There has been a massive energy wave coming in over the past week, at first I thought it was just about adjusting to the move. However I decided to reach out to many people and do some observing in various spiritual communities. A TON Of people are feeling this wave intensely. Strangely, we just came out of the 11.11 gateway energies. This special year is a 1 universal year making it a 5. 5 meaning the pentagram, 5 elements of man or 5th dimensional energies if you've been paying attention.

There has been a massive energy wave coming in over the past week, at first I thought it was just about adjusting to the move. However I decided to reach out to many people and do some observing in various spiritual communities. A TON Of people are feeling this wave intensely. Strangely, we just came out of the 11.11 gateway energies. This special year is a 1 universal year making it a 5. 5 meaning the pentagram, 5 elements of man or 5th dimensional energies if you’ve been paying attention.

One thing that came suddenly is on November 14th, I began to feel extremely disoriented like I was having this moment where I felt outside of my body, where I was above myself but I was also lucid inside my body at the same time. I was feeling pure observer consciousness both inside and outside myself. Strangely this experience triggered me to remember a similar feeling when I last felt this way on a dmt type experience. Shortly after, I felt completely normal and back to baseline.

I reached out to various networks and began to see I wasn’t the only one having weird insights and symptoms coming through around the start of November. I began to feel a flood of information and insight coming to me, that this was a massive shift coming into the collective consciousness.  These feelings of depersonalization or dissociation, I began to question weren’t even mine but as my guides revealed, we are tapping into the collective. As we’re feeling these sensations, we are being the witness, the observer of others being activated at this gateway. Tons more people are coming into the light network and we’re feeling the activation of them as we basically anchor in. I thought that was a bit crazy to hear so I began researching more and suddenly I am seeing a lot of people are suddenly going through numerous new symptoms, some of these are a bit more in alignment with the concept of multidimensional bodies.

Some of these Include:

  • Burning Hands/feet
  • Time dilation
  • Feeling like you are literally switching timelines
  • Spatial disorientation
  • Intense Vertigo
  • Feeling Spacey – like floating
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Loss of appetite
  • Left-brain short circuiting
  • Memory Fog
  • deep old core wounds surfacing “i thought i was over this” feelings – Letting go of deep old wounds and channels, old old memories may surface for
  • intense clearing.
  • repeated sense of “something big is happening”
  • depersonalization
  • heart opening – heart pressure
  • abrupt diet changesAnd the list goes on…

Read More about the symptoms here: Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

All of these signs are linked to kundalini moving through the body and changes in the nervous system taking place.


I began to look at astrological dates to see if something funky was going on and sure enough, Mercury Entered shadow on the 14th. We also have Neptune retrograde getting ready to end on the 23rd. Neptune is the ruler of Dreams, illusions and delusions!  Plus coming out of a 11.11 Gateway stargate – that’s a big complicated cosmic soup of energy to deal with. As we come into this New Moon in scorpio, we are feeling many emotions as scorpio is the energy of Transformation and the classic “sex, death, rebirth” theme, how ironic huh?

From my understanding, I am absolutely certain we are entering a bizarre timeline Paradigm shift, all the old systems are starting to dismantle and collapse. The vision I see is that it’s creating a synthesis,  a merging not a separation. The old ways are falling apart while the new is molding together. I personally don’t believe we’ve been in 3d for some time, I think we are moreso in 4d-5d but we haven’t been fully aware of it as a collective until now. These shifts have been coming in so rapidly since 2012 where the procession created the new grid. This shift was an internal one that has been snowballing and snowballing, causing ripple after ripple of integrating the new paradigm into being.

While there are more of us than ever we are starting to see these new teachers, lightworkers, hypnotists, healers, entrepreneurs, new thought leaders and all sorts of being who are basically teaching others to heal, transform and even reprogram.

Some of these books are titled things like “Playing the matrix, Judgment detox, Awaken the Species, Human by Design” and the list goes on. The thing is these signs are all around us, most of us just aren’t paying attention and seeing the breadcrumbs. On the other side of the net we are seeing our TVs and newsfeeds filling with collapses and revolts. We are starting to see the truth leaking out, left and right. Things like this sexual revolution are direct signs of the Divine Feminine rising and speaking up.  We are starting to physically see this in the physical world through the media and even the news lately. Something I rarely pay attention to but my guides have constantly been bringing it back into my awareness as my friend keeps mentioning things to me lol.

This is bizarre in the fact that some of the people who have been at this for awhile since 2011 or earlier, these are the things we once dreamed about and they are suddenly becoming truth and manifesting into material form in our reality. Our manifestations themselves are growing stronger as we are stepping further into self-mastery.

In general I feel this energy is an amazing time to be alive, this energy is nothing to fear. We are witnessing the collapse of the old paradigm and from my understanding it is becoming incredibly clear that the old paradigm is dying, while the new paradigm is being reborn.


The energy itself is changing and I feel like because of this we are starting to feel the collective consciousness now more than ever. This is a big shift in the making, while Mercury is shadow is at our tails until the start of Mercury retrograde on December 3rd. This peculiar combination is like a transmutation. It feels like we are taking tons of past aspects of ourselves and going through a rewiring process. Many of us are reporting similar symptoms of the root, solar plexus(the will) and the heart being shifted especially which to me signifies that the nervous system itself is undergoing a radical shift in awareness.

If we start to see our energy bodies as connected at the molecular level we begin to see the chakras, connect to the endocrine system and the endocrine system connects to the Nervous System. When we start seeing changes in our physiology, we are correlating direct changes to our Nervous system’s response. What I am feeling from this information is that, the ascension symptoms themselves are pushing these memories to surface for clearing. Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that come up when the symptoms hit you because they almost feel like you are being “trapped in a memory” or pulled into a old wound, experience or thought you thought you were entirely over.

