Hey Soul Tribe, Today I wanted to share in my vlog, a few clips from an interview I did on Crown Chakra Awareness. This is a chakra that I usually receive a ton of questions about because of its association of Spiritual Enlightenment.

However I think its even more fun to breakdown how simple it is to begin working with the crown chakra and move aside the rule book that it’s just a center for ultimate enlightenment.

The Crown Chakra actually is the center that holds the systems, habits & belief systems we’re operating on.

If we want to begin really changing anything in our life, it begins with getting in touch with the crown chakra.

The fastest way to change is to first slow down and begin bringing awareness to the system, you’re operating on.

So if we were to break this down simply, I made a little info graphic on it.

Our Crown Chakra Connects to our Beliefs

This is Why the Crown Chakra is the center towards enlightenment because reality is made of our beliefs and enlightenment is the realization of higher perceptions of reality. They kinda go hand in hand together, we just don’t often realize this because there is such a stigma about the entire concept of enlightenment.

So here’s something interesting, if we have imbalances in the crown chakra,

They will come up as:

  • Obsessively attaching ourselves to the How/outcomes
  • Skin issues – (the system we contain our soul in)
  • Disbelief or lack of believing in self (our belief systems)
  • Doubt or Lack of Faith (doubt in our Higher Power)
  • Dissociated from the physical world
  • Misalignment in life, certain beliefs or actions we take
  • Always trying to prove themselves right
  • rigid beliefs or believing we live in a fixed or limited world
  • Feeling lost or confused on their spiritual path

The Crown Chakra really displays for us our Direction in life.

The habits we operate with and shows us where we are expanding or contracting our energy in our daily life.

As you can see the best way to begin working with and opening the crown is by getting in touch with the Systems you are operating on. As the Crown is all about Systems, Structures & Processes that make up our reality.

So cool right?

In today’s vlog, I give you a Crown Chakra Breakdown so you can begin bringing awareness to your own Crown Chakra and learn to open it. 🙂

We’re often taught that the crown chakra is the most important piece of our spiritual awakening but do we know what that really means?

Do we truly know what it means to be awakened or are we getting lost down the fluffy rabbit hole of buzz terms in the spiritual community?

we don’t often see the simplicity that your crown chakra is dominated around your SELF-BELIEF and active faith within yourself, your connection to higher self, higher power, universal consciousness/God-consciousness, however you like to identify it.

It’s about awakening that aspect of yourself that is the observer, the co-creator and learning to cultivate your own self-belief within.

I’d love to know what you think about this, Drop me a comment below or subscribe to the new youtube channel for more Tips!

Until Next Time,

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