Hi guys, Ash here! Hope you had a nice New Years! We’re starting our first article of the new year with a new guest author. Jake is the founder of Telepathy Realm. He teaches about the different types of telepathy and ways we can start practicing in our daily life.

How We Can Communicate Telepathically - The Awakened State. Jake From Telepathy realm is sharing some of his tips on telepathy and how we can all posess this unique gift.

I’ve always considered myself to be telepathic – I’ve had a gift of intuition and mental communication from as far back as I can remember. As a child, it was confusing, and I didn’t really know what to make of it. I would ask my mom what’s for dinner, and I would already know the answer before she opened her mouth (it was usually chicken stew).

But more importantly, I could feel and sense people’s emotions without them telling me or emoting it. And this is the part that I want to talk about. Telepathy has a lot to do with emotions and energies. Once we can sense others’ energies, we can communicate telepathically with them. I want to give you some advice for doing just that.



There are many theories as to how telepathy develops within people. One of them is that once a person reaches a higher consciousness – or a spiritual awakening – they’re able to communicate telepathically. Another theory, perhaps related, is that you can use telepathy after you open your third eye.

Personally, I believe that there’s no definitive answer, but telepathy is something we’re all capable of. It’s power comes from within us and it can be achieved through spiritual self-development. As mentioned before, being in control of our energy is very important for telepathy. Being in a relaxed physical and mental state is also the ideal position for practicing telepathy. Improve yourself spiritually, and the gift of telepathy will come closer to you.


My favorite technique to performing telepathy is called guided visualization. The key here is to develop a very creative imagination, where you can visualize almost anything. I’m talking about energies, thought patterns, and sounds. You can use someone’s help with this, or you can guide yourself through it.

Here’s how it works: Use your creative imagination to visualize the message that you want to send someone. Then, push out that message from your mind to the recipient’s mind. Visualization really helps, because it keeps you focused and lets you picture what’s really happening. If you practice this enough, then the recipient will start receiving your messages telepathically! Guided visualization is the best technique to send messages like this.


Telepathy works best when it’s between two people who are close – typically, family members, lovers, or good friends. This is because when you’re close with a person, you have a much better chance at understanding their energies and having a connection with them.

I always recommend people to start out practicing telepathy with the person closest to you. It’ll make it much easier and fun.

Telepathy and spirituality are very much connected – they’re both about personal development. Though telepathy is slightly more advanced than spirituality, they’re still in the same field. Telepathic communication starts from your own emotions, intuition, and development. If you work on those, as well as develop good relationships, then telepathy will be within your reach too.

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  1. I have had out of body experiences as a child, but i don’t know how to control them. I even have had dreams that unfold and can stop a fight or prolonged argument by intervening.
    Once I heard a voice saying help me Susan, three times.Made two phone calls, the second one was my sister, she was having an heart attack and treating it lightly, had not taken her blood pressure tablets for four days.Luckily i knew herbs she could use to stop it and told my nephew what he should go and pull from the backyard to boil and give her

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