Such a Fun topic coming through today, Let’s talk Energetic Magnetism.

So if you asked me like a few years ago, what is energetic magnetism and its relationship to manifesting, I probably would of gave you a funny confused look thinking ‘what the heck is this person talking about?’

So I get it. the word Magnetism gets throw around a lot and It seems pretty fluffy or weird, right?

It’s actually more quantum and scientific than we make it seem.

At the Heart of our lives, We are Energetic Beings. You are Energy & I am Energy. This is scientifically documented. What is known as an ‘aura’ is actually a torus energetic field that communicates to our nervous system. There are Frequencies and Energetic fields around everything, whether we’re talking radio waves, microwaves, sound waves, or even the vibrations behind our words.

we are a moving, oscillating, frequency wave-making ripple waves in the world with our vibes, words, thoughts, & feelings. And so is the world at large even as a collective wave. As I’ve stretched your mind to think about all the waves you’re making, pun intended, Let’s dive into how vibration works!

We Often here the concept of Law of Attraction and think the secret’s view of ‘like attracts like’. However, it’s a little bit more than simple vision boards & like = like as what is really going on behind the scenes of Magnetism.

Since we are Energetic Beings, we know that Energy is always oscillating. This means, we all have a Particular Frequency we are emitting 24/7 within and around our body all the time. This NEVER goes away.

It is the universal law of vibration or the law of magnetism at work.

At the same time, The Heart of Kundalini Awakening Is Energetic Work, Energetic Magnetism and learning to clear up our own personal energetics so you can begin to shift them.

But what does this have to do with Manifesting and understanding our energy body?

The More we understand HOW our Magnetism works, within our Personal Energetics, we can begin to manage our energy and learn to shift our energy.

When we actively know how to manage and shift our energy, we can begin to influence our Magnetism. 😉

And Guess what Magnetism truly is?

Our ability to Manifest and co-create through a particular state and vibrational frequency we are emitting.

That’s what it really means when we say Law of Attraction.

What we really are saying is I am an Energetic Magnet.

Sounds a little complicated, That is why I broke it down in this week’s video on my Youtube.

In today’s Vlog I’m sharing my personal Tips & demonstrating How Energetic Magnetism works through the law of vibration in our day to day lives. This one is pretty funny.

I have a tendency to bring out my silly side when analogies are involved. Check it out below.

So lovely, How are you vibin’ Today?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, soul takeaways and questions in the comments, Subscribe to the new channel, where I’ll be sharing more videos with Energy & Manifesting Tips for your own journey.

Sending Love,

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