This is part 5 of our Awakened Beginnings Series:
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Part 2    Tapping into the Energy World
Part 3    How to Talk to Higher Self
Part 4    Opening the Heart to Freedom
art 5    {You are Here} Making Peace with The Past
Part 6    Why is 11:11 Haunting Me? 
Part 7    The Universe Has Your Back
Part 8    The 15 Levels of Awareness

If I were to summarize everything I’ve learned on the path since Day 1 of my Awakening journey it would be this,

Kundalini awakening is about the rebirth of yourself and reclaiming your divinity as an infinite, abundant Awakened Creator, ultimately:

It’s about learning to Make Peace with Your Past


I’ve been really thinking about this topic a lot lately as I’ve been writing my ecourse materials. Why is it that a lot of people including spiritual leaders assume that the Spiritual Journey is all about suffering?

I believe the Spiritual Journey is the path of Joy

It is often in spiritual groups, people who come to me or even people I’ve met all think that we must continue to feed on our pain to learn the “lesson”. It’s almost an unconscious self-sabotage when you choose to instantly associate the negative, you lean towards the negative or worse you ignore the ego’s red flag.

This happens a lot in the spiritual community and regardless of how we wish to justify our perception of it, it’s still hurting you and hurting your vibrations.

Everything comes down to our choices.

The Negative is not bad at all, it is how we are viewing the negative energy.

But rather than recycling in that negative turmoil, we can begin to rise above it and this is a core element of what I teach because I see it so often within all of us.

We decide to make the excuses, instead of taking the easy route. In fact most of us don’t even realize the easy route exists. Instead we decide to focus on the problems continuously, feeding into more problems and thus we believe that suffering and struggling is the answer.

But is it or do we just justify it by making the excuses?

A lot of this comes down to making peace with your past.

Why is it that a lot of people including spiritual leaders assume that the Spiritual Journey is all about suffering? But is it or do we just justify it by making the excuses? A lot of this comes down to making peace with your past. Click to Read more.


What happens for many of us during the process of awakening is we become gripped by fear and instead of facing that fear and accepting it…

We make excuses, we ignore, we deny, we refuse to believe there is another way and ultimately we suffer.

One of the hugest areas I see this happen is during the Ascension Symptoms. I used to be one of these people, we basically would escalate some of these symptoms, feeling our energy is out of our control and thus we suffer within the symptoms themselves. Eventually causing illness, out of control emotions or a serious meltdown.   We become a loose cannon, a bottle rocket of energy, where our emotions and our mind is taking control of us.

But have you ever considered you can turn that down? You can be like,

“Hey energy, i’m not feeling that today, let’s turn it down a few notches, okay?”

The Angels sing and your guides give you a high five. Awesome!

No really, it is that easy.

In reality, you are the creator and you can turn that stuff down. You are a divine vehicle of energy projecting your thoughts everywhere outside of you. So if you decide,

“Maybe I don’t want to suffer in these symptoms anymore?”

Your Higher Self will say,

“Okay, your choice. Let’s ease up and let go of that tension now”

You may be laughing or thinking that’s crazy but it’s true. It’s how your mind works. Your mind responds and believes to what exactly you tell it. As Marisa Peer would say, Begin telling you mind loving beautiful thoughts, such as “I am Enough” “I am sexy” “I am lovable” and see how your world changes.


This is just one of many examples but basically we are justifying our suffering. This is the way we view negative energy through limited beliefs that are basically just excuses that are tying you down.

Here are some common patterns {these may trigger you}:

  • Using the concept of Negative entities as a form of control disguised as the illusion of separation.
  • Ignoring the Ego as a natural part of us.
  • Not acknowledging or ignoring your Past Wounds
  • Being a hypochondriac when it comes to the Symptoms
  • Excuses as to why you can’t do something {This was the big one for me}
  • Using External things such as certain foods to justify your awakening through judging
  • Beating yourself up through guilt, shame, or obligation because you have a negative thought

All of this is unconsciously playing the victim.

We all do it at some point or another. Welcome to the playing field.  There is no judgment here, only awareness but what happens when you decide to take a different perspective?


There is this beautiful moment, you may have experienced this in meditation, yoga, sex or even during one of those long car rides. However what happens is you finally surrender to the universe and instantly experience profound clarity. You just know it’s right, right here in the present moment of now because you finally let go and experience peace.

So why do we make all these excuses?

We’re still not making peace with our past and in return we decide to keep resisting the changes creating a directionless, out of control chaos in our reality.

The reason I decided to include this in the Awakened Beginning series is because this is the core wound behind Awakening.

We’re deciding to not make peace with our past and thus we recycle all those old emotions, old feelings, old habits, old wounds but something amazing starts happening instead.

We WAKE UP one morning and say:

No more! I’m going to pick a different choice today.

Today I choose love instead of fear. Joy instead of suffering and I decide to let go of situations outside of my control by learning to guide my thoughts successfully.

We take back our life, we stop the auto-pilot destruction and instead we start rising above our weaknesses. We begin transforming those weaknesses into divine strength and inevitably they start shaping your life purpose.


We need to show up for ourselves, grab the wheel, command our personal universe and start creating our new identity in the present.

Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it sounds, that’s the old path.


  • This starts with making New Choices
  • Taking new Aligned Actions outside of your comfort zone – Shaking up your world
  • Expanding your awareness outside of yourself  – Opening up to New perspectives
  • Staying in Beginner’s mind open to endless possibility
  • Challenging your soul by learning new things thus enabling new energy
  • Detaching from the outcome & Surrendering to the universe {as Mike Dooley calls it “let go of the cursed hows”}
  • Letting Go to Receive


Coming full circle,
instead of focusing on justifying our excuses and feeding the problems in our life,

we need to focus on the solution!

We need to stop feeding the problems in our life and start focusing on the solutions. This energy is doing itself but you can either make a new choice or you can keep feeding the old one.

We learn to find a new path, a new way and we begin gravitating towards a new way of being.

This is when we truly start making peace with our past because it no longer has hold over you. It no longer controls you anymore. It’s neutral.

Let Me Ask You:

How many distractions and interferences are stopping you from listening to your heart?

How many excuses are being made keeping you stuck?

How many memories are keeping you from staying present and in flow with your true liberated self?

Wouldn’t it feel good to stop struggling and begin realizing the solutions to your problems?



You can’t do what you’ve always done and expect a different result.

You need to create a new way.


It’s important to challenge yourself, it helps you grow.
You have to start being the change you wish to see in your world by changing your thinking patterns and mindset.

You have to take inspired action and move forward despite difficulty. It starts with pushing past fear and learning fear is merely the stepping stone into discovering new opportunities.

Moving beyond fear with divine faith at your side begins the journey into Joy.

The universe doesn’t want us living in pain.

You say “Why is it so hard?” but what if it was easy?
What would happen then?

As I’ve come to learn struggling is a choice, it’s when we start believing it’s easy is when it starts becoming easier. Make it easy for yourself.

I dare you to stop struggling, to open yourself up to divine possibility and start making your life easier. 😉


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