This is the day where it all began, six years ago on 11. 11. 11. I didn’t even know what was happening to me but I had this strange urge to email my ex-boyfriend, this urgent message, “Do you sense the Awakening?”. At the time I didn’t even fully know what that meant only that I had to deliver this message to him.

After that day nothing has ever truly been the same.

Flash forward to today, we have all changed since the procession of the equinox in 2012. This was truly the moment where the collective began to shift. There are more and more of us Awakening than there ever has been before and I am seeing these changes happening to others all over the world. It’s a beautiful time to be alive.

Now most people go through life only seeing the room they are in, whereas you and I see the space in-between the room. The Tesseract. The space Inbetween the room that fills up our bodies, our cells and the materials around us. We start to see with new eyes.  In this way, you can start to see all programming, all frequencies, all imprints, and we begin to remember all this is memories. Memories made from frequency. 

It felt only natural to come back today. As you may or not know, I moved to my inlaws due to my fiance’s new job, then we moved again recently to an entirely different state and a new home. My guidance said it’s important to stop, find my foundation and focus on the move. So that’s exactly what I did.

I felt called to step back, deeply detach from the work I’ve been doing online and especially just go back into my cocoon. I have learned so much since I last wrote and I have sooo much to share after taking this break to reconnect back to my true essence.  It’s hard to even describe everything I have learned as this break has allowed me to go deeper and deeper, digging into my subconscious. Symbolically I was in a place where I lived in the basement literally, traveling back and forth between the conscious and the subconscious. This created an interesting message from my Higher Self. I was able to detach and go within, then see the ego for the soap opera it truly is.

And that is really the best way to describe the Ego, It’s this hyperactive reality of illusions that are just a soap opera for the conscious mind to entertain itself. When the ego gets bored, it just decides to create another soap opera putting us on the recycle mode.  However I began to understand something deeper, If we start to dismantle these illusions we created, we discover something different, we can start to create through the illusions, a different story. This is the New Paradigm.


So today I’d like to talk about the 11. 11 Gateway coming in right now and the guidance that continuously keeps coming to me.

The Solar Eclipse Window entered us into a Paradigm Shift which is wholeheartedly the integration we are witnessing right now. If you go back and think of the themes you were learning during the Eclipse, these new energies are integrating and manifesting into our realities as we speak. The ripple that came through then is snowballing into this gate.

In numerology This is a special year for the 11:11 gate because we are in the start of the new cycle. we are officially in a 1 universal year. What this means is 2017 is the start of a new cycle as 2017 = 10 = 1

This is a special gate because we haven’t seen this sequence since 2008! How has your life changed since 2008? This gate sequence is a very peculiar because it’s a 11.11.1.   Five #1s together is a 5th dimensional vibration. The 5 is the number of the pentagram, it is the number of protection and the combination of elements of man(fire,earth,air, water and Ether)

11:11 signifies a Gateway with the combination of the 1 it is a 5th dimensional frequency. This is very fascinating for many reasons because this is also an indicator of the massive Paradigm Shift we have been in. Interestingly this year also created a window of energy due to the fact that the 1st is a 11.1.1

If you’re new to numerology what this really means is intense changes are underfoot because we haven’t seen this particular sequence of numbers in a long time. It is  the start of a new cycle.


Everything that has been coming to me has brought me to this understanding that we are witnessing the new paradigm opening up its gates. This is something that has been snowballing since the procession. However this accumulation is coming back to this specific point, the changes I have witnessed in the news, the  natural disasters everything is coming to a head for a particular reason. Strangely I rarely watch the news but because of the move, I was in a house with the news on constantly in the kitchen. As if my guides were trying to get my attention.

These are the direct signs of the Divine Feminine Rising in numerous ways.

I believe these changes are increasing in intensity because many of us are not just waking up, there are more and more of us rising as lightworkers who are stepping up as teachers revealing the information of the ancients. We are being called to get rid of the old codes, the old stories and the old world. We are starting to open up to new perspectives where we are beginning to witness we can remove and clear the old limited beliefs and stories that are keeping us in the victim world of 3d. This realization is growing stronger because I am not just seeing this happening in myself, I am seeing teachers all over from hypnotists, psychotherapy, new thought leaders, and beyond who are revealing the very same information.

We are being called to let go of the old paradigm for good and this reason is for certain. We are starting to feel called to remove limited beliefs, old perceptions, dualistic concepts, and all old world programs. We have reached an epoch, where we are creating an opening, an aperture where the light is starting to come in faster and faster. This gateway especially is a big signifier of that. We have reached an aperture where the mind is being released into the imagination. There is no separation anymore. We are the other side we speak of and from my understanding this gateway today is the intiation into the new paradigm.

This 11:11 gateway is an activation gateway that will bring much change happening for the good of the all. This will bring in another shift in intensity for the collective. As it is a 5 number, it is a higher vibrational sequence. if we allow change to happen the doors of receiving abundance begin to open.

There is a new network that is happening, you can start to see it everywhere. It is happening in the groups of new thought leaders, in hypnosis tribes, spiritual entrepreneurs, and many other communities. This is growing stronger and the light is growing more powerful.  If you are reading this, you are a massive part of this Light network. We cannot do this alone, we are coming together.  Relax in Joy. This is not the time to fear,  the divine feminine is rising more and more. As you begin to see all will be revealed upon awakening. The truths are being revealed left and right. The illusions are starting to dismantle. As more and more truth comes to light, we will continue to grow stronger as a network.

From my understanding this is an activation gateway for many, more of us are stepping in and more of us are showing up in our highest self. I see us  as if we are a network grid, a hologram of light growing stronger and stronger lighting up the world. We are learning to step up into self-mastery, we are learning to reprogram our realities and we are fully stepping into a golden time where we are seeing beyond the illusions.

We begin to see we are the ones creating the illusions, we can dismantle them and start to create a new story. What do you choose to create?

The brain is becoming exceedingly smarter as the mind starts to witness.

The mind is recreating itself from the mind and we are literally waking ourselves up from the inside out.

This is only the beginning, It’s time to wake up from the Dream.





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