50 Ways to get back on track to happiness

We all have bad days sometimes…I recently have been going through the power struggles of the terrible 2s with my child and it’s making for some intense emotional days on my part. I feel like I’m arguing with my inner child or something, that story is for another day lol. I’m learning it’s not me he’s screaming at, it’s himself because his inner world is crumbling as he grows his identity and develops his ego.

So one day I was stressed out and decided to take a walk, then I asked the Universe, “what can I do to help myself go back to peace?” I started writing this…

50 Ways to Get Back on Track Towards Happiness

These are simple techniques to help channel your negative into a positive again. If you try one or even a bunch of them this will help boost your mood. I originally wrote it for myself but couldn’t help but share it. The beauty of simplicity is that we often take it for granted. We live in a world that is bombarded with endless distractions, the problem with social media? It just never stops. Sometimes we just need to go back to nature, back to our womb energy, back to the place of play of our inner child and sweet surrender of spirit.
When was the last time you cloud gazed? Can you even remember?

I once read this passage that struck me about how when we are disconnected from our inner source energy we are propelled into a state of chaos. When we feel disconnected, we are disconnected from source which also means we are disconnected from ourselves.

Disconnection = No Direction, absolute chaos in our life

Let’s take a moment to go back to simplicity, what are ways you can transform that bad day into a beautiful revelation, a creative vision or a new awakening of growth. That is really all we need to see.

When my child is screaming at me, I’m learning I need to fight fire with water, not more fire.

Find a way to channel that negative energy back into a positive energy.

Here we go:
50 ways to happiness

1. Let Go of the old
One my secret rituals of releasing is physically removing the old from my home, It triggers the subconscious and gives space for new energy to grow. What old things are lingering in your life? They are sticking to your home, in the form of weeks old left-overs, dusty knickknacks shelves, old possessions, garbage around the house, old papers, bills, receipts already paid. Clean your purse/wallet. let go of things you never use, What are they even doing there besides collecting dust. Let go of the old.

2. Find Your Outlet
Do what makes your soul happy, I am serious. We all have commitments in some form or another, however you need your personal release time. How do you de-stress, how do you find your space again? It can be exhausting if your only outlet is the ever-draining facebook! My cousin crochets, I write, My dad plays this game called cubis, my love draws everyday after work, what is your outlet? if you don’t have one, create one my dear 🙂

3. Creativity
Spark your right-brain. There is no better way to transform a bad mood than creating! It is our main purpose of existing, embodying the creator. Focus on what you could create, you could work on a project, pick up a language, do art, poetry, graphic design, decorate, cooking, What is your hobby?

4. Stop Taking things so Personal
When someone talks about me or my toddler screams at me, It sometimes is difficult to hold my ground but i’m learning don’t take everything personally. It is not you, This is not your battle. This is them projecting their own issues onto you. Realize that everyone is a mirror of each other. So people don’t dislike you, they dislike themselves. If someone is screaming at you all day{case in point terrible twos} they are secretly frustrated with themselves. Don’t take it personally love.

5. Connection
Best cure for a bad day? It’s not venting on facebook or your blog, it’s the sweet cuddles, warm hugs and awesome food that your love ones make for you when they see you hurting. Venting to someone and connecting can help prevent a breakdown. We are all here for eachother. Let’s remember the connection by connecting together.

I just heard this quote by the Dalai lama and it completely inspired me:
“If you want to be happy, learn to make people happy”. If you’re in a sour mood, how can you give back with a higher vibration? What can you contribute back to others? Get off the miserable self-pity wagon by giving back together. There is nothing better than helping give back because when you give you receive. When you give for the sake of giving, you feel warmer, your heart grows and slowly you feel happy again. Give <3

7. Embrace Change
A big chunk of unhappiness is because we are in a state of resisting change, when we accept and embrace change we open the door to possibility.

8. Unplug
For awhile I mentioned my internet stopped working for a few weeks and was amazed how much calmer, centered and at balance I felt. Social Media is a great invention, I recently talked to someone from India via fb phone and I connect daily with a fellow Crystal child from Cali, how cool is that?

