I recently asked in our facebook group what is one of the top struggles when it comes to manifestation and a bunch of people wrote the same thing “Patience”! I can definitely relate to the understanding of that when it comes to manifesting.

I’ve never been a patient person, neither are my kids lol. I’ve gotten better probably since becoming a mom but I totally get it.

However, here’s what I also know a lot of the time we often feel impatient because we are attaching to the outcome. We are choosing to give our power to the ‘cursed hows’ and as a result, we are unconsciously trying to control, push and strive to manifest what we want.

What we are actually doing is something I call “future tripping” or the classic “getting stuck in your own blackhole” as it often feels like that.

This is a concept that has helped me so much with understanding manifestation.

It’s time to get over the future tripping and learn to surrender the Hows!

Let’s get to it.


So firstly, What is Future tripping and why does it literally ‘trip’ us up?

Future tripping is when you basically are projecting your past emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs on overdrive in your reality. When you future trip you are usually caught up in your head, overthinking & overanalyzing the situation. As a result, you may find yourself trying to control, manipulate, or emotionally attach to the physical outcome so much so that you become obsessed with the “how”s.

So what really happens is you’re getting stuck in psychological time as Eckhart Tolle would call it. It’s where you’re recycling your past and projecting it into the future so then you create this loop of past and future thinking where you keep getting lost in your own memories.

It’s trippy! You basically are caught in a mind trip of your past memories and continue to project that onto your experiences.

Future tripping can be part of our ego’s way of keeping us safe but also it allows us to validate giving pain a purpose in our lives.

So the way I always look at it:

You’re fearfully anxious of your future or your regretting with sadness your past.

The crazy part is some of us can future trip our entire lives, living entirely in our head – out of our body. This results in we never escape our own black hole we have created! Not to get dramatic on you, but it’s a critical lesson to remember you are always more powerful than your circumstance, no matter what.

What we actually need is a pattern disrupt, luckily for you, we’re the ones in control of our mind.

So we can break the cycle through present awareness.


Future tripping actually connects to a Third eye imbalance.

Third eye imbalances are often a result of paranoia and living in delusions we create through the fear-mind due to our past experiences and associations of memory. In many ways, remember all those times you’re creating worst case scenarios in your head?

For one, you’re using your imagination in a way that isn’t serving you and two, you’ve got a third eye imbalance as you’re not trusting your intuition.

In short, this is basically future tripping.

A classic example is if you’re getting stuck in the loops of “I’ll be happy when…” or “when I have this….then” or the classic “I’m not good enough until _________________happens to me” All of this is telling the Universe that you’re actually not ready for your desire.

You are thirsty for it.

You have created a fangirl moment of idol worship, making it special, putting it on a pedestal which by default makes it turn into a fantasy that is separate from who you truly are now.

You are literally the horse running on the treadmill watching the carrot on the stick just ever so slightly out of reach…

Desperately even perhaps,

To catch it yet…. nope, *Swoosh*

Disappears like a mirage in a desert

Hey I get it COMPLETELY, why do you think i’m writing this article?

It creates self-sabotage.


Self-sabotage is something that seriously drives me crazy, why?

Because it feels like a loop of punishment vs reward that you are creating with yourself. Why do we do that to ourselves? It’s a society based belief. Think about it. We often create self-sabotage usually because we don’t feel deserving or enough to receive what we want usually due to a pain in our past guarding us, keeping us in an energetic state of limbo.

The truth – limbo is a choice. Sacrifice and suffering are not required. Repeat that so the ones in the back can hear it.

Sacrifice and suffering are not required.

“waiting in limbo” is primarily built on future tripping, not co-creating in the now what we deeply desire to receive.

We become afraid of the unknown and the uncertainty which is why we grip so tightly to control the outcome.

However, because we’re in the state of future tripping we’re actually giving away our power and entering into “waiting mode” not receiving mode.

MAnifestation is all about getting into receiving mode, not waiting mode.

So get out a pen and ask yourself right now,

Why are you so attached to the outcome, you’re suffocating your desire?

What is going on underneath?


First, before we dive into the steps, remember most importantly the how is NEVER your responsibility. It’s your responsibility to stay connected to your why and be an energetic vibrational match towards your desired outcome.

The HOW = Co-creating with the Universe/God/Source

Let’s clear this up, “surrender the how” does not mean wait on the sidelines, refusing to take any action and only meditate on your couch waiting for the miracle to arrive. If you’re doing that, please ask yourself: what am I avoiding?

You do everything you feel lead and drawn to do and then you surrender by leaning back. “let go and let god” But you are co-creating together, its not one or the other, it’s co-creation. It’s not hustle, it’s Flow. So always keep that in mind when you surrender the how.

Prework 0. First Get out of your head and back into your body

Yes there’s a zero, prework step.
Let’s slow the momentum and get your booty present first. The easiest way to stop the roller coaster of Future tripping is to Empower your Root Chakra back into balance. When we’re future tripping, we are stuck in fight/flight mode.

So firstly, unplug, get present, Do something that snaps you back into your body whether that is exercise, yoga, walks, house chores, sex, or any type of physical activity.

(psst Chances are if you’re future tripping, you’re probably overly attached to your phone, head in a binge marathon on netflix or out in the clouds left field daydreaming so we have to deactivate that first. 😉 )

1. Identify the Story that is going on creating future tripping

Identify what story is holding your mind hostage. Recognize that this is a story from your past. What is going on underneath?

2. Ask yourself & journal on – How can I accept myself completely now and What am I refusing to Let go?

Acceptance is the first step to change. We often our future tripping because we are heavily attached to the past so ask yourself what am I refusing to let go and How can I accept myself right now completely as I am?

powerful question.

3. Activate the Feeling you’re craving to Feel

Oh my, this is my favorite part! What is the feeling you’re actually craving to feel from this outcome? For instance, If i’m future tripping because I’m saying “When I get the certificate, then i’ll be successful” what you’re actually craving is the feeling of success and what success means to you.

So ask yourself: What naturally in your life brings you those feelings right now?

Which leads me into the final step.

4. Journal on – What does feeling this feeling mean about me now?

So we identified why you’re future tripping, you’re craving to feel more successful, more abundant, good enough, lovable, etc. WHY is this feeling so important to you? What does it mean to you and why you desire what you desire?

Here’s what I mean:

Feeling __________ is important to me because ______________.

Now you are embodying your values and integrity of your desire.


Now you will start feeling better and moving back into alignment 😉

Use this four step process whenever you find yourself future tripping and I guarantee you will be feeling so much better as you surrender that how!

I invite you to try out this exercise now, don’t put it off if you’re truly facing some resistance. I would love to hear how it goes for you and report back in the comments.

Have a Blessed day!

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