One thing that changed it all for me was when I kept seeing just how powerful changing your beliefs can shift your reality.  

We often hear the saying “change your thoughts, thoughts are things” but do we know WHY thoughts are so powerful? 

Thoughts that are repeated over time are what create the core-beliefs we’re telling about our identity, our relationships, our money, career, love life, expectations and focus we have on our entire paradigm.  

So If we never focus on changing our thoughts, we’re probably running around with our base programming from our parent’s generation, old programming we inherited growing up. 

To put this into perspective, This means a lot of our resistance is just old programming downloaded onto us from our ancestors.

I truly believe part of awakening is about breaking the ancestral line of the old paradigm. This means, when we heal, we’re healing generations of old paradigm programming. 

So your Beliefs are the foundation that interconnects the whole thing. 

Understanding this information really BLEW MY MIND. 

Here’s Why: 

We can change everything around when we begin to change the stories we’re telling ourselves

Sometimes we can walk around telling a story that my life has to be hard, a struggle, and I must over-achieve so I can make myself first feel good enough to receive.

It can be a soul-sucking time to constantly project a story that you are in a loop of never feeling enough so you keep telling your nervous system to focus on all the ways you doubt, struggle & need to choose the hard path.

We often feel this as lack and scarcity consciousness, The more I’ve gotten clear on this it’s so obvious to me that Lack is actually a mindset created from ‘not feeling enough’.

And we project that onto everything we say and do until we’re ready to stop it. 

This is interesting because a lot of times we think its about the GOAL, but in reality it’s about how we are perceiving and VIEWING that goal.  

There’s a miraculous shift happening when you decide Abundance gets to be your birthright. 

And you begin to see a new perspective where the struggle was actually an OPTION – 

you can decide in this moment,
you get to choose a new path, a new story,
one where you begin to remember you were always born ENOUGH,

You are worthy as you are to receive.

You can want what you want because you want it.

You can receive because you can.

And choose to lock in, It’s your birthright to have a good life.
A Life of magic, miracles, healing and transformation.

I know you’re thinking: Sure ashley, that sounds like a lot of fluff, life can’t be THAT Good? 

Here’s what I truly learned, If we are walking around Believing that life is hard, its hard to receive what we want, It’s a struggle —-

I’m just going to be straight with you – you’re walking around activating your past stories, hardships, traumas and wounds that told you externally that’s how it had to be.  And we all do it, but also we can change it.

I’m here to show you – it begins with changing your mind. 

This message will either touch you to the soul or piss you off – I’m cool with that.  But i’ve seen it. felt. it. within myself. my clients. 

We can live in our past or we can choose to co-create in the now. 

Do I believe healing takes time? Sometimes.

But I also know ‘time’ can be subjective

I also know we don’t have to stay trapped in a limited belief story forever, hunting down the work of ‘feeling enough’ – we can choose in any moment to change it all around.

We can begin to see WE held the power the whole time.

And it begins with Changing the mind, changing the beliefs and changing the stories we’re telling around ‘feeling enough’.

This to me is powerful work,
We can opt out of the struggle & hardship of feeling never enough, we can end the search now.

And begin to choose the Aligned path. The True Path

Alignment is just a fancy word for reconnecting back to your Authentic Self.

Who is the person outside of judgment and opinions?

Who is the person outside of the old programming and what do they want?

What do they enjoy?

When did you forget to sing?

when did you forget to dance?

When did you forget to create and choose yourself?

Who is the person you wanted to be before the world told you who to be?

This is something we must nurture, water, grow, and consistently show up to each day. 

Alignment is more than a buzzword, it’s about choosing to actively and consciously reconnect back to your soul. your truth. your alignment.

What lights you up and brings you daily joy?

Follow that path.

Always Remember the universe is inside of you,
and you hold the power to design your life.

p.s. If you’re needing deeper help with accessing your alignment. I highly recommend checking out the Alignment Reset 21 Day Challenge. 21 days to reconnect back to your Personal alignment, raise your vibration naturally and work with the mind-body connection! Full Details, click below.



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