However it also is mentally exhausting, There is just so much and it never stops. The notifications, beeping text messages, ringing phones, endless scroll, growing emails, I need to take another pic of my sandwich and just blah…aren’t you exhausted? Then there’s the television, the news reports, the endless mind-numbing commercials. People have tvs in their bedrooms even?! I don’t own a tv for this reason, we have a tablet for netflix that’s all we need.
I make it a conscious practice to unplug especially on the weekends, it helps me focus, it gives me new inspiration and especially I connect with my family more. We are CONSUMED in this overload of information, while it’s empowering, enlightening, and amazing. Make sure you find your balance too! Take time for you away from technology, “you won’t find wifi here, but i promise you’ll find a better connection” 😉

9. Self-Nurture
Have you given to yourself today? Self-nurture is so essential to our well-being. My mom was recently in the hospital for a bone infection. The sad thing is if she would have listened to her body and nurtured herself more she could have easily prevented it getting so out of hand. She told me she never looks at her feet so she didn’t notice it…Think of yourself like a plant, you need water, love and nurturing to grow. I am giving you a reminder, Treat yourself today

10. Self-Acceptance
Accept who you are, for you. Your faults, the good, the bad and the ugly. Self-acceptance means it’s okay, you are forgiven. Accept and release

11. Release Unhealthy Habits
Maybe you always say the word “hate”, you should stop your speeding, road rage, reaching for empty calories instead of nutrients, you eat with your face in your phone, you think over people who talk to you, etc. Do a mini self-evaluation. What habits could you release today?

12. Let Go of Fear
Fear is the mind-killer. Our fears limit us in so many ways, how can you let go of some of your unnecessary fears and unconscious past wounds? Does anxiety trouble you? How can you go back to peace? let go of your fears one by one.

13. Learn to stay More Present through Conscious Awareness
We are consumed in distractions. everywhere. Always on a cell, always attached to some.type.of.screen. {I know I’m on a screen writing this?!} What if a bug flew on your food while you were eating but you didn’t notice because you are staring at the phone? What if your loved one is telling you they love you but you miss it because you are staring at a screen…Present awareness is not only meditation. It’s about learning to be conscious of everything. Conscious eating is amazing, food tastes better I swear! Conscious cooking is fun, Conscious conversation is enlightening. What ways are you not staying present in your daily activities? The internet will still be there, I promise.

14. Take Time to Relax – If you don’t have time, MAKE TIME.
A Mom vented to me about how she feels distraught because she feels conflicted  on following her dreams of playing music vs taking care of her kids. I told her, You need to make it your prerogative to make time for your dreams to grow. That starts with relaxing. We don’t think we have time but maybe it’s more so a matter of where you are directing your attention on, what are you focusing on? Take time to relax each day, make time for your dreams to grow and bloom.

15. Bring more Love & Laughter to your life
Sometimes the only thing we need is more giggles, hugs and loving. Is there laughter and love in your life? Even if you’re alone, is there love within you? Contact a friend, Watch a funny movie, tell a joke to a co-worker. Bring in light-hearted energy

16. Spend time with Nature
Earthing, Grounding or in general spending time with Nature can be so healing for our spirit. The symbol of spending time with nature is that we are connecting back with our natural self. If you can’t go outside, what are ways you can bring nature into your home? Buy a plant, open the windows, Himalayan salt lamps, envision green light around you. Hang out with Nature to feel more at peace.

17. Trust more, Worry Less
Worry is a misuse of our subconscious! Worry, anxiety and fear can unconsciously create all of these scenarios we don’t want so why do we spend so much time thinking about them? Because we are not trusting in the process and the universe cosmic rhythm that takes care of us in the present. The universe has your back, trust and let go.

18. When in absolute doubt, Ask the Universe for Help
When I get frustrated I stir in my own emotions, but I realize the chaos just builds until I am ready to admit defeat by surrendering to the universe. I have learned the more you surrender, the easier it becomes. Ask your angels, spirit guides and the universe for help directly. Ask yourself, How can I make this easier?

“Please Angels Help me figure this out”
“Dear Universe, give me the right words to express my feelings”
“Spirit guide, show me a sign that this is it”

19. Change Your Perspective
Realize it is the same staircase, just change your perspective on where you are standing, at the top viewing all perspectives or at the bottom only seeing one narrow step. If you don’t like something change it, what is something you don’t like today that you could change your perspective into a positive experience? Where are you standing today at the top or the bottom?

20. Realize you’re never alone in this
Someone out there feels exactly like you,  embrace this. I remember one day I wrote a blog post and someone wrote “today I was thinking about killing myself, then I read your post and realized I’m not alone”. This deeply touched me, especially from my past issues. Your ripple stretches millions…remember that. You are never alone. We have all been there.

