We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing (32 articles), laying the groundwork for linking the new moon with the Great Year Ages and all that involves. This second spiral will look at the new and full moon charts. If you are new to Western Sidereal Astrology, please read this articleI am using charts drawn up for Washington, D.C. and use sidereal whole sign houses. If you want to know how to use Cycles of Healing with each new moon for deep healing, read this article.

There is a Piscean dominance of energy with Uranus, Sun, Moon, Venus and Ceres in the 12th house: peaceful, compassionate yin energy. We have courage in the face of ‘conventional wisdom’ and listen to the great wisdom of our own heart.

April 7, 2016 New Moon; Whole Houses; Sidereal Chart
April 7, 2016 New Moon; Whole Houses; Sidereal Chart

The Pisces New Moon is at 24° in the 12th house, conjunct Uranus at 26° 14’. Our connection to the hidden realms of the subconscious, or our relationship with the Divine is being highlighted. We may be disinclined to talk about our intense feelings and be even more sensitive than usual. We make headway when we realize we are ok inside, and with who we are (or into whom we are developing). What sudden insights do we gain at this new moon? What will develop for us this month? Use the polar axis, Virgo, to balance out sudden spontaneous compulsions: pay attention to the details and stay grounded.

For information about how to work specifically with the Great Age of Pisces Healing with the New Moon, please read this article.

Mercury 8° 43’ is almost exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune 8° 24’ in 1st house Aries which is exactly conjunct this chart’s Ascendant. We may have some heightened opportunities to communicate who we are over the next month (depending on where this hits in our personal charts as always for all these aspects). We take note and take the chance to own who we have become over these transformative years just past. We are beginning to shape a new future for ourselves and we start with the Word – telling our Truth to those we trust (not just to anyone, mind! That is wasted energy and no longer in our paradigm). Our minds (Mercury) come into a new cycle of enquiry, investigation and discovery (the new cycle commencing with Aries first house) about who we are (1st house).

Venus at 8° 06’ Pisces in the 12th will help us identify current appropriate values and aesthetics. During Her sojourn through Pisces, we may feel more insular and less gregarious. It’s time to go inward and feel where we are changing, what old values can be released so that we become more truly who we were meant to be. With all the planets in Pisces now, we are being invited to be much more internal than we might want to be at this natural outward Spring push. Venus is conjunct Ceres, so self care must be a priority for us. Best advice is to go with the flow, follow our authentic inclinations and navigate via synchronicity tempered with the truth of what we know our weaknesses to be. When Venus moves into Aries that will be the time for more social/relationship adventures. Enjoy this inward time. It can be so rewarding.

Mars at 14° 14’ Scorpio 8th squares Neptune at 16° 48’ Aquarius 11th. We could suddenly experience discouragement and the intense desire to escape from the world. Knowing that this is an astrological alignment that will shift eventually, we can make decisions accordingly and keep the Venusian self-care paramount. We notice what has gotten us down, journal about it, and keep it conscious. What is our Truth, and then, where would we rather be?

Mars goes retrograde April 17 at 15° Scorpio. We will get the opportunity to re-examine our desires to determine if they are our highest truth, our best use of energy. It is time to revisit the desires we have continually told ourselves are ours and make different choices. Be open to change.

Mars is bearing down on fixed star, Antares at the heart of the Scorpion constellation, approximately 16° Scorpio. Antares is traditionally associated with war and weaponry. We may see something along these energy lines manifest. At any rate, keep present and steer clear of argumentative people and potentially volatile situations. Step away from conflict by letting go of ego and the need to be seen to be right.

My personal experience with Mars conjuncting Antares is that of a great catalyst for internal transformation of desire, an energy that forges ahead into the area one is most focused upon. So, if we are in an aggressive mood or mode, that could be the link with war here, as it has been for the entire Kali Yuga in our Collective Conscious. I feel that at this time if we are focused on higher things, our personal spiritual path for instance, we may get a kick ahead along these lines. Mars has an approximate two-year orbit, so think about what was going on during the summer of 2014 and you may get a more concrete example. Mars will station retrograde right over Antares (April 5 – 29) and revisit it August 21st and 22nd after Mars turns Direct June 29th.

