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Awakening Stories: Rose Elaine

My Awakening Process In the 1960’s when I was about 30 years old, I had a sudden and spontaneous awakening. I began to see the light around trees. I knew then that everything emitted an energy. Before too long, I could see the golden halo around certain people’s heads. Healing

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Welcome to The Awakened State

Hello and Welcome friends! I am happy to announce the opening of our site, The Awakened State This site has been in the making for quite awhile, it all started during my own journey upon experiencing a Kundalini Awakening and how I grew through listening about the experience of others

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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I help Soul-Led Leaders Who Struggle with Mind-body healing to Master Manifestation and Emotionally Empower themselves from the inside out so they can Lead a Life Built from their Desires and Finally Attract in the Dreams they are obsessed with.

 The Awakened State is a Place of Empowerment, Divine Support & Guidance helping you on your spiritual journey.


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