21. Treat everyone as if they’re your brother or sister especially strangers
We are a Team. Imagine Life like a gigantic company, we are a team! We don’t always like our co-workers but we still need to honor the team. Because that one person, may be the missing piece of the puzzle we didn’t see. 

22. Observe More, talk less
One of the reason we get so incredibly stuck is because we are compulsively acting and talking on autopilot. When you find yourself in a rut, chances are you are not observing yourself. What are you *really* doing? To become conscious means we need to start observing ourselves within our present reality more instead of talking on impulse. How quickly do you write a fb status, a tweet or blog post before really processing that information? Most of us do it on autopilot as a release. Today ask yourself, how can I observe my life better and be more conscious of my actions?

23. Align Yourself with your Passions!
How often do we stray from our absolute passions because of our daily commitments and responsibilities? Taking time to start aligning yourself back to your passions is where you will be the most happiest and the most successful because this is where your subconscious breathes life!

24. Start Believing in Yourself
This is a topic I see frequently on the blog: Confidence. You cannot steer your ship properly if you suddenly forgot how to drive?! You have to empower yourself, believe and have faith in yourself. Empower your self-esteem especially. Believe in You, Believe in your Universe

25. Love who you are
You are you, stop envy, stop comparing, stop the I need to be prettier or more handsome than x,y,z. Love the beautiful unique quirky snowflake design that you are 🙂

26. Let Go of Limiting Beliefs you place on yourself
Here is where I get stuck all.the.time. it’s so simple but yet we cause ourselves to trip by creating limiting patterns on our reality. I kept telling my friend “I just can’t have a break, i have to deal with the kids 24/7” and she told me “yes you keep telling me this but you also keep giving yourself excuses as to why you can’t have a break vs manifesting a break for yourself” A lightbulb went off….I finally got a break when I let go of the excuse of having one.
I can’t, I won’t, This never happens, I NEVER get to do this, Why does this always happen to me? Stop saying I can’t, never, won’t, every time, let go of your excuses and instead surrender to possibility.

27. Turn Up the Tunes! – Music is soul food and divine medicine. Don’t listen to depressing music, instead find something you can dance and sing to, something to let you calm down and be at peace again. Tune up frequencies!

28. Make a list of thing you wish to accomplish this year
What better way to change a sour mood than to start dreaming? Create a list of what beautiful experiences you wish to have this year. Don’t say boring things like get a degree, a new job, etc. TELL ME YOUR BIG DREAMS, I will have an exotic vacation, I will progress my business, I will learn new talents…What is your passionate, blissful desires for this year ahead? Go wild. 🙂

29. Decorate Your Space
Maybe this is because I love creating and my love is an artist but nothing makes me feel better than decorating my home, Decorating my wardrobe, and decorating baked goods. I have no idea why but it just brings a smile to my face. What are new ways you can decorate your space?

30. Clean Your Home
Finding clarity in chaos…it’s so hard. You need to find order, the easiest way to create order is to align your energy space with order by cleansing your home and especially your room. Are you feeling unsettled? Look around you, maybe you just keep some order back from the chaos

31. Tell someone You love them
I love you

32. Write ten things down your are grateful for
The power of gratitude lives on! Gratitude attracts abundance, magnifies, multiples and aligns you with well-being. Gratitude puts us back in order with appreciation for what we have and what we desire to create. Create a gratitude journal, a jar, box or just say it outloud as much as you want. Gratitude attracts momentum and happiness.

33. STOP Complaining so much
When we are upset our first thing is to fight the resistance of the situation, “why does this happen to me every single time?!” You are telling the universe: “okay so you want this to happen every single time? Alright will do.” Try very very hard to stop complaining and your energy will prosper. I guarantee it.

34. Imagine Positive Outcomes instead of your “what if” negative scenarios
We jump to negative conclusions before we allow the positive outcome to manifest. What if this is a disaster??! but what if this is the best thing to happen in my life and transform my career? Do you see the difference. Why do we spend so much energy on negative scenarios that haven’t even happened yet? Begin imagining those negatives as positive outcomes. You’ll start feeling better already.

35. Pay it forward with kindness
We all have bad days but so do others, we don’t know their story. Give a good tip, wait 5 more seconds by holding the door for someone, leave notes of kindness in dressing rooms where people feel vulnerable, let a car go in front of you, when we pay it forward we send out a beautiful ripple that causes a chain reaction of kindness. Be that ripple.

