As Valentine’s and Mercury Retrograde are both happening this week, I felt drawn to talk more on Feminine Energy this week on the blog.

The reason being, Our Divine Feminine Energy teaches us a ton on how to receive the soul guidance we truly need. As I always say, Mercury Retrograde Heightens our Right-brain center of our mind. In this same way, We could also say Mercury retrograde heightens our Divine Feminine energy and teaches us to tap into our Feminine Flow.

So What does it really mean to be in the Flow State?

We often hear this term of , Flow, superflow, being in a heightened state of awareness and yet we still frequently see a ton of super logical, step by step, connect a, b, c, analytical processes that completely dismiss our feminine nature!

Whether what you Identify as your gender, we have both masculine and feminine, yin and yang, right and left brain hemispheres operating all the time within our minds. This has at its core nothing to do with gender and everything to do with how our mind processes information.

However as a society many of us have been taught to drastically suspress our feminine nature, dumb down our emotions, our feelings and dismiss our intuition for merely a ‘coincidence’ or ‘chance encounter’

We forget what it means to truly be Tapped in, guided, in a state of pure flow and self-led from our soul guidance system.

The part of us that is connected fully to our higher self, the part of us that is connected deeply to our soul.

Instead what we witness is overly dominate masculine and uneducated, abandoned or neglected feminine that numbs out our intuitive nature.

This cuts ourselves off from hearing Soul, our intuition, or most notably our higher self.


Many of us have grown up not being able to regulate our emotions, we were simply never taught how or we had to self-educate ourselves to know how,

we feel we are too much, not enough,

We feel our energy is all over the place,

Then we tell ourselves, no this is obviously overactive empathy,

this is just an ascension symptom gone bad,

This is me feeling too much, being too much, expressing too much,

NO – This is you,

Tapping into the fullest version of you while still trying to be in your left-brain not able to tap in fully to Receiving the messages that need heard from within you.

So we say we are either way too much or we’re simply not enough, – What a paradox to live in such a state? I know i’ve felt this way many times.

and in reality what is going on is we’re not choosing or understanding that we desire to be activating that feminine current within ourselves.

That is non-linear, abstract, full of expression, visions, soul downloads of information and instead – we’re holding on to that pushing energy in the masculine that tells us – to keep going further, keep chasing the message, keep reading the book, keep doing the things,

But Our Feminine is saying the opposite – it’s saying, please slow down, please look deeper, where are you looking but not seeing?
Where are you talking but not listening?

Let me show you the way, relax, lean back and receive it.

Allow it in.

It shows us what needs to seen from the unseen.

the place that most of us feel is too much, overbearing, over compensating, something is wrong with us, or completely often neglected for many –

is the feminine trying to come through and speak THROUGH us,

if only we would listen.

So the Feminine Within You, It often feels difficult or misunderstood when we are pushing, forcing, or controlling the outcomes in our lives.

Or in the opposite spectrum we’re numbing out, dumbing down, suspressing our emotions, shaming our negative emotions and simply being in the place of suspressing our feminine.


For me, the feminine energy feels like this deeper place within you, where colors suddenly have a different hue, you’re in the dance with life itself,

fully expressing yourself, In a state of pure Beingness and embodiment.

It feels like this viseral experience where you are open to receive, relaxed receptivity and in this place the guidance always comes.

In todays vlog, lets go into the depths of what it means to be fully tapped in to your feminine energy and receive guidance. I share some valuable tips and scenarios to help you really break down how to start activating your feminine

If this message deeply served you, i’d love to hear your own thoughts or questions in the comments!

Love ya,

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