Energy Report: Solstice Gate - Into the Cocoon

Site updates: I miss you! I miss writing. I felt called to write about the solstice and reflection. Three reinstalls and we’re back to the old template. *facepalm* I’m putting both on a shelf and upgrading. This is what happens when you set powerful intentions for your website during a gratitude challenge haha. It’s like the universe has it’s own plan, I’m setting up a new web template after the holiday. Everything is being stripped and rebuilt. Lots of maintenance, working on getting the tools in place, bare with me here 🙂

Right now i’m being called to write and reflect in my own space so I’m closing out the year with this post on closure.

Happy Solistice, Blessed Yule lovelies.

This vision keeps coming into my head where the walls are falling down all around me and everything is being revealed, strip by strip. Layer by Layer. This time in the season we’re always called to go deeper into ourselves. I call this time, Cocoon Energy.

The cocoon is the point after the transitional state of the  chrysalis. It is where the butterfly goes within, integrating to grow wings. This is the stage where we’re being called to go into the womb energy, internally and connect with spirit. The Right- brain is highlighted here.

We have a lot stirring in this gateway as I’ve mentioned in the newsletter.


  • Decemeber 1st we entered the Shadow of Mercury Retrograde.
  • The 12. 12 stargate energy portal
  • Mercury Retrograde December 19th
  • The Solstice on December 21st
  • Holiday energy magic 🙂

Plus the ultra important New Years Eve date which is a total closure numerology date because it’s a year 9

2016 = 9
2017 = 1+0 = 1

9 equals endings. ending of the cycle. It’s always the 9 in tarot that shows us the end of the suite before completion.

That’s a powerful way to be catapulting us into the new year. Mercury goes direct on Janurary 8th so we’re going to be in a very heavy retrospective area of energy until the first week of January. You may feel called to reinvent yourself, reorganize, re-evaluate your self and your reality.  For more info on Retrograde Medicine click here.


It is time for the turning of the wheel….Cycles are ending and the NEW is going into the underworld to be reborn in the light of Spring. A beautiful time to set up intentions and new resolutions!

Solstice brings a shift that will open a portal of pure light and new energy cascading in. It’s actually the solstice gate that aligns us for what we need to start seeing into the new year. This is bringing in a lot of closure.

The Solistice is the longest night of the year, where the days of light start becoming longer and the Goddess retreats to rest in the underworld until spring. This is the birth or the rebirth of the Sun God. Symbolically Winter is a deep period for retrospection, looking within and confronting ourselves.

It can be a very vulnerable energy because it opens up the various layers of ourselves we don’t always want to see but need to for growth. The Solstice is a beautiful energy to help bring in change, growth and enlightenment towards the coming year.

If you’re feeling off, slowing down or just wanting to stop. It’s totally normal.

We’re yearning to go more inward, reflective and contemplating in our own cocoon.   The solstice energy brings us inward deeper and deeper into our cocoon where we cultivate that new energy, rest, recharge and BAM we grow some wings 🙂 Expect your own personal transformations to start churning as we enter the cocoon energy.


I see this energy of 5D which has been with us for some time now roughly 2012, really starting to grow into our collective and especially into the hearts of Awakened ones.

We’re moving more in alignment with our hearts and directing the energy through divine choice. It’s like we see a situation but at the same time, we’re learning to look into those timelines and pick which one serves our highest good. It’s like a timeline jump through conscious choice.

Awakening Self-Mastery is really about showing up and asking yourself:

  • What am I resisting?
  • How can I align with my passions and strengths?
  • What do I need to accept to move forward?
  • What do I truly desire in my life?
  • How can I make my life easier and more fun?


This is a great energy to reflect and really focus on what is the next direction for your soul. Here are some fun rituals to start powering you up for the new year.


I found this fun exercise on accident from Clare Murchison of Refreshing Minds. I can’t wait to try this one.

She mentions:

“Write down some little goals and some little treats for yourself on slips of paper and each day pick one at random and then either treat yourself to that hot chocolate with cream or to 30 minutes curling up with a book or time spent achieving one of your mini goals to move yourself forward.”


This is a perfect energy to start setting some powerful intentions and dreaming big for yourself. I feel like new years eve is like a portal and it sets the pace for how you feel in the new year. Reflect on where you would like to be by this time next year and how you can start to take action towards those intentions.


Visions boards can be powerful when used correctly. Instead of focusing on the resistance, focus on how they’re already possible because you’re setting the intention for the universe to tackle them! Get a nice poster board, some magazine clippings and paste your heart away. Choose some inspiring words and images that empower your focus and dreams into the new year!

We can even open up a pinterest board and start pinning some digital inspiration. This is a great way to accomplish it right away if you don’t have magazines lying around. Plus it’s really fun to just get in that dreaming headspace where you feel limitless and anything is possible. Adding gratitude affirmations to each vision you create boost the momentum even more. Try it!


This is a nice cozy energy to curl up with cup of coffee and Ask yourself: Where were you energetically, spiritually and even physically this same time last year? How much have you grown? What has happened? What are you ready to do? Really spend some time reflecting by meditation or journal writing, asking yourself some of these questions. Have some self-appreciation for all of your life’s accomplishments. You’re amazing!


Cheers to rest & relaxation. Warm cozy blankets and big sweaters. Divine Blessings and holiday miracles. Drinking lots of hot chocolate and spending time with your loved ones. If you live on the other side of the planet, soak up the sun for me!  icon-heart

I wish you a very magical holiday season filled with blessings

I promise i’m coming back with a big bang in 2017 😉

See you in the New Year!





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