Awhile back in March, I did an interview with my Coach Natalie Brite for her membership and she asked me a pivotal question around energy work. She said “How do you feel we can apply the chakras to current times?” and here we are in August, I’m still thinking the same thing.

We need more emphasis on the Lower chakras, especially when we feel our foundation is shook. Many of us feeling our sense of safety, support and even our physical world feeling threatened. Its time to buckle down and remember the sacred truth:

Universal truth still applies & we are always more powerful than circumstance as the inner creates the outer.

I have been returning to this truth over and over again as the months have passed since quarantine began. I think it’s important to discuss on how healing the lower chakras begins to take us out of being in that fight/flight ungrounded response and back into Flow. Back into our bodies.

A year ago I created an article vlog on how Spiritual burnout creates third eye imbalances in the spiritual community. I feel this conversation is part 2 to that video. In the spiritual community it’s really common to experience a third eye imbalance because we are often over-compensating in the higher chakras while neglecting our physical world. By doing this, we are actually neglecting the lower chakras.

Early on in my spiritual journey, I think it was incredibly easy to live from a place of spiritual addiction to the point where it was easy to feel depersonalization, dissociation and often ignore my body or forget to eat.

Over the years, I’ve radically learned how to balance that by beginning to focus more on my lower chakras and Connecting back to my body. This has truly helped me cultivate the feelings of safety and support, knowing I am safe and supported in everything I do.

As our world continues to go through massive paradigm shifts and changes in our foundation, I’ve been feeling for awhile it’s time to get back to the basics.

By the basics I mean:

Get grounded and Snap back into the body.

Get reconnected to the body & your emotions.

Create awareness on how you’re taking action: Are you triggered by fear or are you moving forward anyway?

This begins with healing the lower chakras.


So if you’re unfamiliar with the chakras, the main thing to understand is they are energy centers that influence and manifest towards different areas of your life. Consciously or unconsciously, this is always going on. The chakras can be seen as your emotional body map.

They are connected to the endocrine system of our body which influences our nervous system. we could even say the chakras are just fancy names for different parts of your body, but its really just as important to understand, they are physically connected just as much as psychological. These energy centers rule different areas of your life from the psychological to the spiritual to the physical world.

For the point of this article, we’re going to focus on the Lower chakras.

The Root Chakra Basics

Our Root chakra governs our sense of Safety, security, & Connection to our physical world. For many of us, our Root Chakra has been immensely activated since the start of Lockdown in March. Our Root Chakra is mainly connected to our sense of Feeling Supported in our reality and safe in our reality.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? Opening & empowering the root chakra is critical for staying in a place of Conscious Awareness and out of a reactive state which is what many in the collective are doing right now repeatedly.

The Sacral Chakra basics:

Our Sacral Chakra Connects back to our Emotional Identity and how we deeply desire to feel & receive in our reality. In textbook definitions of this chakra, we’re usually told it focuses on creativity and sensuality. However what’s fascinating about the Sacral is its also connected to our sense of Co-creating/Manifesting and how we get into a masculine and feminine flow with Creating our world. How’s that for creativity work! 🙂

The Sacral chakra gets us reconnected to the body and our feelings. We’ll go deeper in the video on this, as it’s a big topic to cover.

The Solar Plexus Basics:

And Finally our Solar Plexus is our Power center that makes up our EGO identity. It’s the energetic center that illustrates your self-esteem, personality, your place of power or lack of. It’s also connected to how you take action and show up in your life.

If you’re feeling low motivation, triggered by fear or safety, your solar plexus is contracted, shrinking and not gonna take action.

If you’re feeling higher motivation, embodying the feelings of safety and feeling support, you’re going to jump into that aligned action as your solar plexus is expanding your energy.


As someone who studies energy work, with everything going on, I feel for many of us as a society we are either feeling:

Our Root chakra being activated by our threat of safety, support, scarcity, & our health.

Our Sacral chakra being activated in our EMOTIONS & disconnecting from our body. For instance, if we’re reactively being triggered by our external surroundings, this can influence How we’re currently receiving. This causes us to dissociate from our emotions or disconnect from our body.

Or Our Solar plexus being activated by feeling out of control, powerless over circumstance or limited by how we’re taking action because we are triggered which is making us feel stuck, unmotivated, lost, directionless or out of routine – influencing our habits & behaviors.

Granted this isn’t how everyone is feeling, but there are definitely patterns I’ve been seeing in the collective that tells me it’s time to go back to basics and work on healing deeper layers of the lower chakras.

In today’s vlog we go into just that.

I share a little on the mind-body connection’s influence on healing and how to easily begin working with the lower chakras so you can become more anchored and in alignment with how you desire to feel at this time.

Let me know your thoughts and if this message resonated with you in the comments. I’d appreciate it if you enjoy this content, consider Subscribing to the new youtube channel for first access.

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until next time,

P.S. Have you taken the Chakra Quiz to identify which chakra of yours needs the most healing? This is an amazing free tool to get an energetic check -in on your chakras. ?

 I designed this quiz with the knowledge and understanding of what it means when our weakest chakra is imbalanced.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Our chakras are connected to each area of our lives whether we’re talking money, relationships, self-esteem, creativity, emotional identity, intuition, or BELIEF systems even! The chakras can really become an easy to understand map for where we need to change our focus to help heal and amplify our emotional needs.

Most of us are living purely in one of our chakras, this is the chakra that needs the most healing. Take the Quiz to find out which one is yours! 🙂


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