There have been many moments on my spiritual and healing journey that have had me discovering a deeper layer of myself to heal – but the amusing and often ridiculous lesson is that it is often the same thing disguised in a different outfit.

Our Past self.

We often think it’s all these outlandish concepts like past life karma, spiritual punishment, or insert your own fancy new age term and the reality it’s actually pretty simple. We just become blindsided by all the fancy terms, the theories and all the excuses that the ego brings up for us to stop addressing our wounds.

The reality is we all get triggered. We all experience pain at some point in our life. We all have an ego, and the whole concept of “High Vibe only” is a disguised trope that is harmful and completely distracts you from properly healing.

What I often see in many spiritual circles is this constant obsession with forcing themselves into a state of alignment or flow state. The need that if we are not higher vibrational, we are clearly:

  • Messing up our manifestation,
  • There is something wrong with us
  • we aren’t doing it right
  • We’re experiencing a negative thought therefore we are bad or wrong

and really the list goes on.

I think it stands to reason that from what I’ve seen, these people often say the same thing in a different question

“How do I constantly stay in the flow state?”

“How do I trigger my mind to be in my flow?”

“How do I get into alignment and stay there 24/7”

“Has anyone successfully stayed in a positive vibration for more than a day? How can I do that too?

“Today I had a negative emotion, what should I do?”

It’s often like this frantic, pressure inducing loop that is saying ‘how do i get in the flow, how do i get in the flow, how do i get in the flow’

That’s the exact opposite of flow….lol

To me, these are all the same red flags that are saying,
how do I avoid my emotions,
How do I stop feeling negative by forcing myself to be positive?

How Do I push away from the pain?

There is a lot of irony – when we realize when we are forcing ourselves to be positive or trying to control ourselves being a higher vibration – that’s completely the opposite of being in a higher vibrational, naturally flowy state of consciousness.

Never force high vibe or flow states, thats the complete opposite of being high vibe. High vibe only culture is incredibly harmful and negates how the body connects to its emotions to heal and release

I remember awhile back, when I was dealing with learning about my own emotional intelligence and how to move through it. I asked someone in a random group “well what do I do when everything is great, but suddenly I feel angry about something and it completely takes me out of my whole day and then I sabotage my vibration?”

This person said something that – years of not knowing how to regulate your emotions cut through in an instant.

She said “I just accept that i’m feeling a bit grumpy today, I accept that, I let myself feel that way and then move on”

When we Accept how we feel we literally stop making it into such a big deal in our minds that – we deactivate it’s power over us and begin to see it for what it is.

In today’s vlog, Let’s talk about this even deeper and what it means to Make Space for Healing

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