I have a confession to make, I am a terrible procrastinator. However over the years i’ve learned to work with my procrastination. There reaches a point where you just decide to get over yourself and do the damn thing anyway. And at some point, I decided to stop letting my fears get in the way of How I was showing up in my life.

I also worked a ton on my root chakra in the process of that lol.

I think it’s easy for many of us to let the excuses or complaints be more powerful in our minds than focusing on the good because quite frankly we’re used to it and it’s the easier route.

It’s much easier to complain or say we’re stuck, because it means nothing has to change and we can stay right where we are. We can do this a lot if we’re not careful and it can completely leave us in a place where we’re so comfortable we’re actually afraid of change.

One thing I find really funny when it comes to understanding the Ego is oftentimes your Ego acts up because it’s Bored. We’re not meant to stay stagnant for a long period of time, we’ve always been meant to expand, grow, learn new habits, change routines and expand out of our comfort zone.

The problem is usually this though, we rely too heavily on the fear, uncertainty and focus heavily on the problems within our lives so much so that its the normal everyday thing.

Until we’re willing to change it, our ego will like to act up telling you its bored and decides to create a ton of drama llama to entertain itself.

It can actually be pretty hilarious if you look at your negativity in this way. One of my coach friends always told me to remember to laugh at my fears because they’re just showing the way forward. And to this day, I still hold think about that because its very true.

Your fears always unlock your personal desires to expand.

The Reason we hold ourselves back is not due to being unworthy, not capable, not good enough, or lost down the rabbit hole of hunting limited beliefs.

It’s not even due to all the excessive clearing and healing work we think we must do to heal our broken-ness.


No, it’s about remembering your wholeness.

That begins with Self-Encouragement

One of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is to begin to change the story of ‘healing our broken self’ into one of personal empowerment.

I think the hugest piece to healing that so many miss is relying on their own self-belief, tenacity, self-acceptance, and personal self-encouragement.

This is a little bit deeper than just ‘think positive thoughts’

So let me ask you something important,


Did you know it’s actually more normal to feel disappointed and criticize yourself, instead of being your own personal Cheerleader?

This is one of the biggest reasons many people hold themselves back.

It’s not that you can’t do it or you’re not capable, it’s mainly just the resistance in your mind has grown so big that you can no longer hear the way forward – You’ve made it so much bigger than what it is that it all feels impossible.

But the truth is it’s not,
you’re more than capable,
everything is possible and you just need to do one critical thing,

begin believing in yourself.

This is where Self-Encouragement comes in.

In today’s vlog, I talk about why disappointment can seem more normal in our minds and how leaning on encouragement can change our lens of perception to help us move forward with more ease.

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Give yourself an Energetic Check-in:

  • Where do you feel you most get stuck when it comes to visioning work?
  • When it comes to goal setting, where do you find yourself getting stuck in inaction?
  • When it comes to following through, where do you suddenly stop?


What if you allowed your personal encouragement to drive you forward instead, across all areas of your life,

how would your life begin to shift & change?

Sending love for a Magical Holiday Season,

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When we choose alignment, our life begins to flow, we become magnetic and things naturally begin to fall in place.

This is one of the best challenges to start the year on the right foot.

This challenge focuses on all things alignment.

Learning how to shift your energy back into alignment so you enter the flow zone,
Learning how to raise your vibration naturally so you’re not faking it til you make it.
Learning how to deactivate the Resistance to doing the dang thing and get super clear on Expanding your Soul Awareness
Learning to Manifest from a space of Alignment with my simple framework.

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