I think when we start an article titled Overcoming our fears, it can be a bit audacious of me to talk about fear in such a simplicistic way. But The truth is fear is actually a very dense vibration on the vibrational scale.

Also I am not invincible, like everyone else on the planet. all of us experience fear. It’s actually pretty normal.

The problem arises when we live our entire state of being from fear and allow fear to control our lives.

We only perceive it as Big, Hairy, Scary, bigger than life itself in our minds, because we’ve trained our nervous system to MAKE IT HUGE in our minds.

So one thing I learned awhile back, is that it can be quite easy to give fear all of our power.

Growing up I was person who was quite afraid of everything, I lived consistently in a state of anxiety or pressure, I constantly felt small, unheard, unseen, shy, and tried to blend into the background a lot of the time. It wasn’t until I was quite older and did a ton of healing work on both my energy and mindset that I saw how Fear can quite purposely cause us to shrink and hold back.

Scientifically when we do this, we actually put our energy into reserve mode and literally will conserve all of our energy and shrink it into a state of fight, flight, freeze mode – putting us in a very indecisive and uncertain place.

So truthfully when it comes to fear, if it’s actually dense and we give it all of our power, decisions and operate from this place of survival, Why do we stay in fear?

To the ego it’s comfortable and It generates our survival mechanism. So regardless of what is going on – your brain literally will go into that space when triggered naturally because it’s something unfamiliar to the mind.

This means whenever we start something new in our lives?

You better believe it fear will come rev up its engine in your face as you go to take that action.

It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about whether it’s walking down a street by yourself, starting a new project, meeting a new guy or girl, having a baby, moving into a new neighborhood, or any new experience.

Fear will naturally be there. Because it is new. because New means change and the unknown.

It means getting slightly uncomfortable.

So It’s pretty downright ridiculous how in most spiritual communities we are often taught to shun, avoid or deny this part of ourselves – as if its suddenly going to go away everytime you have a new experience.

Or Worse – we place the blame outside of ourselves saying that this shadowy afraid part of ourselves is negative entities, energy vampires, or government comspiracies.


In my experience there are two ways we can look at our fear.

We can look at our fear from a perspective of flight, fight or freeze – stopping ourselves in our tracks, thinking it is wrong, bad, unhealthy.

Or we can begin to work with our fear and see it from a perspective of opportunity, growth, and naturally unlock our desires.

And Begin overcoming our fears, laughing at our fears, pushing beyond our fears and figuring out what they are here to teach us.

Because that is all fear truly is.

It’s a Process of Alchemizing your own Shadow.

Here’s one thing I know for certain, Fear Unlocks Desire. Every. Single. time.

In Today’s vlog, I’m going to take you back to a time where I was learning to overcome one of my own fears and what I discovered on how to overcome it easily.

Naturally, I wasn’t made for small talk so we deep dive into the process of what it is like energetically to step into the Quantum and override your fears by waking up to your natural desires.

Inside of each of us, we have a cosmic Soul Blueprint that unlocks our Potent Aligned Desires of our Heart, This part of us makes fear feel so small, so dim and we stop giving it the power. In today’s powerful video, let me begin to show you how you can start to reclaim your power from the inside out and start questioning your own b.s. fears for good!

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Until next time,

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