How to Open your Perspective to Shift & Pivot out of the b.s.

Perspective. Perspective. Perspective is truly your personal catalyst towards transformation. Perspective teaches us to get out of reactive habits. It also teaches us to stop allowing our external circumstances to rule our behaviors. When we begin to open our perspective we develop the ability to shift & pivot. Let’s discuss this!

The simple concept of “Perspective is everything” has been blowing my mind for quite some time. I think especially this has magnified a lot for many of us as we’ve been thrown into the chaos that has been 2020.

Let’s Face it, To be the observer in a world of constant fixation on duality and external validation is a radical act of rebellion.

When we begin to understand Our Perception is influencing our reality, a few things can come into our point of awareness.

For one, we begin to see we are not exactly our thoughts, but the direct observer of those thoughts. However it is with our Perspective, that we begin to see thoughts themselves can be passing visitors or they can hold us hostage in our minds.

Also with Perspective, we have the ability to become the gentle, non-judgmental observer of our thoughts, actions & habits.

Perspective teaches us to see from the fear-mind to the Soul, The Ego lense of logical analytical reasoning vs, the more expansive limitless energetic field of possibility.

Perspective also teaches us that the ego and the soul are linked, that our shadows reveal the light.

When we begin to open up our perspective, our entire world can begin to change in an instant. As we think of concepts such as change, transformation, healing, what are they but micro-steps of consistent perspective shifts in our every day lives? We have a perspective shift to change jobs, to leave that person, or to embark on a new adventure.

Like it or not, Our Perspective and the energetic exchange behind our perspective, make up a lot of our day to day decisions consciously or unconsciously.

I don’t always feel we conceptualize the gravity of how much perspective is dominating our Beliefs, feelings & actions we take.

We can have a perspective that life can be really really hard, a constant struggle, a constant push up a very long hill. A constant need to over-achieve and over-do to prove ourselves worthy. We can also carry a perspective that life can be really really good, that everything works out in our favor for the highest good, that life is happening for us not to us & we can do less and receive more.

That’s the power of perspective shifts.

How we VIEW reality through our perception can make or break our habits and manifestations.

And its with this awareness that we begin to see:

Your DIRECTION is far more important than your speed.

When we begin to Open up our Perspective, we begin to create NEW awareness and that new awareness starts opening up your mind to new ideas, new opportunities, new insights, that truly weren’t even there before until you decided to be OPEN and receptive to them.


So When it comes to opening your Perspective, it’s about allowing, receiving information and opening up our mind instead of deflecting information via resistance.

It’s about stepping into being the observer.

In today’s vlog, I talk about how to easily begin opening up your perspective towards your current reality and understand your current point of vibration. So you can begin creating awareness towards your own perspectives and how to shift them. Enjoy!

How do you think you can begin to see things differently in your own life? How can you step more into the observer over the person who reacts?

Did today’s message resonate with you? Share with me your biggest soul takeaways in the comments & join my new youtube challenge by dinging the bell

p.s. Needing deeper assistance with this, Check out the Reconnect to Soul Challenge in the shop to help

Why I felt called to make this challenge for our community:

Many of us are feeling uncertainty, low motivation, stuck in inaction or falling into procrastination right now. This is the perfect time to get reconnected to soul and amplify our intuition.

When we reconnect to soul, we feel motivated to jump into action.

We need a spiritual tune up & a mini challenge is a perfect way to do that. 

If you are feeling:
+ You have trouble with following through
+ Low Motivation
+ Stuck in Inaction
+ Procrastinating
+ Caught up in fear or uncertainty
+ need help connecting to spiritual guidance
+ ready to expand your third eye
+ cultivate your intuition

This is probably the challenge made for you!

Check it out below.

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