Retrogrode Medicine Running to Stand Still

It’s raining here today, funny how rain makes everyone slow down. Is it just me or has time been moving bizarre? Mercury Retrograde started April 28th, the energy is stagnant, feeling a bit frozen in time. I have a bunch of projects going on including working for my friend so I’ve been getting that consistent reminder of the push and pull. The give and take.

Okay let’s dive deeper into talking about this energy,It reminds me of this U2 cover song I love called “Running to stand still”   🙂

It makes you feel like you want to get all these things done, but it doesn’t feel remotely possible at this moment? Everything you’re desiring to accomplish, is feeling a million miles away. This type of energy is forcing us to slow down and really be present in the now. However that isn’t always easy when we’re surrounded with a world built around SPEED, passing people in the fast lane, rushing, constant nonstop go-go-go and wanting to do things on our to-do list. As I wrote recently in my article Retrograde Overload: The Art of Patience this energy is going to be heavy because it’s pushing you into a standstill.

It’s hard to focus or be productive.

You go with the flow or be ridiculously dragged

it kinda feels like unconscious time traveling…revisiting memories, thought patterns and old wounds.

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

We all hear something different when retrograde appears but the traditional advice is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electronics!”

Mercury Retrograde is a special time that happens about 3-4 times a year and lasts about eight weeks total with a preshadow phase, retrograde phase and post-retrograde phase.

The planet mercury doesn’t literally slow down and start moving backward, it’s moreso an optical illusion.  Mercury Retrograde occurs when it is moving backwards, into its shadow, which causes communication, scheduling, transportation and judgment to become cloudy or error prone.

Mercury travels through the two hemispheres of our consciousness going into the underworld of our psyche, the subconscious. Our Right brain is more in tune with the spirit world and is controlled by the our intuition, psychic sensitivity, long term memory, and emotions.

The Underworld of our Psyche = Hello to Subconscious Empowering

Going into the underworld of our psyche is often challenging but needs to be done for clearing and healing. If you were to summarize Mercury retrograde, it is teaching you to slow down and reevaluate your situations right now. It’s a tremendous growth period especially for your inner relationship with yourself as well as your relationships with other people.

Mercury is the ruler of Communications, therefore when retrograde prepare for miscommunication, Things get lost, your mail goes to the wrong person, arguments, car rage, people act batshit crazy, electronics go haywire. Think of a potent full moon driving people on edge and magnify that about a thousandfold.

You tend to use “RE” actions such as

Reevaluate, Reinvent, Renovate and Reform

You revisit old patterns, old wounds, old relationships and  people from the past randomly show up all to help clear and heal. Many people dread retrogrades because not everyone likes seeing behind their own face and what lays hidden underneath their mask. It can bring up discomfort, old wounds, old relationships and even fights in relationships.

It is sometimes a difficult period for people but through their struggles it is also a rewarding challenge-based period for growth and renewal. Mercury teaches us to slow down, let go, release and go within to heal. So we can integrate these new revelations and reinvent ourselves.

Always get ready for the next lesson, Mercury Retrograde is full of them

There will be a lot of shadow aspects resurfacing. Mercury brings back our Past wounds, old relationships, old habits, and especially the desire to go back into our cocoon. Our womb energy.

With a dip into the underworld, your Right-brain will be magnified. It may be harder to do left-brain activities, I find myself more spacey and ungrounded in these types of waves.

Navigating the Void, Your Comfort Home In Retrogrades
Think of what the highlights are of the Right brain, this will be your comfort home in this wave

How we Get in Touch with the Right-Brain

Spirit World – Divine Feminine 

The Right Brain is our gateway into the other side, so connecting to the Spirit World will be essential towards navigating the energy of retrograde

Medicine: What are ways you can connect back to the Spirit World? Tarot reading, Oracle cards, Crystals, Pendulum, Meditation, Visualization, pathworking, channeling to name a few


With the Right-Brain amplified so too will be our cosmic Synchronicities, really pay attention to the repeated deja vu, the patterns that surface, and the lessons you need to hear/see during this time.

Medicine: Are you paying attention to the signs and messages coming through? Realize they are coming through for a reason, your higher self is communicating to you. Watch the Signs

Intuitive Awareness – Your *feeling* Space

Intuition is excellent in retrogrades because you are not working on over-thinking in this energy, you are focusing on your inner feelings and gut instincts you cannot ignore any longer.

Medicine: Don’t over-think things, If you are frustrated let go and do something else, come back to it when you feel more peaceful. Look beyond the obvious, don’t second-guess yourself. Realize that what you feel is what you need to trust.

Communicating with Higher Self and Divine Guidance

Your Higher Self is guiding you every second, what we don’t realize is that this guidance is always occurring in the undercurrents. I always muse with myself that it’s like a person winking back at me in the mirror saying “I got your back girl”. In retrogrades this barrier between us becomes transparent which allows communication to become clearer and mental clarity to come through.

Medicine: Are you Listening within? Communicating with our Higher Self is essential towards soul growth, realize those cosmic winks are really your Higher Self trying to say Hi and guide you towards greatness.
I promise, I got your back, Don’t worry so much. Sincerely, Your higher Self

Spatial Memory/ Imagery

Spatial Memory is how we navigate in our environments and how we are capable of moving in dimensional space. It’s how we record information, Spatial thinking is thinking through visual processing  such as feeling words through a set of pictures. Connecting through Images helps the mind relax and process through the subconscious.