Retrograde Jupiter in 5th at 20º 42′ Leo squares Retrograde Saturn in 8th Scorpio: This square between  is one of the markers of historical change and potential upheaval as we try to maintain a status quo rather than shift habitual ways of doing things. This is the last square of the present 20-year cycle. The next cycle is exact in December 2020 – more about that at a later date. We will revisit this exact square in May after Jupiter goes Direct on the 9th. In the meantime, we take care to contemplate what is our deepest truth and how we might creatively express this when opportunity arises. What is really fun (Leo 5th house) for us and how might we incorporate such activities into our lives now? Saturn can limit our abilities to make inappropriate decisions, so if we find ourselves impatient, exasperated, or otherwise frustrated with life, know that what needs to be done is the seeking of our deepest truth (Saturn in the 8th Scorpio), not the expression (Jupiter retrograde in 5th Leo) of it yet. We so easily fool ourselves with too-fast decision-making and our culture maintains a hold over us by never allowing us a quiet moment to really reflect about what we’re up to. Take this opportunity to limit distractions such as online activities, and hang out in Nature to connect with that ever-so-quiet Inner Voice that will guide us when we take time to listen.

Retrograde Saturn 22° 11′ Scorpio trine Uranus 26° 14′ Pisces in the 12th. This is a very important aspect that allows us to feel our personal freedom whilst fulfilling our obligations – not something that happens all the time. The caution here is to not take on too many material duties because we don’t feel constrained by such things – now. We use this aspect to move through what is already on our plate, be that material or inner workings, to continue toward more freedom.

Pluto in 9th at 23º 22′ Sagittarius is just nudging up to the Mid-heaven, with less than 1º orb, which collectively indicates that intense transformative energies within the career/public sector may begin to be felt. The area of the worldwide political arena could come more into the forefront: big changes coming one way or another. Our philosophical lives continue to be upgraded and transformed to the degree we let go of long-cherished beliefs about what is and isn’t true for us. It may mean moving toward a more positive outlook, or embracing the authentic Nihilist within. No judgment, just change and moving toward balance.

Pluto goes retrograde April 18 at 23° Sagittarius. We will get the opportunity to re-evaluate our philosophy, educational goals, maybe our long distance travel plans. Be open to seeing things differently and change course if necessary without drama or trauma.

During this retrograde period, Pluto will conjunct the fixed star Vega at 21° Sagittarius exact mid-August and early November 2016. The urge to rise above the mundane and mediocre may manifest in a variety of ways. Having done our work, and continuing to do so, it behooves us to be clear about what we want now that so much has been jettisoned in our lives, to bring in something new, transformative and authentic. Pluto is slow moving, so we have plenty of time to prepare and get clear. We use the tools we know work for us to navigate this important opportunity.

Black Moon Lilith has just entered the Libran 7th house, with Juno at 17° 26’ Libra too. We may feel at odds with our deep personal relationships or question the possibility of the immanent arrival of a meaningful one. It’s time to feel into this experience of being exiled from something we feel we want or deserve. Feel it, grieve it, let it go: if we’ve wanted it forever and we still don’t have it, it may be that it is not for us. This process of letting it go allows the optimum turn of events to come into our lives when we are willing to change our programming and expectations. In fact, expectations automatically disallow certain other scenarios that may be more authentic to us. These more optimum scenarios become impossible with expectations, and the organization of the Universe will take longer.

Void Houses: another chart with empty houses two, three, and four: Taurus, Gemini and Cancer respectively, plus an empty Capricorn 10th house. These are, respectively:

If we are motivated to donate financial support to a friend in need or a group endeavor, be sure not to attach strings to that action. Let it be the free expression of love it needs to be.

We communicate our truth authentically, and encourage others to do the same. Integrity, congruity, and truth are the watchwords.

We may feel the need to meld our daily work environment with the energies of our home life. This will give us support for what we need to create at this time. Remember to flow.

This is not a time for career advancement or pushing oneself into the public arena. There may be lots of ambition just below the surface, but right now its time to let that come into one’s consciousness and reflect on where and how we want our lives to progress – and release expectation. Seek the truth within for now. All the planets in Pisces support this. This doesn’t change until the new moon in May, so make the most of this relatively quiet, internal time. It may be time to re-evaluate our career or public personae, become quite clear about it, and then a little later, it will be time to bring this change out into the world.

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