Have you ever had those moments when you’re trying to manifest something but rather than seeing what you want, you start to see the opposite? It is actually pretty common that when some people set those Intentions, they start to see an array of different things that often aren’t remotely similar to what they do want. This used to frustrate me all the time.  They start to see what they don’t want, it leaves them discouraged and they often give up or say manifesting is a pipe dream. 

If you are secretly saying ‘that’s totally me,’ I feel you! This is usually what happens when we’re not connecting the principle of manifesting to how the Mind & body actually co-create. 

We’re basically fighting with the subconscious mind and failing because we’re not actually working with the body, we’re unconsciously going against how the mind-body system manifests. 

Over the years i’ve studied a ton on How manifesting works but I really didn’t hit my breakthrough point until I started learning outside of the realm of law of attraction.

Instead, I started learning how the mind works, more specifically I begin to learn a lot about how the mind-body connection works to Heal & manifest through our lives. 

The most powerful Lesson to learn with Manifesting is Everything is a Mirror. 

The Internal Reality creates the external reality – consciously or unconsciously. 

Therefore  The easiest way to understand manifestation is to connect it back to how the mind actually works.

Manifestation is simply a product of habit creation.

Habits influence our Manifesting All. the. Time. 

When we think about this idea of manifesting, a lot of things can come into our head about how we perceive manifestation. If we come at it from the New age realm, we usually think of manifesting as creating fancy vision boards, reciting affirmations all the time, writing magic checks, and often do a bunch of different things like manic manifesting( we excessively take action, control our outcomes and thus control our results) 

When we come at manifestation this way, we’re actually missing the meat of manifesting which is about understanding your Mind & Energetics by connecting that back to the body through your habits( that you’re creating) 

The fluffy rituals don’t do shit, if you don’t have your mind & energetics in the right place. They CAN be useful but they are simply tools to help move the vehicle – But the most powerful Tool of Manifesting is ultimately your Mind & your Energy. 

So if you’re feeling discouraged with manifesting, you’re saying affirmations repeatedly and not really getting anywhere. 

I invite you to take a step back and try a new approach, Begin to get in touch with your personal energetics, your mindset and what habits you’re creating with your manifestations.  

I dive deep into this in today’s Vlog topic on How Manifestation Connects to our Habits & what to do about it.

A big piece of manifestation is about cultivating our habits 
And those habits are nurtured within your chakras. 

Your Habits that have evolved since your childhood creating emotional triggers are also influenced from your chakras.  
The Chakras can ultimately become the Energetic map that teaches us how to work with our own Energetics, Habits & Manifestations. 

Everything is a mirror showing you what needs to be seen. The Universe is talking to you through everything around you – what is showing up? Are you listening to the message? ? 

My Awakening Tip today is to ask yourself: 

Create Awareness:

What are your habits currently with your Intentions & goals? 

What is going on under the surface? 

Need Deeper Support on the chakras? My New Masterclass: Daily Habits, Daily Flow with the Chakras we’ll go deep into these topics on habit creation & Learn to create mind-body rituals to enhance your Chakra Practice. Learn more here: Daily Habits, Daily Flow with the chakras

Have any Questions on Habit Creation, Chakras or manifesting, drop it below – Love hearing from you all!

Remember the universe is inside of you and you hold the power to design your life 😉

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