Mixing up the Blog a little to start doing more video posts – These will be simple, short and sweet vlogs that get right to the point and Teach on Topics Weekly. I’ll be dropping weekly Episodes on Youtube every friday and some will be featured on the blog too, like they’ve been before but more Direct. Enjoy!

Did you know Your Relationships can tell you a lot about how you’re manifesting?

Specifically – If your Attached or not. 

If you think about how any relationship can reveal a lot about you, we can also easily apply this to how we are currently manifesting.

This isn’t really about your Relationships at all but moreso seeing what is your Actual relationship to your own desired outcome? 

And How are you Showing up in that particular relationship? 

I’ve been reflecting a lot on how similar our relationships often mirror our most important relationship:
the one we have with our Intuition, higher self and manifested outcome. 

One of the easiest ways to understand your intuition and higher self, is to connect it back to your own personal relationships in your daily lives,
this can be any relationship, but especially your romantic partner.

When we’re in a solid, committed, dropped in, unconditional loving relationship –
There is a natural level of Flow, Conversation, Ease, normalcy, and Acceptance of self.

In a thriving relationship, we feel a deep sense of Trust, Faith, Inner Knowingness and most importantly we feel Accepted for who we are as ourselves.

Well that’s very simply put, the same relationship of being committed in a solid relationship with your intuition, your Soul, and manifested outcome.

If you notice yourself falling down the rabbit hole:
– Overly doubting yourself & Questioning yourself
– overthinking, overanalyzing, obsessing,
– Grabbing the cards every two minutes to get an answer
– Relying heavily on external influence
– Attaching yourself heavily to the outcomes and results
– Frequently worrying you’re not enough
– Picking yourself apart worried about your limited beliefs
– Relying on motivation outside of yourself

There’s something going on behind the scenes – 

In today’s video, Let me give you a fun analogy to help you see if you’re fiercely attaching to your outcome and how to begin letting go.

I sometimes find when I’m having a hard time understanding a concept, it’s easier to take out the mystical woo side and instead look at it from a different perspective.

So that’s exactly what we talk about in today’s video.

If you have trouble with the “how”s in manifestation or have a hard time with Attachment, this video is made for you love, 

Tune in to Watch this week’s Video + drop a comment with your thoughts on the topic below, subscribe for more fun tips.

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