Frequency Humming Are your ears ringing

Beep, Beep, Beep, that strange Ear Ringing! Ascension symptoms can often come up at the weirdest moments, it’s interesting how after awakening your problems don’t always necessarily go away, they just get more bizarre like they came out of a sci-fi movie. 🙂

For instance, Take this scenario you’re talking to someone and suddenly the background noise muffles into a LOUD buzzing, ringing or high-pitched tone that fades in and out of your ear drum. This is better known as Frequency Humming or Ear Ringing.

Ear Ringing is a very common symptom that many who are in the early stages experience throughout their Awakening. It can get labeled off as Tinnitus but others have found when getting their hearing checked they are completely healthy.

This can manifest in different ways such as hearing musical tones of frequency, ringing, or buzzing within the ears at random intervals. Sometime they can be very synchronicitic such as during a particular moment of deja vu or a numerology overload.

Frequency Humming on the Awakening path is something that is so common I frequently get questions about this experience from people all over the world.


“Have you experience this: out of no where your ears are randomly ringing. The right one is ringing and the left one is  static, as is you were a radio looking for a station or something?”

“I have literally been questioning my sanity these past couple of days, because I feel and hear this LOUD high pitch sort of frequency. It is most intense in the late hours of the night. Also, it doesn’t even seem physical, you know? Its like the ringing is INSIDE my head, not by external means. I just try to meditate and stay calm to it. How can I deal and become more peaceful as I experience the ringing?”

“I have been noticing this pitch more and more, my ears are always ringing, randomly and intensely for a moment, i’m craving more and more dissolution of distraction. I have been revisit days of my past, thinking a lot about who I once was and people I used to spend my time with. Some days I don’t want to live and others I’m so in love with my life that I’m shocked it’s even mine. I know this has something to do with my journey,what the heck is going on?! The intensity of the ringing when it happens is getting stronger, I haven’t a clue what to make of it.”

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Frequency Humming Are your ears Ringing

If you are like the people above, you know exactly what this feels like but….


Basically you’re literally getting a “tune up”.

The ringing often increases during energy shifts, particular “aha moments”,  and Kundalini Awakening better known in this case as the ascension process.

Our entire world exists as energy, frequency, and wavelength.

Do you ever think about how many frequencies, invisible waves and vibrations are co-mingling through space all around us each second of the day?

If you really think about it, our world is bouncing around with various electromagnetic frequencies all the time.

This includes other frequency waves such as a microwaves, television waves, radio waves, Infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and Gamma Rays. Our physical body is made of energy. Our Energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Did you know we are bouncing and transmitting frequencies all the time?

It’s true within the electromagnetic spectrum, humans have different frequencies depending on our brain wave function, emotion, and synapses. Among many more!

Penney Pierce in her book Frequency goes into vast detail about this:

“Everyday reality presents you with yet another array of vibrations. These are the ones that pertain to the state of physical body, emotions and thoughts. In an ordinary day you move freely up and down the scales of comfort-discomfort, action-inaction, happiness, displeasure, and logic-inspiration to name a few.”[ref] Penney Pierce. Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration [/ref]

Our emotions, actions and thoughts are projected around frequency. Is it a coincidence that something similar would happen during the process of undergoing physical, spiritual and mental changes in the Awakening body?


What happens is when the body starts awakening it undergoes neurological changes within the brain chemistry which result in changes directly to the central nervous system.. These changes occur in the brain stem and eventually propagate throughout the entire nervous system. This has actually been researched by authors such as Gopi Krishna who links Kundalini to the root of biology along with various others such as JJ Semple who wrote a book on Case studies of Kundalini called The Biology of Consciousness.

Kundalini is not only a physical phenomenon, it is rooted in neurological and biological changes towards the body. There are also a lot of theories that these changes result in direct changes towards our DNA strands and the awakening of dormant strands.

This is part of what makes Kundalini so fascinating once it happens to you, it’s not only a theory, it’s an experience linked towards changes in your nervous system. Kundalini is perhaps not only the method of self-realization it’s the advancement of evolutionary biology. However let’s not go off on the deep end just yet… 🙂


During an awakening you become aware of these subtle patterns in reality, energy existing but most of all you start to become aware of these frequencies we all possess. You can sense them, you can FEEL them{over-active empathy} and most of all you begin hearing them!

A good perspective of this is you know when you’re driving up a mountain or riding in an elevator then your ears suddenly….pop?!

This is due to the altitude change of frequency happening abruptly. It’s a rise in density to the pressure changing.

