I don’t know what it is about January but it always makes me feel a mix of emotions from lack of motivation to wanting this deep reset toward my life.

Maybe you’re feeling similar?

When it comes to January and starting off the new year, I notice I really tend to have to kick my own butt back into action and get essentially recommitted to my goals, intentions and just my big WHY for what I do what I do.

January offers us a interesting reset energy where we can truly begin to do things differently and so if you’re like me, I feel like we also need a BOOST, a kick start to really start boosting some momentum again in our lives.

So I invite you to think about, how can you begin to start and let the pressure off in your own life?

Maybe it’s writing a list, taking up a new practice, doing a brain dump to get all thoughts on paper, maybe its just jumping in headfirst to a new habit or goal. Whatever it is for you – know that it’s completely normal to feel this way, especially as we enter a new year. It really is like the first chapter of a book and January really holds the focus of laying down foundation, Getting Started, Dreaming Big and truly opening yourself up to Change.

One thing that is also fun with January is thinking about what truly lights you up and puts your soul on fire with intense motivation.

Maybe that’s music, writing, creativity, driving in your car, exercise, releasing some endorphins with movement, decluttering, what can you do to physically MOVE the energy.

Sometimes that is truly all it takes to get that momentum going again.

That’s just my two cents as I know January can usually bring up a lot of feelings for many people.


In today’s Vlog, I had a powerful soul download around how we take ourselves in and out of our Manifesting Power

Let’s talk about why its important to know when you’re taking yourself out of your power and what you can begin to do to start to get out of that cycle,

It’s actually way more simple than you think

And you may be surprised on realizing what Manifesting actually is,

I explain more deeper in the video

But Basically Manifesting is activating a Set Vibration and the more we choose to become an energetic match, we begin manifesting from a sustainable energy.

Tune in to the soul download below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The Beginning steps of Manifestation is ultimately to begin to be more intentional,

Hope you enjoyed this video,

Remember the universe is inside of you

and you hold the power to design your life,

P.S. Did this message strongly resonate with you? Are you ready to learn how to truly OWN your Power and Activate your Manifesting Potential?

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love ya



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