Medicine: Are you over-worked? Maybe you need more imagery in your life, an easy way to do this is go on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram!  Another thing you can do is look at art books or work on Photography. It may seem weird but for sensitive folk, stimulating our spatial awareness is a wonderful recharging mechanism.

Creativity/Art/ Creative vision
Retrogrades are wonderful for pursuing the creative arts and inspiring ideas because you are using your Right-brain, long term memory towards going back to the Creator. Our souls naturally want to create, it’s what we are made to do, it’s how we come into the world. So being creative in this flow is great for helping you stay centered.

Medicine: Are you being creative lately? What is a fun hobby or project you could work on? Stepping into our Creative self, gives us an empowering vision for our future self to inspire us in the present. Be the creator you were meant to be

Emotional Vulnerability

All Retrogrades come with their dose of Emotional Vulnerability. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself falling into an empathetic loop which causes you to breakdown. When we feel that chaotic resistance, we need to find our point of release, Emotional Vulnerability is inevitable as we go back into the cocoon.

Medicine: Let it all go. What are ways you can release these emotions in a healthy state? If you need to cry, it’s okay, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Inner Child – Going back to fun, imaginative wonder and PLAY

My children are a constant reminder of this, stop taking things so seriously and personal. Find your Fun, Play in your imagination and embrace your Inner Child. Going into our womb energy requires us to continuously let go of our ego-based thoughts. Play on your cosmic playground

Medicine: What are ways you can go back to having fun & be playful? An awesome movie, playing the sims, a day at the park, reading a book, scrapbooking, designing? What is a way to spark your imagination back to life.

Present Moment – Embodying the Present  Moment and Inner Stillness

Breathe In, Breathe out, Tune into yourself just for this minute. Do you hear that? That is the sound of calm serenity and silence. Within. Finding our inner stillness is the calm within the storm. Be the eye in the needle.

Medicine: Go Inward. No go deeper. Just stop. Turn yourself Off. Close your Eyes. Feel this space. This is your home. Embrace it. It is you forever. Isn’t that Magical?

Removing yourself from Psychological Time

The Right Brain is ourselves removed from time. The past and future are great tools of memory but they can cause so much discomfort. If you are worried about everything and pushing to get things done, you are lost in time. The world of depression comes from the past, the world of anxiety/fear/worry comes from the future. Just be still with me right in this moment.

Medicine: Release the Past Let go of your future speak, like a nail in the head right? Let go of the unnecessariness. It will happen when it is meant to and no moment sooner.  Give this a little perspective, There is no need to worry, we only have eternity to figure it out


YES. There is no better medicine for our Right-brain than the amazinginess  of soulful music. Music is again like connecting to higher self and the frequency we need to hear. Need I say more?

Medicine: Have you listened to Music lately? If not, do your soul a good favor, Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Closer to Nature – Connecting to our Natural Roots

Retrogrades give us a craving for connecting to our natural roots. We may feel a deep need to ground into the Earth, be around nature or connect back to our natural self. Wanting to talk with nature is really a symbolic need to reconnect to ourselves.

Medicine: What are ways you can continuously connect back to nature? Through grounding visualization, going outside, taking in fresh air, a walk, a hike, cloud gazing, what is someway you can reconnect.


The mirror reflection tells all when we see that we all need to nurture ourselves a bit more as we let go of these past wounds coming up for clearing in retrograde. I actually read an interesting theory about retrogrades, we reached a point where we’re technically not releasing the past we’re transmuting it. Look at yourself, you are changing the past.  Be Gentle to yourself through self-acceptance and nurturing yourself.

Medicine: Listen to your Body, what do you need? What is your body telling you right at this second. Take a moment and lay on your floor knees bent in child’s pose with you forehead on the ground, close your eyes and just focus on your breath a few moments. Surrender into yourself.
Your Manifesting Power is Amplified Use your Wand Wisely

Subconscious being pushed to the forefront of your mind, means your words will be magnified during this time. We manifest things on accident whether we want to or not, Retrogrades create a window where your Manifesting Power is amplified and STRONG.

Medicine: Use your wand wisely, Think of positive things you want to manifest and appreciate in this energy. What are ways you can transform those negatives back into positives? Manifesting during the new moon coming up is going to be extra potent take use of this energy for growth! 😉

Go Back to the Beginning…

Emotions will run high. This will be a perfect energy to really see the reflection of your past self within others and see what emotions you are placing on others unconsciously.

Therefore people who are stuck are probably stuck in time, logic, reason and the over-thinking realm of thought.

So what is the best medicine in this Retrograde Madness? Go back to stillness into the cocoon before metamorphosis comes the birthing stage. Into the beginning, into the beginners mind. The place of vulnerable feeling…and imaginative wonder.

Back into the subconscious world of creating, imagining and exploring.
Stop resisting the flow as it goes deeper and deeper into the void.

How do we stop spinning in the chaos? We need to slooooooooooooow down,
Remember to stop when necessary and go within
Embrace Inner Stillness

When was the last time you stopped and just focused on nothing at all?
That is where the spiritual revelations happen, the big aha moment.

Mental Clarity can only be found when we are ready to stand still.

While this energy is anything but easy this will feel like getting sucked into your inner vortex, slowly…very slowly into the void. The only way out is through.

Deep Breaths

Sit back, relax, cuddle with loved ones, watch a movie, play a fun game, decorate, play music, express gratitude and enable those feel good vibes. If there’s anything I’ve learned about retrogrades, It teaches us to find inner stillness and compassion through the mirror reflection.

Maybe this is just a cosmic reminder that we all need to relax and stay still just for a moment longer?


Happy Sailing  icon-heart



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