I thought this was extremely weird at first but then I remembered if we are going through a rewiring process, you would have to basically create a reboot in the sense that your past energy must be transmuted. This 11.11 gate in particular seems special in that, it created a massive activation as tons of information is flooding into us. Tons of new energy is coming up and when that new energy comes in, what is our first ego reaction? We resist it in the form of our emotions and completely go back to this recycle.

My point is watch what thoughts and memories are surfacing right now as we’re going through this massive clearing process of the collective. This is a beautiful time to be alive as the shift coming through is the mind waking itself up from the inside reaching completion. We have reached the Epoch, this is massive.

Also I was beginning to wonder if this was just my mind playing tricks with me and we went to the store later that evening. I was talking to my son when out of the corner of my eye, I decided to look up and the strangest synchronicity came over me. It was a sign for some latest gadget that said:

“Experience 4D + Reality”

Divine confirmation! What a bizarre otherworldly moment that was at the checkout line. Synchronicity like that hasn’t happened to me since probably 2012.


Now I don’t usually state information like this because I find sometimes we can get lost in the rabbithole when we start talking about future ascension timelines and things of that nature. Eventually that information just comes out fluffy and full of uncertainty.

However what I am saying is that I believe Ascension is happening NOW. It is always happening Now.

However we can become awareness of the fact that Ascension is not some distant date in the future, it is the self-realization that it is happening in real time, right now. We are living the Ascension and we’re already on the other side most of us just don’t know it.

In this realization, it’s important to step up and embrace your inner creator. Through these intense changes, it can be easy to fall into fear or disbelief or even paranoia that this is the end of world or something similar. This shift isn’t to fear nor is it time to be a loose cannon, it’s important right now more than ever to check in with your energy body.

Use your Energy tools, redirect your focus and most of all establish a spiritual practice to help you navigate these energies.

My current understanding is that it feels a bit like graduating or getting your training wheels off. We’re jumping into a new set of navigation. Now you don’t learn to drive overnight, but it’s important to manage your energy during these intense shifts otherwise we can get dragged by the resistance(or stuck in blackhole thinking)

Therefore my advice during these intense changes is go back to energy basics. Tune IN and connect with other like-minds who may be going through what you are going through, be there for eachother because we’re not doing this alone. We are doing this together.

I recommend tuning in with a spiritual practice, setting intentions and working with mantras. I also recommend calling upon your guides/angels/universe/Higher self  whenever you feel that the energies are getting too intense. Definitely tune in and ask for guidance or assistance if the need arises.

One trick to do is to declare:

“I intend to have a peaceful day”

Or start a gratitude practice each day, these simple techniques are reframing you so you’re feeding the higher vibes rather than the lower ones. Then you’re switching the focus in the right direction so you can have more peace of mind. It’s the simple things like energy management that are amazing for these shifts in energy.

My other advice is to RELAX IN JOY this is an amazing time to be alive. I was thinking about it the other day sometimes being a human just feels really weird, like really weird, knowing this information and yet at the same time, It’s such a beautiful adventure of discovery to understand our minds in this unique way. Treasure each moment right now because we are witnessing evolution taking place.

This is a beautiful time to be alive and witness the shift

Awaken the Light Network

If you are reading this, you are a part of the grid and this is only the beginning…



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  1. Don’t know how to put in words what I’m feeling after reading your post today. I just had to keep nodding my head as I read and caught myself wanting to go down this rabbit hole. Love your insights and so glad I found your web-page. Feels good knowing I’m not alone in what I feel I’m going through.

    1. Thank you Karen,
      Sometimes the words feel deeper than the surface meaning, it was hard to articulate all the information coming to me over the past week. This felt more like I needed to get the message out there regardless of it sounding too “out there” or cray cray lol(that’s usually our ego’s first reaction when anything questions our reality)

      Glad the message was received ♥

  2. What exactly have people been feeling in their tailbone, stomach and heart? My tailbone has been feeling heavier, but just as abnormally flexible as usual. Stomach and sacrum are upset half the time, and my heart rests at about 111 beats per minute. It’s hard keeping up with k symptoms. At this point it’s just my body and mind.

  3. I’m at the infancy state of understanding timeline shifts but a huge lightbulb is going off as I’m trying to understand how I feel so far off my path. I literally find myself, at 50 years old, asking…”How did I get here? How can this be my life?!”. It’s as if I went to sleep and woke up in someone else’s brain. And this all started in 2012. I feel like I began struggling with things that I had already worked hard to transcend and have been in a spiritual mess ever since. Big changes are usually good for me but I somehow missed the boat with this shift. I now feel the urgency to find alignment and allies in my introverted world. We have to take full responsibility for our lives, in all ways, but I’ve started feeling like there’s a force against me. It’s a yucky victim vibe and I definitely want to move through this. It helps to read about timeline shifts because it literally feels like the train tracks suddenly shifted and I didn’t jump aboard. How do I get back on board?

    1. In moments such as that, be thankful you are aware and you always have each moment to choose again – compared to someone who still feels reactive and oblivious. It’s okay to feel this way. Lousie hay didn’t even start hayhouse publications until she was 60. That ‘victim’ mentality is merely your past self/identity, it’s our survival mechanism or the part of us that still is ‘fighting the sabertooth tigers’ – I call it the cavemen part of the brain. You didn’t miss the train, but allow yourself to question why is this coming up for you, what is it here to teach you? And the easiest way to take full responsiblity is work on manifestation and intention setting. 🙂 A good statement for you “I am grateful to move through this shift easily” – We always hold the power to change our mind, change our energy and inevitably change our life. Keep going strong! Blessings ??

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