Today’s topic is one that we are all quite familiar with but often I find this isn’t really talked about. 

Have you ever had those moments where you feel sucked in by external influence, all of a sudden it’s 10 at night, and you’re wondering where your day went? 

The Moment we ditch external noise and truly plant ourselves in to our intuition is the moment we don’t just carry clarity, but we begin to hear ourselves again.

When you want to strengthen your intuition there are two things you gotta have on lock:

Discernment and Being Self-guided.

Without these two critical things, it’s easy to let your energy drift and let the wind take you in any direction. This is usually due to how our energy is planted in, if we’re not cultivating our intuition with a firm foundation it becomes easier to be externally influenced instead of being self-guided.

I’ve gotten really good at dismissing the noise of the internet in order to hear myself again.

It’s actually quite easy to be externally influenced when we constantly are consumed by phones and social media all the time.
This email is having your question over here,
This post on ig is making you compare your last 5 years in business & life decisions
This FB status is venting to you about their bad day – and suddenly you get thrown in the crossfire.

If we don’t have discernment between what we’re looking at, we will flutter from this flower to the next,

letting our energy drift and drift and drift – until we forgot what we were doing in the first place. and then forget who we are.

Because we’re letting our frequency become clouded by too many different noises.

Discernment and mind discipline is more than just a boundary, it’s an act of choosing to spend our energy wisely, entertaining where am i giving my time, focus, energy to?

Where am I valuing my energy?

Let me know how this topic lands for you by sharing your thoughts in the comments ??

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Have you ever been frustrated with your Manifesting strategy or practice? Thinking you’re doing all the right things, but it simply just isn’t working the way you want?

Heres the thing, it’s not that manifesting isn’t working for you. 

Chances are you’re just not being taught correctly how it actually works energetically.

Here’s the Truth – Manifesting is always working – But are you working it consciously or unconsciously?

When I started understanding manifestation – I began to see one critical missing link for so many people – It’s called Surface Level Manifesting and a majority of people teach manifesting without the true magnetism of becoming an energetic match. This is crazy!

I understand your frustration because surface level manifesting often sets us up for disappointment, self-sabotage and a lot of instagram envy. – But here’s what I do know, 

We all carry this ability inside of us to Manifest whatever our heart desires and beyond that, we carry the ability to Heal and Manifest from the inside out.

What if you began to see  that Raising your Vibe is actually one tiny piece to the manifesting puzzle and it’s actually about getting intimate with your Internal State instead?

What if you took a minute and threw everything you once knew about manifesting, out the window and began to Start Working on Manifesting from the Inside out not the outside in. 

Using your Magnetism, Understanding the Mind-body Connection and learning how to begin cleansing your Mindset. So the Actions start to become easier, more magnetic, more natural and allow you to jumpstart your alignment.

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