A heart of gratitude is a heart filled with miracles. It was a few years ago that I became fascinated by the power of a simple gratitude practice. This was due to consuming the book The Magic by Rhonda Bryne. It wasn’t necessarily the book that changed my life so much as it was the energy behind the story.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can embody within our life and it’s also one of the most special for this reason. It teaches us to choose love over fear.

The power in gratitude is that it can transform even a terrible day back into one filled with love. When we decide to stop and appreciate our life for what it is rather than constantly resisting what isn’t, Our life begins to move energy in incredible ways.

This is why I felt deeply inspired to bring back the Awakened Bliss Creator Challenge. It’s my Holiday gift to you this season!

We are going to host it in our Soul Tribe  Facebook group together starting on December 3rd.

If you didn’t participate last year, you’re in for a nice treat! If you’re coming back again this year, I can’t wait to see your evolving transformations!

Let’s talk about what the challenge is about

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The Awakened Bliss Creator Challenge is a  30 Day challlenge about  spending the entire month working on empowering our Energy body and working on our Manifesting skills as a conscious creator.

I’ve hosted gratitude challenges in the past but this one is totally different. For the challenge we’re going to spend the entire month working on building energy tools, understanding symbols, incorporating rituals and how to start awakening your Bliss Creator!

I’m sharing some of my favorite techniques, easy tools to start empowering your energy and most of all we’re going to start working on your dreams. I’ve even included a workbook to get you in the right headspace for the challenge.

The reason I decided to come forward with some of these techniques is we need easy ways to implement and take action towards managing our energy. I see sooo many comments, messages, and hear stories about many people who can’t manage their energy or are suffering in the awakening journey. This challenge is about remembering who you are and how the energy you hold is so powerful towards your physical reality.

See awhile back, I used to have tons of problems with controlling my energy, understanding it and how to guide it to suite my reality. Many of us are wandering around like loose cannons ready to explode because we are taking on so many different frequencies and memories that we can’t set our vibrations to a specific channel. This can damage us and cause self-sabotage.

The hugest problem in the awakening community is many of us don’t have a system for managing our energy body.

If there was a handbook for understanding your energy body, managing your energy would be at the top of the list.

Many of us are propelled into Awakening like a newborn, unsure of the world and who we are as a being. Our energy is a loose cannon taking in all sorts of new environments which cause us to retreat, shield and remove ourselves from people.

All of this comes back to Learning to Manage your energy successfully.


1. Adapting and Learning Energy Tools
2. Learning how to Tune your Vibration to a set channel – Tuning your frequency
3. Understanding your Focus
4. Disabling old beliefs and old energy holding us back
5. Remembering our power as a conscious creator.
6. Connecting to our True Self – Our Connection to Source Energy
7. Creating the New Story by Awakening Our Dreams ?

Most of all Remembering who we are

Energy beings who oscillate and emit frequencies.

The Energy you are holding with your mind is incredibly powerful.

I created this challenge to awaken you to new energy and start to open new doors in your life. The exercises are simple, but surprisingly powerful to start shifting  your reality.

This challenge is made to create subtle shifts in your reality to radically transform how you are approaching your energy. I definitely consider it a prelude to the Power of the Energy Management Toolkit

We’re starting on December 3rd but if you’re a late to the party, that’s okay too!

You’ll still receive the same information if you sign up with the email challenge. ?

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