Coming at ya today with a truthbomb that can crack open your manifesting game. One Thing I’ve learned a ton about when it comes to manifesting & Chakra work is this critical rule:

Your Direction is always more important than your speed.

Once you really get this, you can begin to drastically shift your life.

So we have to realize that when it comes to manifesting, co-creating or receiving anything, Our Energetic Set point is the most critical factor because

a. It determines your direction.

b. It determines your action.

c. It determines what you’re co-creating with your reality

This means that our habits actually hold a huge piece in our manifesting & healing journey because if our habits are automatically pointed in the wrong direction,

Our direction is off, the actions we take are misaligned, and we often disconnect ourselves from our results.

This is due to one missing piece: Your Energetic Magnetism

On insta-story today, I riffed a little on what energetic magnetism does towards your manifesting. But here’s a summary, When our magnetism is Off – we disconnect the mind from the body.

This influences the action we take within our solar plexus chakra, which to be honest make or breaks your manifesting potential!

Why Because it influences the Actions you take.

Your Action is influenced by your intention and the energetics behind it. 

Your Chakras help show you what you are magnetizing by what you are receiving in your present reality. The more we begin to change our magnetism, we begin to change the habits, the actions, the direction, and inevitably our results.

When we slow down, we’re able to bring observer consciousness towards our resistance patterns, what is looping in our nervous system, what we are attracting, and so forth. 

If your energy is pointed in the opposite direction, you’re in resistance

You’re completely mis-aligned with your manifestation. 

Therefore the answer is to ultimately begin to work with changing your Magnetism!

In today’s vlog Let’s dissect how your Actions can influence your manifesting potential and what you’re a vibrational match for.

Once you begin to understand the systems you’re operating on, you can shift it all and seriously change your life. I explain much deeper in the video 🙂

What does this bring up for you?

I’d love to hear your soul takeaways in the comments or if this message served subscribe to my new youtube channel where you’ll have first access to when my next video drops 😉

Hope this message serves your own Manifesting Game!

Until Next time,

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