This is part 3 of our Awakened Beginnings Series:
Part 1    Signs We’re Starting to Wake up
Part 2    Tapping into the Energy World
Part 3    {You are Here} How to Talk to Higher Self
Part 4    Opening the Heart to Freedom
art 5    Making Peace with The Past
Part 6    Why is 11:11 Haunting Me? 
Part 7    The Universe Has Your Back
Part 8    The 15 Levels of Awareness

Now we’re getting into the fun stuff!

If you’re not getting comfortable with your higher self, I think it’s time we broke the ice. Our Higher self really can help us so much if we allow ourselves to be open and communicate with them.

There are two topics I’d like to cover here: Spirit guides and Higher Self.

Your higher self is with you all the time, in fact they lead you to read this post to maybe say Hi! Our Higher self is guiding us throughout our life, bringing us to what we need to see.


Your higher self is the part of you that is divinely connected to source energy and the infinite. We could call the higher self the Infinite Self or the Wise Self. It is not a separate being but moreso connected to you through source energy.  It is the personal side of you connected to the akashic or as Jung called it the collective unconscious. 

I think the easiest way to not get confused is Higher self is like your Future self.  Our cosmic bff. The mastermind helping guide us to signs,  messages, tools and symbols reminding us of our infinite potential.

You could say your higher self is like your intuition or gut feeling, it’s the inner voice in your head that comes before thinking. it’s the feeling you get when you just know something is right.

  • When you know you need to purchase a book without much reasoning
  • When you decide to get tarot cards out of the blue
  • When you see repeated numbers such as 111, 222, 11:11 
  • When you get a sign that is unavoidable
  • When you see repeated deja vu patterns

This is your higher self winking at you.


The western world has us thinking that if you talk to yourself or  hear voices, you’re automatically crazy. If you hold this belief, you’ll continue to block  the spirit world or turn off communicating with your higher self. Please let yourself be open to this discovery.

It can help your world shift in new positive ways. There is nothing wrong with communicating with your higher self, you’re not weird or crazy. It’s essentially a part of your inner voice kinda like your conscience.

It isn’t bad to listen to your higher self – Higher self is pure, innocent and non-resistant. No bad juju here. Your higher self is part of our internal guidance system. How we awaken our awareness and intuitive guidance is from the higher self.

It’s not a separate person, it’s literally a part of you communicating through you.


Now why would you want to talk to your spirit guides and higherself in the first place? What is the point?

Well it’s really silly to ask this because guides and higher self are basically your lifeline. Your spiritual phone call. If you had the chance to phone a friend for help, guidance and beneficial wisdom in your world, wouldn’t you pick up the phone?  Of course you would!

Angels, spirit guides, higher self, so many names….

Spirit Guides are benevolent beings that are from Source energy here to help and serve you.

I consider them subconscious archetypes of the Higher Self. Archetypes are  mythic characters or energy imprints that reside within the collective unconscious of people all over the world. In short, A symbol or totem to help you associate what you need to see within yourself.

For instance, connecting with an animal totem like a black panther. This is one of my good guys that helps me do astral work. Another guide could be more grounded such as deceased loved one you connect with or a male/female guide that helps you.

Guides can come in all shapes and sizes, that’s what fun about it. They’re here to help you as a shapeshifter taking on different forms to connect with you.

You also can connect with guides by seeing:

  • Symbols like rainbows, feathers,  or sacred geometry
  • Repeated messages like Deja vu
  • Signs of Direct Alignment
  • Angel Figures
  • Numerology
  • Delays – Delays are a form of divine timing! I learned that the hard way…


Angelic consciousness is an extremely Higher vibrational frequency. It teaches you to transcend
past our fears and move into the frequency of love. This higher vibrational energy they give you can uplift and heighten your energy field. This frequency is connected to Ascension and Enlightenment.

Archangels also fall into this category. If you think about a normal energy field radiating at 1,000, an archangel is about 50,000 frequency.

In many ways communicating with angelic consciousness opens up our Holy Guardian Angel. The archetype of the Awakened Self.

Holy Guardian Angel:

“Contact between the Higher, Divine Self, and the Lower Self/Personality, has to be initiated by the Personality, and then is experienced as a separate being. That contact is the first step in the Great Work (also known as the Knowledge and Conversation) that leads to integration, and thus to Initiation. This is the discovery of one’s True Will.”

Talking with our Angels helps give us the best advice possible and aligns us with our true will. You don’t even necessarily need to pray but asking for their help can help guide us to the proper clarity we need to see.


Like the previous article where we connected to the light, we can do a similar exercise to start connecting to our guides.

The main thing we need to acknowledge with talking to the universal guides is Asking Questions!

Asking questions opens up our awareness. If you think about when you ask a question, you’re opening up new space for an answer automatically. Well we can do this with our guides too all the time.

Asking questions such as “What is your name?” or “What can I do next?” are great beginner questions to open up our awareness to spirit. Now it may seem awkward at first talking to air which is why I decided to create a worksheet to help you out. Writing it down is easier and we get to record it in the process if we wish to go back and see how our life has changed since.

Automatic writing can really help hone our focus and let the words come through us from Higher self. By asking inspiring questions, our brain goes into problem solving mode, helping  open ourselves to receiving the proper clarity we wish to find.

When in doubt, go within and ASK. 

Here’s a FREE worksheet to get you started today.

If you have anymore questions about guides feel free to leave a comment below.

Next Article we’re going into Heart Opening!

Part 4: Awakened Beginnings: Opening the Heart to Freedom



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    1. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive but you honestly will just *know*. When we start communicating with our inner guide or higher self we open ourselves up and when we create that opening, the answers naturally will come through us. It’s basically channeling. I find if you are having a hard time doing this, get a sheet of paper and let yourself truly surrender to the pen and see what comes up. That is the easiest way to fully surrender and let your inner guide come through you. If you’ve ever heard of Neal Donald Walsh that is exactly how he wrote his famous novel. He got up in the middle of hte night and surrendered to the pen which lead to the creation of Conversations with God 🙂 It’s really about trust and trusting in our inner light ♥

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