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This article is half energy forecast half spiritual musing as the energy lately is causing people to turn upside down. Mars energy is in full swing with 4 undercurrents of retrogrades along with Mercury getting ready on April 28th, that’s five retrogrades overlapping each other! It’s a bit intense out there isn’t it? Or maybe In *here*? With all these Subconscious powerplayers, the universe is whispering to us at this time to let life slow down.

There are some major themes here especially connecting to revisiting, renovation, self- reevaluation, re-building, and toss in all the “re”…This energy forecast sneaked up on me. We may feel like the phase “two steps forward, one step backward” is hitting home right now.

A brief Recap from my Energy Tip Newsletter:

Uranus Retrograde: April 11th-Dec 29th
Mercury Shadow: April 14th
Mars Retrograde: April 17th-June 29th
Pluto Retro: April 18th-Sept 26th
Mercury Retrograde: April 28th-May 22nd

And the Karmic Teacher Saturn Retrograde{March 25th} still playing out there until August 13th

While the Lovely Optimist Jupiter goes Direct on early May 9th.

Jupiter going direct is really going to set things into motion so watch for it. These coming weeks are going to be about self-reevaluation and internal soul work. We’re going in deep.

The combination of all of these flavors mixing is a great recipe for pushing us forward. Uranus is unpredictable revolutionary, Mercury is Subconscious Past wound territory, Mars will transform that normal aggression inwards pushing us into slow motion, Pluto is a transformative ruler of death and the underworld. Plus Karmic lesson Saturn in the undercurrents…oh boy

These are all powerplayers working on our Subconscious especially. It may feel a bit like a past experiment you already figured out but are revisiting to improve yourself even more.

You may feel time is moving quite differently, There are moments where it speeds up drastically and then it will feel like time is at a crawl. There is also this undercurrent where it feels like the future is this echo millions years away and you’re running to catch it. These are all signs that the subconscious is working heavily right now on our consciousness.

Many people are struggling in this energy wave, the reason for this is that this energy is not remotely about our thinking or even rational headspace, It’s about surrendering into our *feelings*. The patterns I’ve been seeing come up the most are our Emotional Boundaries and how are we choosing to see reality in this particular state.

With Five Retrogrades working on our subconscious at the same time we are doing a lot of restructuring and rebuilding, this will be especially noted for our Every-day Goals and Actions. Also remember this is the Eclipse energy starting to integrate too as they last for roughly six months after they take place.

Basically we’re getting an overdose of working with our Right-brain which is why it’s going to make people extra feisty! The Majority of people detest change, which causes them to resist and struggle by cycling the old identity, not wanting to build more of the new in its place. It’s the equivalent of people who don’t like music but the other person in the car glares the radio anyway, it’s coming like it or not. I think the other person might secretly be mumbling under their breath…resisting the change. 😉

So what are we learning in this energy?

The Art of Patience and Inner Stillness!

Oooh but we are a society built around rushing and speeding, no one wants to slow down?! But that is exactly what this energy is creating. You are being pushed to be present with yourself. Thank the combo of Mars and Mercury for that.

This creates a deep friction between what we want to do *in the future* and what we need to do *in the present*, you will begin feeling the push and pull of an inner tug of war with yourself. Your mind wants to go WARP SPEED ONWARD but your body is saying, “No hang on buddy, we need to slow down and appreciate the process in the present.”

I mentioned the gravitron in my newsletter, this is actually a very accurate depiction of what the entrance/ exit of retrogrades feel like…

If you haven’t heard of it basically you go in a space ship and lean up against these panels. When the ride takes off you start pushing an  inertial force 3x the force of gravity which makes you feel like you’re floating in space and can’t move.

You’re in slow motion. It is honestly feeling a bit trippy…

So Life Feels a bit like this at the moment.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you get the idea.

Can I ask you something? I think this is a bit random but this question popped into my head today and i didn’t realize how powerful it was until I began thinking about it. Okay, are you ready?

When was the last time you did nothing?

It’s weird isn’t it? We spend so many hours pushing to do all these things, speeding, rushing, A society built around go-go-go. We express these needs on facebook, write them on tumblr, tweet about these constant actions but okay let’s be honest, when was the last time you had a real breather? A peak into Inner Stillness.

It’s bizarre to think about this in some ways because we are always consumed with this innate desire to “DO” things but ask yourself when was the last time you did nothing? Crickets…

This thought came to me on the weekend when I was in the midst of trying to brainstorm for the Ecourse, the babe was sleeping, my toddler left for the day with his grandma and here I was FINALLY open to do whatever I desired…then blank. absolute blank.

I was so overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of what I could be doing that, I wasn’t able to relax. This resistance kept building, I felt like I was suddenly pacing and going into this cycle. It was a bit absurd and then my love goes to me “what is wrong?” so i tell him “I have too many options on what I could be doing that I can’t relax for some reason,” “well what do you really want to do?” “I kinda just want to do…nothing”

Nothing. And then it hit me, we can get so consumed with our daily lives, these obligations, your 9-5, the social media world, the everything…that we lose that beautiful art of simplicity. That simplicity mind is precisely the key towards cultivating a mindset of inner stillness. Ask Yourself:

When was the last time you simply stopped?

