their kundalini, tend to get stuck in the bottom chakras through their emotional healing this is because they are having issues between transcending the mind into the heart.

oCcguThis process will often feel like teeter totter of moving emotionally from the mind to the heart, back and forth as if you’re trying to find a comfy spot. This can manifest in a very bizarre way emotionally where you feel guided from past preawakened self of the old consciousness and present aware self of the evolved consciousness. Until you find that groove it can feel like a process of going back and forth like a broken elevator of emotions.

This is where we come to the realization that it is not a battle of mind vs. heart it is a bridge of marriage between the mind and the heart together as one united force. Without the heart, your mind cannot control the ego, without the mind, the heart is over-active emphatically out of control. Both worlds must come together in a sacred balance to operate at a higher intelligence.

The Awakening of the heart center is a beautiful experience.

This is because once the heart is open, we become empathetically connected to others through energetic frequencies. We now have the ability to see into people’s soul through our emotions. This is actually pretty heavy stuff because the implications of awakening the heart center is all about finding that connection through forgiveness, compassion and understanding of the reflection.

Everyone is a reflection of you. Like it or not, everyone’s interactions you face daily is a direct correlation between your internal world and projected material reality.

Okay but what does this have to deal with awakening the heart center? heart
Everything. because once you understand the reflective mirror that everyone is connected to your frequency through empathy, you find yourself soften because the battle you were facing, isn’t their battle it’s yours. It’s your own inner work that you need to face. This is important to remember if anyone gets into an argument or is angry at you, it really means they are upset about something within themselves, not you or vice versa.

What’s even weirder about Empathy is that this all connects to when you are talking or thinking about someone else, you are actually talking about a past or present identity of yourselves. This is why when people are drama queens they really are projecting their own “shiztzzz” on everyone else. Hey we are all guilty of it at some point or another but this is the truth!

This is so simple but a powerful revelation because you begin to see the heart awaken. All is one. What you are projecting onto others, is what you are feeling emotionally within yourself.

As it’s Valentine’s I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go into the depths of healing the heart.

Sacred Tools and Awareness to Healing the Heart

The most hugely important aspect towards awakening the heart is learning to love and accept yourself with all your faults, the good, the bad and the ugly. If you can’t love yourself, you will not attract that love in return. Self-Care, Self-love, and Self-nurture are sooooo important towards the mind/ heart because when you feel a deep love within you for who you are as a unique person, you blossom that love out into the world around you. That love will reflect back into your relationships, your desire for a fulfilling unconditional partner, your compassion for other people and gosh most importantly the love you have for yourself will make you feel good again.

Self- Nurture/Self-Care
happy cup
When was the last time you did something for yourself? Sometimes we can put everyone ahead of ourselves, as a mother to two little ones this happens more than i can help it. So when this happens. You desperately have to put everything on hold and take time out to nurture yourself. Do something special for yourself. it could be small like a reading a good book, making a cuppa tea, a long hot bath or it could be more revitalizing like a massage, a good movie, a fun day or some laughter. Take time to find your personal self-care daily


empathy-brains-130911The gift of empathy may on the surface seem ordinary but it’s really extraordinary because you are communicating soul to soul. The ability to receive information through our emotional and sensory input can be intense for those who don’t understand what is happening to them. This is why empathy is crucial to the heart because it softens us and teaches us to be gentle. The empathy of compassion inspires a need for emotional release and letting go of the past. It also shows us the pain of others and the process of understanding everyone has a different story to tell therefore we should never judge.

Emotional Purging
When the heart is ready to awaken, you will feel VERY emotional, you may suddenly have tears form without much control. Your desire to hold onto things is no longer which means you are letting go through sadness instead of a darker emotion such as anger. You may feel others pain deeply while connecting to others empathetically like never before. Senses will become sharper during this process too. Emotional release is the mind’s way to manifest letting go of all that old past emotional hurts. The release of the old soul. Don’t be afraid to cry, Tears of joy are also welcome as the heart bursts with green and pink loving energy

The Power of Forgiveness
You can hold onto grudges and misgivings all of your life but that energy will build up and fester leading to a blocked bitter heart. There is divine power in forgiveness because you overcome karma in that moment. Forgiveness is a higher law than karma because it is telling you to go beyond the mind’s egocentric values and instead embrace love in your heart again. Forgive those who have wronged you, forgive those who have broken your heart, forgive those who have abandoned you, forgive those who have given you any emotional hurt or discomfort. Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness but because YOU deserve peace.

The Shadow Reflection in the Mirror
The next person you see is a mirror reflection of you. Stranger, lover, friend, foe, brother, sister, mother, father, husband, wife, child, animal, pet, they are all reflections of you as co-creators of experience, we are all connected in a heartwarming and beautiful way. Whenever I am upset with a family member, I also have to understand that at this moment I am upset with a part of myself. When I understand this I see my own Shadow reflected in the mirror reflection of others. Understand the mirror of your relationships and your relationships will begin changing all around you.

Rose Quartz
rose_quartzRosy! One of my favorite crystals and the best stone for love is Rose Quartz. Self-love, romantic love, platonic love all types of love if you need some deep heart work, work with Rosy and it will help guide you towards what you need to see within yourself. Known for helping attracting loving relationships it is also most known for anxiety, depression and helping align the heart. Put one in your pocket for love, one under your pillow for good dreams and one placed on your heart for compassion and emotional release.

Remember All this is Memories
Sometimes, I don’t always get the “message”  when i’m upset but then I will see a word, an object, a phrase, a quote, a story that completely shakes my soul back to reality. Realize that if you are having issues of the heart, all this is past memories you are recycling. None of that matters anymore, what is important is happening right NOW. Not later, not tomorrow, not yesterday. Create your own happiness because deep down this is all memories.

Ask and You shall Receive
One of the best ways to help awaken the heart is asking for a personal wake up call. Ask for a synchronicity or a sign from the universe that despite this pain, everything is going to be okay. Ask your guides and angels for a sign to help you directly on your path. “What do I need to see to move forward? What do I need to see to love again?” Find your Sign. The symbols are all around us.

“Working my way back to me again”heart love
The heart is truly about one thing, finding yourself again through love. This is a common theme I tend to face with myself, whenever I don’t feel aligned in my heart, I go through periods of forgetting and remembering. We are always in a state of well-being and are connected to source energy. However when we’re not aligned in the heart, we enter a resistance of forgetting our loving divinity, we forget ourselves by losing ourselves in other people or our thoughts of the past or future self.

The heart is about finding yourself again, truly, madly, deeply, wait for inspiration to strike and BAM. You remember yourself again when you embrace the heart center. We are either Resisting our well-being or allowing our well-being. You are either forgetting your connection to the divinity within you or you are remembering everything that you are inside.

A luminous beauty of light

Connected through Love.


The Awakening of the Heart takes bravery, compassion, staying humble through  fearlessness.

It is rightfully magical because what it reveals is through the luminous essence of life itself,
there is truthfully no death, only life transforming through memories bursting with endless love

Happy Love Day




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