Today I have a very familiar but also unsual topic to cover this week. How do we Choose Soul certainty in such an uncertain world. Most people will probably tell you the obvious answer that you simply have to just get used to living in uncertainty and life’s unpredictable ways that feel outside our control. But, I’m here to tell you something a little more different that you may or may not have realized.

You can always claim Certainty within yourself.

The moments when you feel powerless, feel unsafe, feel lack of security or support – Those are actually the moments when you can Empower yourself to Choose Certainty within yourself.

In those moments you can choose to reach for feeling in your body that make you feel safe, supported, grounded, rooted.

I often approach things like a scientist, I’m not sure why but I am always on a consistent mission to ‘prove’ or ‘experiment’ my findings and test them out because What I am actually doing is hunting for certainty.

It’s often how the ego gets the better of me sometimes – I like to prove myself with certainty on the outside.

Maybe you can relate in some ways, it’s actually the way our subconscious operates. It tends to want to prove that you are correct and look for the evidence that supports this claim outside of yourself.

However the Fear-mind also likes to prove it is correct and puts you on the channel of feeling the evidence of paranoia, lack, scarcity or not enoughness. When we allow ourselves to be overun by the fear-mind we tend to hit up on this edge where we feel:

  • It’s easy to question or doubt ourselves
  • we frequently feel we’re simply not enough
  • We let the negative self-talk run rampant in our minds
  • we freeze instead of taking the action we want to take
  • or we come up with tons of excuses as to why we can’t do things

Fear can show it’s face in many different disguises but ultimately it is when we’re in this space of deep uncertainty, it can feel like free-falling.

This is when we need something to anchor back into and know without a shadow of a doubt, it’s all okay.

Some call this Faith, I call this Soul Certainty.

What is Soul Certainty?

Soul certainty is when we allow ourselves to be guided from within and anchor into our personal sense of emotional security. We feel rooted in a deep knowingness, faith, belief in ourselves and stand firm in our decisions.

Essentially Soul certainty is rooted in creating self-empowerment in our lives.

It’s the part of us that is intuitive but also allows that intuition to guide us deeper from within ourselves.

When we choose soul certainty within ourselves, we’re no longer allowing the fear-mind to drive us as much anymore. It’s still there, but the voice of Soul, Intuition, Higher Self it is so much louder because now we are certain.

I think in today’s society, depending on being self-led in a very externally influenced world is a pure act of rebellion, but it is necessary.

To see and hear clearly, to know our pure authenticity, we must learn to cultivate that space within ourselves.

So that when the fear does happen, we now have a FIRM foundation to stand on. If we don’t have that foundation in place,

that is usually when we feel super overwhelmed, full of doubt, afraid, worrying, paranoid or especially anxiety. Because we are literally moving and operating in our world on a rocky foundation that is relying more on the fear, our survivial instinct versus the part of us that is connected to Support, clarity, guidance, higher consciousness aka Soul.

There is a power in trusting your own Intuitive voice, strengthening that voice inside of you and learning to nourish it like a plant in your life. It is a consistent practice of waking up and choosing soul over fear. Quite frankly it is a habit.

In today’s Vlog, I wanted to explain in depth what it means to choose certainty in such an uncertain world. Along with some tips to help you see why when we are externally influenced we can allow the fear to drive us which influences our results.

Click play to watch the soul download that came through.

One of the most empowering things to realize is that we are always more powerful than our external circumstance. We can begin to see that these were simply the building blocks of our past manifested thoughts, beliefs, actions and habits.

And we ALWAYS carry the ability to override them,

Choose Soul Certainty

And Claim what we deeply desire and long to feel internally.

Knowing Fully that what we see and feel inside of us is real and fully available to us.

On that Note, I’d Love to hear your thoughts or if you have further questions in the comments, Subscribe to the new channel where I will be sharing week to biweekly videos on the blog. Also a moment of appreciation to celebrate a small win, we already hit over 500! Thanks for following along,

Have a blessed Day!

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