Continuing with our Awakened Beginnings series, I'd like to spend some time talking about self-acceptance and self-worth. During the Beginning of our awakening experiences, we will suddenly be catapulted into a resistance of all of our personal self-worth issues. A core focus on what we feel during the initial stages of awakening is really about opening the heart.

This is part 4 of our Awakened Beginnings Series:
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Part 2    Tapping into the Energy World
Part 3    How to Talk to Higher Self
Part 4    {You are Here} Opening the Heart to Freedom
art 5    Making Peace with The Past
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Part 7    The Universe Has Your Back
Part 8    The 15 Levels of Awareness

Continuing with our Awakened Beginnings series, I’d like to spend some time talking about self-acceptance and self-worth.

During the Beginning of our awakening experiences, we will suddenly be catapulted into a resistance of all of our personal self-worth issues. A core focus on what we feel during the initial stages of awakening is really about opening the heart.

This is basically how we start breaking the paradigm. It comes into the matter of our relationships but most of all it is illustrated through our personal relationship with ourselves.

This means some of the Beginning themes you will automatically be facing are:

  • Self-Worth
  • Self-Love
  • Self- Acceptance
  • Heart Awakening

Continuing with our Awakened Beginnings series, I'd like to spend some time talking about self-acceptance and self-worth. During the Beginning of our awakening experiences, we will suddenly be catapulted into a resistance of all of our personal self-worth issues. A core focus on what we feel during the initial stages of awakening is really about opening the heart.


These themes all interconnect towards one thing, awakening your divine purpose here on earth. Our Purpose cannot be found outside of ourselves, it must be found within. It is ultimately about Awakening the Divine Heart and learning to merge our heart’s desires with the earth plane.

This as I believe is the true bridge of Awakening. As the wiseful  Bob Proctor once said,

“Crossing the bridge to a better world begins with crossing the bridge inside your mind”

You are the bridge, more importantly your HEART is the bridge and once we decide to start listening to our heart by surrendering to the present moment, everything starts falling into place.

So in the beginning of the journey you’re going to be faced with a lot of old dusty heart issues that you experienced growing up. These heart issues are what helped grow your identity but they are in truth a part of what created your awakening.

When we begin to understand this, we start going much deeper into the battle between the heart and the mind.

Nevertheless this is why we begin to focus on the themes mentioned above.


Our heart is tired of settling, our heart desires to go to the passionate, new territory that has always been inside of us but our mind tells us: “it’s too crazy”, “it’s not possible”, I’m not good enough to go there”. Therefore,  we create this duality of the mind vs. the heart.

Most people are running around on autopilot listening to the mind before listening to their feelings, when in reality it’s the opposite! We are completely operating through our feelings and emotions, this is how you react.

However during the Awakening experience what occurs is not a battle between the heart and the  mind, it is a transcendence of the Ego into soul or the marriage of the mind and heart as one}

The ego is the divine will and the heart is the listening force of spirit. Together in harmony they create divine unity and merge the bridge. The ego is your aligned actions in the present and your feelings of the heart are guiding you towards your Life purpose.

Many call this the Merkabah – the star tetrahedron. This is why we’re focusing on the four themes that surface during the beginning of awakening.


The first one is Worth. Repeat this after me:


Now did that bring anyone some instant resistance?

For a lot of us feeling worthy and being enough is incredibly hard. We have grown up in a society where we are constantly made to feel less than what we are, infinite beings of divine abundance. Our conditioned programming that we have inherited makes us believe and think that we are never pretty enough, smart enough, good enough or most of all WORTHY enough.

All of this comes back to the heart and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that:


Write down a list of everything you are worthy of without limitations.

“I am worthy of….”

Many in the Awakened Bliss Creator Challenge did this and were surprised how good it felt after completing the exercise. It will feel good and normal. You are Worthy.

From this day forward,


Yell it from the rooftops and mountains,




Everyone can make excuses about this but it really deep down comes back to loving yourself unconditionally. If you cannot give yourself love unconditionally, how do you expect to receive love in return? It must always first come from within ourselves.

This is a hard lesson we’ve been taught from a young age to always be satisfied with external objects and learning that what is outside of ourselves is going to make us happy. While materialism has it’s advantages of how we create our worlds, it’s not what brings us fulfillment.

