One of the most pivotal shifts we can make on our manifestation journey is to realize our Old Normal cannot co-exist with our New Normal. So the question becomes, are you actually changing your normal?

Depending on how you’ve learned about manifestation, you may have an entirely different perspective after this conversation & watching my Manifestation Hack below.

As ive studied manifestation I feel like there is two wildly different ways we tend to manifest.

Were either surface level manifesting Or we’re approaching manifestation from this level of what I like to call, embodied co-creating with the quantum.

If you’ve never heard of the term Embodied or Embodiment, its really just a fancy term for Alignment in Action or Being in an Energetic Harmonic State with our desires aka Being an Energetic Match towards your desires.

Embodiment is A State of BEING.

This is often why surface level manifesting can only go so far until you’re frustrated, doubting yourself, or freaking out about why things aren’t working.


I think I should start by saying some of these concepts are still great if we use them and embody them correctly.

Surface level manifesting is exactly as it says, we’re only working with the surface level, or external.

Surface level manifesting can look like: 

  • Reciting empty affirmations disconnected from our feelings
  • Focused on strict vision boards posting pictures at random Saying, I think I’m doing this right, not sure…
  • Asking for signs on what to do, not trusting our intuition to take action
  • Feeling the universe is Santa or a Genie and you’re a bad girl who is punished or cursed if it doesn’t appear in a week
  • Frantic manic manifesting pushing the hustle life to make it happen 
  • Visualizing fantasies/daydreams all day w/o taking action 
  • Obsessed with the  chase & on the hunt, (this was often me lol )
  • Feeling you have unnecessary Past Life Karma that is blocking you from what you desire.

Embodied Co-creating can Look Like:

When we’re embodied we’re connecting the mind back to the body through the mind-body connection. Surface level manifesting is usually very heady or higher chakra, where we’re disconnecting ourselves from our body.

Embodied co-creating from the quantum is learning how to manifest from a sustainable energy of utilizing the mind-body connection.

Embodied co-creating can feel like:

X Setting Intentions that connect to our feelings & beliefs× getting into alignment before action
× Embodying the feelings you desire to feel
× stepping into Soul Certainty 
× Activating intentions & remembering they are DONE.
 × knowing its already yours
×working on beliefs & habits to instill potent action forward 
× trusting the process
× knowing you are the universe and always connected to the quantum reality 
× raising your standards and Energetic boundaries 

Let’s talk about that last one, In my vlog this week, I’m going to show you a fun manifestation hack to uplevel your understanding of manifestation if you’ve only been approaching it from the surface level of manifesting.

This little manifestation hack is a unique way to approach and understand manifestation that goes deeper than vision boards & affirmation work.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I have a confession to make, I can’t stand vision boards lol. They are random, misguided and lame…

my dream isn’t in a magazine picture that I glue on cardboard because it feels good. My dream lives in me because I’m cocreating it from within.

I personally prefer pinterest ( more variety lol) boards, writing daily intentions, embodiment work, belief work, and really getting over the fantasy surface level manifesting into belief creation, aligned action and embodiment ?

In today’s vlog let’s talk about How you can begin to Step into your New normal, with my Manifestation Hack on how you are currently viewing manifestation. Enjoy!

What does this bring up for you in terms of understanding manifesting?

I’d love to hear your soul takeaways below. Or Subscribe to the New Youtube Channel for more Manifesting & Energy Tips!

Sending Blessings for a beautiful holiday season,

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