In this same way, you can experience buzzing and ringing in your ears from a consciousness shift in vibration!  Kundalini awakening results in a lot of “tune ups” or “downloads” of frequency that work like a tuning fork.

You are basically a radio station trying to tune its signal to broadcast correctly, pretty cool right?

Kundalini Awakening is all about rising in vibration as our consciousness expands in intuitive awareness. So what happens is the mind acts as a tuning fork towards this humming frequency. It works through our auditory cortex where we experience the ear ringing.

My theory is that this is partly due to how as an energy being our mind is beaming with different frequencies all the time, we usually aren’t conscious of them because they exist in the quantum world.


It’s really about fine tuning our personal energy body.

When we hear our ears buzzing or ringing, our bodies are really tuning into a higher frequency wavelength. We are created from photons, when we increase in density and vibration, our frequencies are then heightened to new levels.

This is attributed to getting “downloads” of new energy or a transfer of energy currents causing pressure to build. Similarly this is common during the stages of Astral Projection. Right before you project your consciousness during the hypnagognic state, there is a change in the frequency of the wavelength. Therefore as you release your physical body to astral project the density changes in a similar fashion.

It’s a weird feeling at first because it isn’t external, it’s very much an internal ringing because it’s connecting to your consciousness. Most commonly they occur during astrological events, solar flares or energy shifts.solarflare72513

Shortly after  we can sometimes experience: insights, visions, seeing energy orbs, closed visuals, dizziness or feeling a bit disoriented for a small time after they take place.

If it becomes too much of a bother, just ask your spirit guides or angels to help you turn it down a notch. While it can be a little overbearing just know that it’s a good thing rather than an annoying thing. It means you’re basically tuning up like a tuning fork into the higher dimensions of consciousness.


Something magical happens when we meditate, we begin getting in touch with our home frequency by tuning in to ourselves. Meditation is really about being an observer of the present moment. It forces us to be in our own personal home frequency, to sit in it consciously and observe.

Meditation allows us to release the mind chatter of the ego and the daily interference of our lives. It allows us to surrender.

This is why meditation is so therapeutic and healing you are essentially tuning in to your personal frequency. There are numerous studies coming out how meditation helps us heal, create healthier choices and essentially enhances our intuition.

However we often live such busy lives that we rarely can hear this frequency, it gets drowned out by everything else around us. There may be thousands of tones that we cannot detect with a world built around interference. Although we CAN hear these frequencies once we start learning to tune into them say through meditation, conscious awareness or Kundalini Awakening.

People who hear this in meditation are often those on the brink of the ascension process or already experiencing the ascension symptoms. We hear these frequencies as an altering of knowledge, information being processed and translated towards us.

You may even have a deep epiphany or profound moment of clarity after experiencing the ear ringing. The frequency humming can change us and amplify us towards new understandings about ourselves.



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  1. I had an energy shift last night when i asked for my psychic abilities to become more developed during meditation. And I knew this Morse code-like thumping in my ear was special when it came on suddenly today.. kind of bothersome at first. But as soon as I started reading this article I had instant clarity as to what exactly was going on. And it fills my heart to know how connected I am becoming. it’s an amazing feeling!

  2. The high pitched tones in my left ear never stops…..never. Sometimes it is low enough that I don’t notice it anymore, other times it is very annoying. When will it stop?

  3. Hi! I have been having these symptoms for a while now. But recently, I became very sensitive to buzzing noises everywhere, like machines, neighbors heating systems, etc… It’s to point that it makes me furious in the middle of the night. Do anybody knows what it’s about or can relate to this please? I would love some feeback. Thanks for the article!!:)

  4. Okay, it a part of an ascension process. I didn’t read anything about how to move through it. Do I really need to ask my guides to do this? Do you know what “we” would experience as we move through this process, and to what end…are “we” going to hear this ringing forever…again, to what end. Not to be a bummer, but I didn’t really get a lot from your post that I do not hear from everyone else. What sets you apart from them, with your knowledge. Really, having a difficult time adjusting to this ringing, not sure about this explanation of this condition. What happens if it a true brain thing, like tinnitius, the echoing of sound throughout the brain? So bummed to experience this without knowing the end result.

  5. This ringing is in both ears, and hasn’t stopped, ever. When we had that strange noise coming through the power lines from Canada a while ago. This ringing hasn’t stopped, only excelled in volume and has me thinking that I really don’t understand how “we” as a whole cannot state specifically why some get it and others don’t. I don’t remember asking for this. Good grief.

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