36. Let go of expectations
Too much future speak brings in frustration, resentment and especially stagnation. Let go of the HOW it’s going to happen, how it’s going to show up and trust the process. Let go of your expectations of people especially, let go and surrender.

37. If frustrated, Do something else to change your focus completely.
Chances are if you are upset, you are over-thinking the situation WAY too much. You need to do something else. If I can’t figure out a problem, I need to stop thinking about the problem, then the solution will appear later as if by magick. When you change your focus, you allow that old energy to be released so new energy can enter.

38. Have an Orgasm
If you’re unhappy, you may just be sexually frustrated, maybe you need some good loving or self-pleasure. Orgasms are linked to the sexual energy of kundalini which means when you orgasm you can be brought to intense clarity and relaxation through surrender. It gives you a beautiful afterglow and reconnection with yourself. Love Yourself.

39. Cloud Gaze or Star Gaze
When was the last time you gazed at the sky in general? So many of us are so consumed with our lives that we never take in the beauty of simple wonders such as cloud gazing or stargazing. I remember one week I was so sleep deprived and we went to the park, I laid down on the grass with the baby and we just stared at the clouds. It was the most peaceful and serene day I had in weeks.

40. Spend Time in absolute silence + Stillness
Our lives can be filled with so much noise, that noise creates INNER noise mentally. A beautiful way to destress is by spending time in silence and stillness with yourself. A simple way to do this: lay in your bed with the lights off, just turn yourself off for a few minutes. Darkness creates light. Recharge.

41. Buy a new outfit
New outfit = change in identity. Identity connects to ego/solar plexus leads to happiness and fulfillment. Maybe we just need to look good to feel good again.

42. Be Playful – Embrace your inner child
Inspire Play by being light-hearted, daydreaming and using your amazing imagination. the universe is playful, when we’re able to be light, we can embrace the inner child. The simple wonders of simplicity again. Dance in your living room, sing in the shower, have a tickle war, a playful water fight in the bathroom, Be warmly spontaneous and fun. Life is playful. We are the ones who complicate things.

43. Compassion for others
Put yourself in their shoes, inside their eyes always see there is a reason for why people act the way they do. Find your compassion by seeing yourself within another’s eyes

44. Try a New recipe or Make something Different
I’m not an amazing cook but I used to be terrible until I started expanding my skills by making new things using google search. Do you eat the same thing every week or every two weeks? It can get depressing if you are limiting your diet to six meals of the same thing. Maybe you just need a new food in your body! Do some research, try something different, Moroccan lentil soup, Chicken Parmesan over noodles, Coconut chicken curry yumm.

45. Go Within + Connect  more with your source energy or frequency.
When you are irritable and unhappy, you are not connecting to yourself, you don’t need to do anything more outside, you need to stop right now and listen. Connect back to your source and home frequency. Breathe. Take a few deep breaths. Breathe.

46. Active Faith Through Trust & Surrender.
Active Faith is when we Act as if what we desire or intend is already present through faith and surrender. Say you really want chocolate ice-cream but you don’t have any, active faith is feeling I already have the ice cream because it’s on its way already. I really want that new job…oh wait I already have that new job. because the universe delivers when I trust and surrender. 😉

47. Listen More to Others + Listen to your Body
Do you listen deeply to others or are you thinking about what to say next in response? So many of us get stuck in wanting to talk over people that we miss the message people are telling us. That message is what the universe is teaching us. Listen receptively, eyes on eyes and watch the difference. Listen to your body, are you craving something? are you exhausted but still doing things? Rest. Relax. Sit back, Enjoy the ride.

48. Let More Sunshine In!
I cannot do a list on happiness without exclaiming how awesome letting more sunshine into your life will help boost your mood, stimulate serotonin and just give you good vibes. Letting light in is symbolic of letting more light into our soul!

49. Realize you have the God supply within you, there is always enough abundance to go around. You are Abundance because the universe lives within you. All is possible.

50. Imagine Life as if you were Unlimited:

What Beautiful experiences do you want to have?
What would you do?
What are your dreams?  
Your passions beyond the 9-5 and college degree? What moves you?

You can move mountains if you keep dreaming
You are Free

I hope this made you feel better

What makes you happy & what are your Dreams?
Let’s start a chain of positive energy, List Away in the Comments! 



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  1. Thank you for your fifty ways to happiness! It did help me into a better mood. I love reading everything you write and I always look forward to your articles. I’ve never written a reply before but I want you to know how appreciated you are!

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