There have been times in my life where It’s been difficult to really let in compliments or support. I am very grateful that i’ve mostly healed this wound but it does still come up on occasion.

I would notice this pattern with myself where I would instantly create a deflection with compliments, receiving gifts or support.

Often during these times I would accidentally create a fight with my partner usually due to helping around the house lol or I would often beat myself up about something or another – completely dismissing the compliment as if it just flew right over me and ricocheted off of me.

I began to notice something specifically about these situations: I had a very hard time accepting and allowing in my highest good.

I had a very hard time ALLOWING and most importantly receiving.

There’s this interesting concept that isn’t really talked about in the spiritual community because its just too ego – which is the concept of DESIRE and receiving.

To go back to my little story here – I began to realize I had some confusing and conflicting beliefs around desire that were completely DEFLECTING my receiving capacity. Mainly around allowing in more love, support and acceptance.

Maybe you can relate in some way – what i began to see over the years of healing this wound around receiving is it’s often linked in our beliefs around desire itself.

At some point in my childhood i got yelled at a ton for asking for things and this belief got ingrained in me. So as I often asked, I feared rejection or immediately deflected receiving as I was often treated to be felt guilty or undeserving for asking for what i want.

Our beliefs from childhood naturally affect our adulthood unless we begin to actively change them and heal them. This is a big part of the work that i do.

Often in the spiritual community there is a lot of stigma around acting like a monk, saying materialism is bad, desire itself is the root of suffering and that desire is way too ego to want what you want – you should just be happy now. Be high vibe and grateful all the time. Its wrong to want excess or too greedy to want more than what you’re settling for – but who actually decided that?

is there some official rule book in the sky that decides that is the way it truly is or is that just the dogma we’re often fed in society?

Yeah all those things are true to an extend but at the core root of Desire is our innate longing to EXPAND, GROW, and BIRTH the new in our lives.

It can be very freeing to admit to yourself: It’s okay to want what you want unapologetically

It’s even more powerful to see and feel into:

How do you personally define desire?

Is desire good or bad? Why?

Do you deflect around receiving and allowing?

Or do you actually allow yourself to take that compliment in, to step back and allow support to carry you, do you fully allow yourself to lean back and receive?

Truly –

Often times we can get stuck on the manifesting journey for this very reason: We’re simply not allowing ourselves to receive because we have some conflicting beliefs around desire itself.

This was a huge breakthrough for me personally – I began to see by not reflecting I was DEFLECTING – like a boomerrang. I would have someone say i’m pretty but then i’m secretly thinking ‘but my hair actually looks awful today, what are you talking about’ – Now try this with me:

Substitute what you truly deeply want or desire to manifest with my scenerio with the compliment – Do you now see that what is truly going on is a manifestation of Deflection.

So as I’ve learned, The concept of desire can be a little confusing especially in the spiritual community.

I find we usually have some conflicting beliefs when it comes to desire and manifesting, this is often a big missing piece that holds back a lot of people on the spiritual journey. It Is the connection between desire and receiving.

However as I explain in the video this is usually because we’re only feeling into the surface level of desire not the depth of our emotional Fulfillment.

I truly believe our desires are a gift from the divine showing us our soul’s natural next level of expansion in life that desires to express itself.

But as i’ve learned – the first step is to get unapologetic about Your Desires and Receiving. Its about giving yourself permission to fully get clear on what you want and desire for your life.

So Let me ask you – Do you unapologetically receive?

If not, it’s time to change the script you’re telling

And begin to unapologetically allow in your highest good.

are you with me?

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