Completely Turned off. Unplugged. Let go. And just basked in that ever-present energy of yours.

When was the last time you tuned into yourself?

Once I stopped trying to achieve all these ideas of what I desired to do, I properly surrendered into feeling at peace again. Everything just began moving smoothly after that, I listened to my inner stillness and became able to Let go.

If you think about all the times you have surrendered in your life, How many times you have truly, deeply let go, how come it is so difficult to cultivate that idea into our daily activities? And Why do we let it consume us in such a way?

All. the. time.

We’re not letting go of that old energy, we’re clinging to the idea of it in the future which builds the friction between what we *want* to happen vs. what we need to embrace in the present moment of NOW.

Prep & Advice for This Wave:

  • Change Your Pace of Action – sloooooow down, Let go of your unnecessary future speak. It doesn’t serve us any good.  
  • Prepare to Stop – Prepare for those Abrupt stops, they WILL happen because the soul is going through a reevaluation process.
  • Gratitude & Positivity – Gratitude is great in this energy, you know why? The subconscious is highlighted during retrogrades so everything is magnified internally. Feel free to join us with doing the gratitude challenge! It will help boost you with this Retrograde energy and give you a fast track towards manifesting
  • Friction Push & Pull – Don’t push too hard in this energy, You’re going to want to go against the current but universe is going to tell you otherwise. Let it flow 
  • Find Your Breaking Point – Honor Your emotional breakdowns as breakthroughs. They may come to surface easily as we revisit the past energy of Mercury.
  • Sweet Revelations – A beautiful thing about retrogrades, your Right-brain is enhanced so revelations, new ideas, epiphanies and your big aha moment are also bound to come through. It’s not all bad, it’s opening opportunity and soul growth. 
  • Let go, Trust, Surrender – Trust the Universe and surrender into yourself. When In doubt, always realize everything happens in divine timing

The best way to stay in a positive place for this energy:
This will feel like a dip into the underworld, lots of shadow aspects may come up. Remember this is the past, it is over. let go of what is out of your control. All this pain is illusion for you are eternal. 

  • Let go and Accept what you can’t control
  • Play! Be playful, don’t take things personally
  • Try super hard to not act from emotions
  • Relax, Relax, Relax
  • Find a creative space
  • Don’t overthink this energy, it is in tune with the rightbrain meaning it is all about our *feelings*
  • Receptive listening and Connection, You are not alone with these feelings
  • Lots of Gratitude, Praise and Appreciation for others: Enable your feel-good vibes

There is a lot of revisiting, feeling a bit of a standstill, going backward into old projects and especially old lessons. Especially with Mars retrograde, there will be some intense abrupt stops where you just need to step back and learn when to back off.  An Example of this is I’m suddenly drawn to go back to all my writing drafts and rework them so I can finally publish them.

This is the analogy of this energy, don’t be afraid to go backward, stop, breathe and take in new insights to empower yourself even more.  Backtracking is a way to go back to beginners mind but in a way to gain a new perspective you didn’t see, a dusty corner you forgot about the first time you cleaned.

I really feel this energy is great to give yourself that openness to step back outside of yourself for a bit so you can see the bigger picture.

It actually reminds me of an insight I had while on lsd, I was worried about something and I kept saying “but we’ll get to that tomorrow” yet tomorrow echoed in my mind, tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. it felt like a million years away in that space because there is no time in that space.

timeTime can feel like it stretches for hours and hours because it sloooooooooows you down, there is this beautiful stillness where you can just relax and see that everything will get done when it’s supposed to because the universe has your back every second. It has a purpose for what it is doing so you be the best person you can be right now.

I felt like this trigger resurfaced to tell me this again, with mars retrograde, you’re going to feel stagnant but the mind is trying to show you that you need to process new information FIRST before moving forward.

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, when life is dragging you back with difficulties, imagine that it is launching you into something great”

In this way, you can relax your mind from the neediness, tension or stress by relaxing into the moment of NOW. Focus on that openness of allowing yourself to surrender into the now and you will start moving mountains with your mind. This is because you are allowing yourself to be removed from psychological time and let go of  that pesty future speak that causes the inner struggle.

The Universe has Your Back, I promise you.

All you need to do is surrender to it

Soul Homework: It’s okay to take a break, recharge, relax, Let go. Today or anytime you start struggling in this energy, Try to simply stop, Step back and go into yourself for a moment. Lay Down, Lean Back, close your eyes, Bask in the Sun if you can.  Rekindle and Reconnect to your personal energy. Just go back to that state of Nothing/Void and I swear to you it will be like you got magically hit with renewal and fresh air on a sunny day. 🙂

I wish you well as we prepare for launch into Mercury  icon-heart



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