It has to start within and that also means it has to start with you making changes,  taking actions and it definitely has to start with changing your mindsets.

If you continuously keep beating yourself up, feeling guilty, shameful or even obligated against your will, it will only bring you back to the lower vibrations. It must start with loving and giving yourself that nurturing energy of unconditional love.

Take some time to claim your worth with self-care. Say no for once and nurture YOU. Do what brings you joy and fulfillment, see how that changes your perspective and attitude. It will feel so different claiming your energy for once and saying YES to your soul.


This one is a very big topic that will come up so frequently because the soul will keep giving you lessons, signs and messages trying to show you that accepting who you are is the easiest way to move forward.

A lot of the times we fall into the shameful, guilty, fear-based consciousness because of everyone’s opinions and dogma. This even includes new age propaganda: “don’t eat the food”, “don’t use fluoride” or the society trap of “never being good enough, here look at this celebrity”.

Both of these are really saying:

“hey stop listening to your soul and listen to me instead because I am right”.

This mentality is self-sabotage because you’re not listening to you anymore, you’re listening to everyone else around you. This unconsciously is associated with our heart and feeling worthy.

It is really a beautiful moment when you decide to let go of what is insulting your soul and instead accept who you are as a being, here today. in the present. You are an Angel in disguise.

You must learn to accept all facets of the self, the good, the terrible and the ugly truth. Really sit in it and be like “hey it’s okay because that was part of my journey to create and mold who I am today. Right now.”

This is one of those topics that hits me close because I used to suffer from self-harm and for YEARS It made me feel so terrible and guilty because I would still get those urges. Then I would become angry with myself and ashamed because of what I did to myself, the cycle would repeat. It took me a long time to accept my anger and self-harm.

I will tell you a secret it wasn’t until I really looked in the mirror and accepted my faults that I was finally able to overcome them.  I accepted my anger, I accepted that I felt these urges and most of all I stopped beating myself up.

All that unconscious guilt, shame and anger is really just your higher self trying to tell you:

 It’s okay to let go.

You are already free and absolutely beautiful as you are. Everything is imperfectly perfect.

Self-acceptance will transcend you and change your life. It may even help you stop your negative habits which is exactly what happened to me. Loving yourself and accepting yourself, Here I am.

This is so simple, if this is where you are stuck, go to a mirror today, look into your eyes and say:
I love you, I forgive you, I accept you. Thank you for being you.


My favorite topic! Heart awakening is what the ascension symptoms, the “awakening”, the uprising, the resistance, this is what it is really about!

You know that feeling most of us get about yearning to “go back home”?

It’s about coming home into your heart. That is it.

There’s no spaceships, distant galaxies, or anything outside of ourselves that needs to be found.

You are the spaceship, you are galaxies.

You are Home when you Listen to your Heart.

This is silly but from my experiences on tryptamines and LSD particularly I’ve concluded, You are basically a starcluster created from the cosmic orgasms of love.

You are literally the manifestation of LOVE.

You are created from the godmind of boundless infinite abundant love, that’s all orgasm is meeting the internal godhead within you. That’s what Kundalini energy is it’s the abundant, infinite, lovable awakened creator within you.

You are literally love, it’s not just some wacky hippie saying, you are literally all made of love. Isn’t that beautiful?

The moment you experience heart awakening, your life will be forever changed. It’s a beautiful moment on the Awakening path where we’re finally able to see the interconnection of all beings. How everything is happening for a reason and our empathy, compassion, love, grace, blessings are all ripples of consciousness being spread out through the collective mind.

You are a vibrating being and that speeding vibration is rippling outward into the world around you.

“You can only attract to you what vibrates in harmony with you” – Bob Proctor

Take a moment and ask yourself:

What are you vibrating today?
What energy are you cultivating into your experiences?
How can I start changing and taking aligned action towards my soul’s purpose?
How can I start awakening my heart more and more?

It’s all ideas. It is literally beliefs molded and created into material form. This is all memories.

The Awakening is you.

Continuing our Series
Part 5 Awakened Beginnings: Making Peace with the Past



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